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    Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection at Hydroelectric Facilities

    Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure -- such as hydroelectric power facilities and Bulk Electric System facilities -- are a serious concern.

    This whitepaper features several experts covering the topic of cybersecurity at hydropower plants, including the scope of cyber threats, how to react to an incident, and where utilities are investing their resources.

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    Preventing Generator Failure with On-line PD Monitoring

    With the increasing age of generator fleets, on-line insulation condition monitoring has become an essential asset management tool. Compared to routine off-line diagnostic tests, on-line monitoring provides asset managers with continuous insulation condition status while generators are in operation. It indicates whenever operational stress factors are damaging electrical insulation and putting generators at risk of failure.   

    In this white paper, you will learn how on-line insulation condition monitoring has significant benefits for your organization. Not only can you optimize maintenance schedules based on actual asset condition, the reliable service life of your aging generators can be maximized to help you get the most out of your investment.

    Please visit us in Booth 4098 at HydroVision International, July 14-17, 2015.

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    Reliable Separation of Solids at Small Hydropower Plants with the HOBAS Sand Trap

    Sand traps that remove solids from the river water are essential elements in hydroelectric power systems. HOBAS has developed a particularly effective sand trap made of glass fiber reinforced pipes that separates solids reliably and is custom-tailored to the project requirements to ensure an optimal performance.

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