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    News and information about the hydroelectric industry in Africa, including contract awards, new development projects, and multilateral bank financing.

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    Latest Africa News

    World Bank outlines priorities for sustainable hydro development


    Acknowledging a sharp change in direction from the 1990s, the World Bank is emphasizing a growing role for sustainable hydropower to bring both energy and water resources benefits to the developing world.

    U.S. report: Hydro to be fastest growing world renewable through 2030


    A U.S. agency report predicts renewable energy, led by hydroelectric power, will be the world's fastest-growing source of electricity through 2030.

    Filling the Knowledge Gap: Greenhouse Gas Research

    03/01/2009 The International Hydropower Association and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization are embarking on a four-year greenhouse gas research project.

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    Zambia to develop hydro despite downturn in mines' demand

    02/26/2009 Despite lower demand for electricity, the power supplier to Zambia's mining industry said it will proceed with a feasibility study for the 34-MW Kabompo Gorge hydroelectric project on the Kabompo River in Zambia's North-Western Province.

    UPDATE - DR Congo extends telecom bidding for Inga-based power market

    02/24/2009 The Democratic Republic of Congo has extended the deadline for bids for a 2,200-kilometer telecommunications system linking the DRC's Inga hydroelectric complex, other power plants, and load centers of the hydropower-based Southern Africa Power Market Project.

    Central African Republic plans emergency rehab of 15-MW Boali 1, 2

    02/23/2009 The World Bank has granted US$8 million to the Central African Republic for emergency rehabilitation of power infrastructure including work to restore the Boali 1 and 2 hydroelectric projects totaling 15 MW.

    Angola, Namibia name U.K. firm to study 500-MW Baynes

    02/18/2009 Angola and Namibia's Permanent Joint Technical Commission has named ERM-Environmental Resources Management of the United Kingdom to perform an environmental impact assessment of the 500-MW Baynes hydroelectric project on the Kunene River.

    Nigeria plans 17 dams, 19 irrigation projects by 2011

    02/17/2009 The government of Nigeria plans by 2011 to build 17 medium and large-sized dams and 19 irrigation schemes, representing 3.4 billion cubic meters of storage and 58,820 hectares of agriculture.

    Tanzania seeks studies, tender documents to build Kidunda Dam

    02/12/2009 The government of Tanzania invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform a feasibility study and prepare tender documents for construction of Kidunda Dam on the Rivu River.

    Nigeria seeks studies of dam, spillway rehab at 540-MW Jebba

    02/11/2009 Power Holding Co. of Nigeria invites expressions of interest to perform geotechnical studies and engineering design of dam and spillway rehabilitation at the 540-MW Jebba hydroelectric project.

    Tanzania seeks procurement specialist for energy, hydro program

    02/10/2009 Tanzania Electric Supply Co. invites applications from consultants seeking to serve as procurement specialist to advance a program of mini-grids and small power projects, including hydropower.

    African bank finances Lesotho small hydro, power supply

    02/06/2009 The African Development Bank has approved funding for an electricity supply project in Lesotho focusing on renewable energy including mini-hydropower projects.

    Ethiopia awards contracts for builders for Sudan grid links


    Ethiopian Electric Power Corp. awarded contracts totaling US$31.4 million to build transmission lines and substations to link its hydro-based power system with that of the Sudan.

    Study bolsters plan for 30-MW Ulindi 2 at DR Congo gold mine

    02/04/2009 Canadian gold miner Banro Corp. has completed a feasibility study of its Twangiza Gold Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, finding the proposed 30-MW Ulindi 2 hydropower project an economic benefit to gold mine operations.

    DR Congo again seeks feasibility study of 80-MW Nzilo 2

    02/03/2009 The Democratic Republic of Congo again seeks bids from U.S. firms to perform a feasibility study of the 80-MW Nzilo 2 hydroelectric project in DRC's Katanga Province.

    Senegal River agency names China firm to build 59-MW Felou

    01/29/2009 The three-nation Senegal River development organization has awarded a contract to SinoHydro Corp. Ltd. of China to build the 59-MW Felou hydroelectric project on the Senegal River in Mali.

    Benin utility seeks staffing aid, anticipating new hydro

    01/27/2009 Benin utility Communaute d'Electricite du Benin invites expressions of interest from consultants to evaluate utility staff in anticipation of CEB restructuring and the development of the 104.8-MW Adjarala hydroelectric project.

    South Africa utility to delay construction of 1,500-MW Tubatse

    01/21/2009 South Africa utility Eskom says it will delay construction of the 1,500-MW Tubatse pumped-storage project due to economic conditions that have boosted construction costs and depressed electricity demand.

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