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Latest Latin America News

Control systems company American Governor opens Sao Paulo office


Hydroelectric control systems manufacturer and servicer American Governor Company has opened a new office in Sao Paulo for its Brazilian subsidiary American Governor do Brasil.

Rousseff: Brazil committed to hydroelectric power


Responding to a preliminary 10-year energy plan released recently by the Brazilian government, President Dilma Rousseff said her country will continue to rely on hydroelectric power, despite the plan's emphasis on other renewable sources.

Ibama denies building permit for Brazil's 11.2-GW Belo Monte hydropower plant


Brazil's Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources (Ibama), has denied an operating license for the controversial 11.2-GW Belo Monte hydropower project, saying its developers had not yet met conditions required for approval.

IHA new officers

International Hydropower Association announces new leadership


Ken Adams has been re-selected president of the International Hydropower Association, and other leaders were announced during the first meeting of the new board.

Brazil reschedules upcoming hydroelectric power auction


A Brazilian energy auction that includes about 6 GW of cumulative hydroelectric power capacity has been postponed to November 6, according to the country's Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Brazilian government announces terms of upcoming hydroelectric power auction


Signature bonuses signed by power generators in an upcoming hydroelectric power auction will net the Brazilian government about US$4 billion, according to terms of a resolution published this week in Brazil's official gazette.

Paraguay seeks expansion, hydrological studies for 200-MW Acaray 1 and 2 hydro projects


Paraguay utility Administracion Nacional de Electricidad (ANDE) invites expressions of interest to assess potential for expansion and to conduct hydrological studies for the 200-MW Acaray 1 and 2 hydroelectric projects on Paraguay's Acaray River. 

Marine Hydrokinetics


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