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Women With Hydro Vision

Fri, 4 Apr 2014|

This year, HydroVision International will feature a special luncheon dedicated to influential women in the hydropower industry.



[MUSIC] We're excited to introduce a special new event at this year's Hydrovision International that we're calling Women with Hydrovision. The program will recognize ten women from around the world who have, or continue to make significant contributions to the hydropower industry by sharing their unique talents and vision in the following categories: Communications, Public Relations and Stake Holder Relations, Dam Safety, Engineering Consulting, Environmental Protection and Mitigation. Equipment supply, marine hydrokinetic, new development, policies and regulations, power plant operations and maintenance, and research and technology. These special women will be recognized during a luncheon that will take place July 22nd. The luncheon is open to all Hydrovision attendees and will provide an informal opportunity to meet these amazing individuals. HydroVision International 2014 runs July 22nd through 25th at Nashville's Music City Center. For more information about the event, and a previous of all of the conference sessions, be sure to event hydroevent.com. [MUSIC]

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