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Hydro-Quebec announces plans to refurbish 204-MW Rapide-Blanc generating station

Rapide-Blanc rehab

Crown provincial utility Hydro-Quebec is announcing an investment of $612,877,000 to refurbish the 204-MW Rapide-Blanc generating station in the Mauricie region of Quebec, Canada.

Work will begin in 2020 to replace the station’s six generating units and to rehabilitate the building, auxiliary electrical and mechanical systems and intake and spillway gates.

Rapide-Blanc was commissioned in 1934 and has been operated by Hydro-Quebec since the 1963 nationalization of electricity in Quebec. It has six turbine-generator units and a drop height of 32.92 m. Its reservoir, Blanc Reservoir, has an area of 8,260 ha.

“This work will allow the generating station to contribute to meeting Quebec’s energy needs for the next 50 years while remaining profitable. This highlights one of the many advantages hydropower has to offer: reliable, continuous energy generation over the long term,” said David Murray, chief operating officer and president of Hydro-Quebec Production.

“I am pleased that Hydro-Québec is investing in this generating station, which plays an important role in regulating the Rivière Saint-Maurice and is part of Québec’s heritage. For our government, this major investment underscores the key role that Mauricie plays in generating clean and renewable energy,” said Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Jonatan Julien.

Draft-design work is currently being carried out at the Rapide-Blanc generating station. These activities are precursors to execution of the project and include the construction of workshops and offices. In fall 2019, the wastewater treatment system will be modified and preparatory work for the control room will be carried out. Engineering firms will visit the generating station to finalize the preliminary steps, Hydro-Quebec says.

Murray is speaking during the plenary session at HydroVision International on Thursday, July 25. Click here to learn more.


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