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    News and information about the hydroelectric industry in Africa, including contract awards, new development projects, and multilateral bank financing.

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    Latest Africa News

    World Bank outlines priorities for sustainable hydro development


    Acknowledging a sharp change in direction from the 1990s, the World Bank is emphasizing a growing role for sustainable hydropower to bring both energy and water resources benefits to the developing world.

    U.S. report: Hydro to be fastest growing world renewable through 2030


    A U.S. agency report predicts renewable energy, led by hydroelectric power, will be the world's fastest-growing source of electricity through 2030.

    Filling the Knowledge Gap: Greenhouse Gas Research

    03/01/2009 The International Hydropower Association and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization are embarking on a four-year greenhouse gas research project.

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    Zambia to develop hydro despite downturn in mines' demand

    02/26/2009 Despite lower demand for electricity, the power supplier to Zambia's mining industry said it will proceed with a feasibility study for the 34-MW Kabompo Gorge hydroelectric project on the Kabompo River in Zambia's North-Western Province.

    UPDATE - DR Congo extends telecom bidding for Inga-based power market

    02/24/2009 The Democratic Republic of Congo has extended the deadline for bids for a 2,200-kilometer telecommunications system linking the DRC's Inga hydroelectric complex, other power plants, and load centers of the hydropower-based Southern Africa Power Market Project.

    Central African Republic plans emergency rehab of 15-MW Boali 1, 2

    02/23/2009 The World Bank has granted US$8 million to the Central African Republic for emergency rehabilitation of power infrastructure including work to restore the Boali 1 and 2 hydroelectric projects totaling 15 MW.

    Angola, Namibia name U.K. firm to study 500-MW Baynes

    02/18/2009 Angola and Namibia's Permanent Joint Technical Commission has named ERM-Environmental Resources Management of the United Kingdom to perform an environmental impact assessment of the 500-MW Baynes hydroelectric project on the Kunene River.

    Nigeria plans 17 dams, 19 irrigation projects by 2011

    02/17/2009 The government of Nigeria plans by 2011 to build 17 medium and large-sized dams and 19 irrigation schemes, representing 3.4 billion cubic meters of storage and 58,820 hectares of agriculture.

    Tanzania seeks studies, tender documents to build Kidunda Dam

    02/12/2009 The government of Tanzania invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform a feasibility study and prepare tender documents for construction of Kidunda Dam on the Rivu River.

    Nigeria seeks studies of dam, spillway rehab at 540-MW Jebba

    02/11/2009 Power Holding Co. of Nigeria invites expressions of interest to perform geotechnical studies and engineering design of dam and spillway rehabilitation at the 540-MW Jebba hydroelectric project.

    Tanzania seeks procurement specialist for energy, hydro program

    02/10/2009 Tanzania Electric Supply Co. invites applications from consultants seeking to serve as procurement specialist to advance a program of mini-grids and small power projects, including hydropower.

    African bank finances Lesotho small hydro, power supply

    02/06/2009 The African Development Bank has approved funding for an electricity supply project in Lesotho focusing on renewable energy including mini-hydropower projects.

    Ethiopia awards contracts for builders for Sudan grid links


    Ethiopian Electric Power Corp. awarded contracts totaling US$31.4 million to build transmission lines and substations to link its hydro-based power system with that of the Sudan.

    Study bolsters plan for 30-MW Ulindi 2 at DR Congo gold mine

    02/04/2009 Canadian gold miner Banro Corp. has completed a feasibility study of its Twangiza Gold Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, finding the proposed 30-MW Ulindi 2 hydropower project an economic benefit to gold mine operations.

    DR Congo again seeks feasibility study of 80-MW Nzilo 2

    02/03/2009 The Democratic Republic of Congo again seeks bids from U.S. firms to perform a feasibility study of the 80-MW Nzilo 2 hydroelectric project in DRC's Katanga Province.

    Senegal River agency names China firm to build 59-MW Felou

    01/29/2009 The three-nation Senegal River development organization has awarded a contract to SinoHydro Corp. Ltd. of China to build the 59-MW Felou hydroelectric project on the Senegal River in Mali.

    Benin utility seeks staffing aid, anticipating new hydro

    01/27/2009 Benin utility Communaute d'Electricite du Benin invites expressions of interest from consultants to evaluate utility staff in anticipation of CEB restructuring and the development of the 104.8-MW Adjarala hydroelectric project.

    ICOLD issues declaration on dams, hydropower in Africa

    01/21/2009 The International Commission on Large Dams is highlighting the need for clean water and electricity in Africa and how development of the continent's significant hydro potential could meet those needs.

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