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News and information about the hydroelectric industry in Africa, including contract awards, new development projects, and multilateral bank financing.

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Nigeria Map

Nigeria commits to developing hydroelectric power during World Water Day 2015 event


An official from Nigeria's Ministry of Water Resources has said it will include or add hydroelectric power generating facilities to all existing and future dams within the country.

Senegal River agency seeks study of its basin water resources program


The multi-nation Senegal River management agency invites expressions of interest from consultants to study the impact of its program of integrated management of Senegal Basin water resources.

Malawi Map

Malawi seeks environmental, social studies of 20-MW Chimgonda, 140-MW Mpatamanga hydro projects


The government of Malawi invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform separate environmental and social assessments of the 20- to 50-MW Chimgonda and 140- to 310-MW Mpatamanga hydroelectric projects in Malawi.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Leaders sign "declaration of principles" for 6,000-MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance hydropower project


Leaders from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia have signed an agreement to end a long-time dispute regarding the controversial 6,000-MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance hydropower plant.

DR Congo Map

DR Congo seeks study of micro-hydropower project at Tshikapa


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invites expressions of interest from consultants to study development of a micro-hydropower project to power drinking water pumping and treatment facilities in the community of Tshikapa.

South Africa's 10-MW Neusberg small hydro plant enters official operation


South Africa's 10-MW Neusberg hydropower project has been officially launched, according to owner Kakamas Hydro Electric Power Ltd.

Cameroon prequalifies seven for Lom Pangar hydropower plant construction


The Cameroon government has released a list of seven companies pre-qualified to construct a 30 MW hydropower plant at Lom Pangar Dam, which is being built on the country's Sanaga River.

Burundi pre-qualifies firms to construct 31.5-MW Jiji, 16.5-MW Mulembwe hydro projects


Burundi's water and electric utility invites applications for pre-qualification to construct the 31.5-MW Jiji and 16.5-MW Mulembwe hydroelectric projects in Burundi's Bururi Province. 

Rwanda’s 28-MW Nyabarongo hydroelectric facility reduces need for fossil fuel


Power generated by the Republic of Rwanda's 28-MW Nyabarongo hydropower plant, a US$110 million run-of-river scheme on the River Mwogo commissioned in November 2014, is expected to reduce the government’s monthly expenditures for diesel fuel from approximately US$12.9 million to US$7.4 million, according to Rwandan Infrastructure Minister, James Musoni. 

Update: Malawi develops 100-kW micro-hydroelectric project in “tea town” through UK company


During the first week of March, the Scottish Government announced it awarded funding to SgurrEnergy, based in Glasgow, Scotland, to develop a 100-kW micro-hydroelectric scheme on the Lichenya River in the Mulanje district of the Republic of Malawi. Located near Mozambique, the country is Africa’s second largest black tea producer and Mulanje is the second-highest tea-producing district in Malawi.  


Durban sees potential for small hydro on existing infrastructure


A grant from the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) has been used to identify opportunities to install 100 kW to 1 MW hydropower projects on existing infrastructure in Durban.

Karuma Hydroelectric Plant

Alstom receives turbine order for Uganda's 600-MW Karuma hydropower plant


Chinese engineering and construction company Sinohydro has awarded Alstom a US$65 million contract to provide equipment and technical services for Uganda's Karuma hydropower plant.

Rusumo Falls

Nile Lakes states pre-qualify firms to build, equip 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydro project


Nile Equatorial Lakes states invite applications for pre-qualification to carry out civil works, hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment, a transmission line and switchyard of the proposed 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydroelectric project on the Kagera River.

Mauritius Map

Mauritius seeks dam design experts for three dam construction projects


The government of Mauritius invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve on an independent panel of experts to advise on development, construction and expansion of three dams on the Indian Ocean island.

West African Power Pool seeks hydropower consultant for multiple hydro projects


The West African Power Pool (WAPP) invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve as a hydropower expert to support preparation and implementation of hydropower projects in the region.

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