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Keokuk Hydroelectric Plant

Mon, 29 Jul 2013|

When completed in 1913, the 134-MW Keokuk hydropower plant was considered an engineering marvel. The project was the largest in the world at the time and recently celebrated its 100th year of operation.


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He -- hydroelectric plant. Located and because Iowa. The -- -- Hydro electric -- celebrated Centennial in June of this year marking 100 years at continued operation. After only two and a half years the construction completed in 1913. Keep up hydroelectric plant was built to harness the -- of -- potential of the Mississippi River between -- -- Iowa and Hamilton Illinois. The original construction cost 25 million dollars which today would equate to more than 588. Million dollars. At that time it was the first for the -- -- industry in many ways and as a result was an amazing accomplishment. When completed 1913 it with the largest hydropower project in the world with a total capacity of 125. Megawatt. He took -- -- to connect with the longest monolithic concrete in the time. With the largest privately financed construction project at the largest turbines ever built. With the heaviest rotating -- dependent on preparing and had the largest inland -- -- time. Also the -- longest and our mission line high voltage transformers and high voltage in -- -- -- of the plane. At this time it was one of only cute sites in North America generating 25 cycle power. You -- nine of the fifteen total generators -- ability. The planet's known for its pristine interior and attention to -- As well as being higher recently surveyed by US army engineer Robert EP in 1850. The -- currently has fifteen generating units with the total capacity of 131. Megawatt. Plant owner and weren't invited the community -- he -- Iowa and Hamilton Illinois to celebrate contending team. Be sure to -- your congratulations along the left.

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