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On the road in Canada

10/19/2014 There are a number of reasons I'm very much excited about sitting here at the White Oaks Resort in Niagara on the eve of t...

FERC names dam safety geotechnical engineering consultant

10/16/2014 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has awarded a contract worth a maximum of $850,000 for a geotechnical engineering...

FERC orders renew plans for pumped storage in California, Ohio

10/16/2014 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has ruled in two pumped-storage project cases, allowing one preliminary permit ho...

Canada utility seeks governors for 695-MW Keeyask hydro project

10/16/2014 Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro seeks bids to supply governors for the 695-MW Keeyask hydroelectric project being built on...

Canada, B.C. agencies grant environmental approvals to 1,100-MW Peace River Site C hydro project

10/16/2014 Environment Canada and the environment and forestry ministers of British Columbia have granted final environmental approva...

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generators for Serrieres hydro project

10/16/2014 Swiss utility Viteos SA seeks bids to supply turbine-generators for the Serrieres hydroelectric project on the Serrieres R...

Austria utility completes rehabilitation of 12.62-MW Opponitz hydropower project

10/16/2014 Vienna utility Wien Energie GmbH has completed rehabilitation of the 90-year-old, 12.62-MW Opponitz hydroelectric project ...

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