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Database for renewable project developers

IRENA launches tool to help renewable project developers, including hydro


The International Renewable Energy Agency announces the availability of its Project Navigator tool, intended to give renewable energy project developers the knowledge, tools, case studies and best practices needed to support completion of their projects.

Marine Hydrokinetics


News related to the worldwide marine hydrokinetics industry from March-April 2015

Small Hydro


The latest news on global small hydroelectric facilities from March-April 2015

Dams and Civil Structures


The dam impounding water for the 1,050 MW Kariba project on the Zambezi River requires an estimated US$300 million for rehabilitation and continued safe operation, according to the Zambezi River Authority.

Tech Notes


Collection of articles related to hydropower technology

Including Pumped Storage Hydro in Long-Term Generation Planning


A simplified method is available for evaluating the role of pumped-storage hydro plants in a utility's long-term planning. The method, previously used for ranking conventional power plants, can be adapted for quick analysis of the competitiveness of pumped-storage projects.

Norway Hosting 83rd Annual ICOLD Meeting


Dam use, upgrades and engineering are some of the focuses of the 25th Congress of the International Commission on Large Dams, which is being held this year in Norway.

Integrated Modeling Technology -- Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Return on Hydro


The International Energy Agency predicts hydropower capacity doubling to 2000 GW by 2050 and, whilst the opportunities are great, development of hydropower undoubtedly poses complex challenges and risks.

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