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Lebanon seeks firms for construction of Bisri Dam


The government of Lebanon invites applications for pre-qualification to construct Bisri Dam, a water supply dam in Lebanon.

Marine Hydrokinetics


News related to the worldwide marine hydrokinetics industry from July-August 2015

Small Hydro


The latest news on global small hydroelectric facilities from July-August 2015

Dams and Civil Structures


UK-based construction firm Dawnus International Ltd. has signed a US$62 million contract to construct main civil works associated with the reconstruction of Liberia's 64-MW Mount Coffee hydropower plant.

Tech Notes


Collection of articles related to hydropower technology

Uprating of the Czech Republic's 325 MW Pump Turbine Power station Dlouhé Stráneˇ


With a rated output of 325 MW, Europe's largest pump turbines were installed at Dlouhé Stráně in the Czech Republic in 1996.

World News


News on the global hydroelectric industry from July-August 2015

Viewpoint: Hydropower Storage: The Key to Pumping up the Global Renewable Energy Rollout


More than half of all the new global hydropower capacity added in 2014 was in China. According to a new International Hydropower Association (IHA) briefing, some 21.25 GW of new hydropower was installed in China that year.

Swedish tech company signs hydroelectric power supply deal with Vattenfall


European utility Vattenfall has signed a deal with Swedish company Hydro66 to provide hydroelectric power for a data server center in northern Sweden.

A Positive Outlook for Hydropower


As diverse as the globe itself, the world of hydropower development is a heterogeneous one, despite the industry-wide use of a single resource – water.

Viewpoint: Securing Skills and Experience: The Route to Commercial Success for MHK


News that Atlantis Resources has struck a deal with Siemens to acquire the entire share capital of tidal stream technology company Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) suggests there is no shortage of market optimism for future tidal stream energy development ...

Schottel Hydro receives MeyGen tidal turbine parts contract


German marine propulsion manufacturer Schottel Hydro has received a contract from Lockheed Martin to deliver variable pitch hubs for tidal turbines to be installed at Scotland's MeyGen project.

Czech utility awards contract for turbine overhaul at Lipno hydropower plant


Czech utility CEZ has awarded a US$3.4 million contract to CKD Blansko Engineering Inc. to provide mechanical overhauls of turbine-generator TG1 at the 120-MW Lipno 1 hydropower project.

Hydropower – leading global renewable energy capacity growth


New and authoritative figures from the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report 2015 indicate some 37 GW of new hydropower capacity was commissioned in 2014, increasing total global capacity by 3.6%. 

Women with Hydro Vision winners

2015 class of Women with Hydro Vision Award recipients announced


PennWell’s Hydro Group is pleased to announce the second annual class of recipients of the Women with Hydro Vision award.

Voith completes upgrades at Switzerland's 11-MW Ruchlig small hydropower plant


The rehabilitation and upgrade of Switzerland's 11-MW Ruchlig hydropower plant will benefit both its operator and the environment, global technology manufacturer Voith said.

Power Machines begins turbine renovations at Latvia's 192-MW Kegums 2 hydroelectric plant


Russian manufacturer Power Machines has begun a renovation of three generating units at Latvia's 192-MW Kegums 2 hydropower plant.

Slovenia utility extends call to refurbish 200-kW Goricane hydro project


Slovenia hydropower utility Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana d.o.o. has extended the deadline for bids for construction to refurbish the 200-kW Goricane hydropower project in Slovenia.

Ukraine seeks turbine-generator rehab at three hydro projects


Hydropower operator PJSC UkrHydroEnergo seeks bids for rehabilitation of turbine-generators at three hydroelectric projects in Ukraine.

Macedonia seeks repair of flood-damaged Pishica Dam


Macedonia's agriculture and water agency seeks bids to repair the flood-damaged Pishica Dam at Probishtip, Macedonia.

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