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Ames Hydro Generating Station

Wed, 10 Jul 2013|

Located near Ophir, Colo., the 3.75-MW Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant was the world's first commercial system to produce and transmit alternating current power.



Ames Hydro Generating Station. Ames Hydro Generating Station is located near historic Oakleir, Colorado. The original project was constructed in 1891. And the current powerhouse was built and became operational in 1906. The plant utilizes power from the truck fork drainage of the San Miguel river which is stored in Trout Lake and an additional reservoir. Water from the Howard's pore of the San Miguel river also funnels to the project. Aims Hydro played an important role in the history of electricity. It was the site of the first use of alternating current, or A/C power, generated, transmitted, and sold for industrial purposes in the world. LLM and George Westinghouse supplied the alternating current theory of Nikola Tesla to generate electricity at [INAUDIBLE] hydro and provide power to the nearby Gold King mine. [MUSIC] The project spurred the creation of the first engineering school dealing with alternating current in Telluride, Colorado, and led to many innovations in electrical generation and lightning protection. Owned by Excel Energy, the plant has a single generator unit with two turbines and a total capacity of 3.75 megawatts. [MUSIC]. At 107 years of age, Ames hydro generating station is still going strong.

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