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NHA 2012: Jeff Leahey

Fri, 4 May 2012|



Michael Harris online editor for tiger world dot com here the national Hyder our association's annual conference in Washington DC I hear -- Jeff Leahy who is. -- -- -- -- a little bit more about like that what's going on at the hill right now. We'll take you yet there's a lot of excitement going on and they help particularly -- the -- -- arena. We're here at the NH a conference where we have almost 600 attendees coming to promote -- here in the capital. And -- were really excited in trying to get the message out that hydropower it's a growth industry industry that's really on the upswing. Specifically what kind of legislation is currently going to house the senate that might benefit the industry. We have several pieces of legislation that we're monitoring and trying to move forward one at the -- -- -- improvement act in the senate. On the other at the -- of our regulatory efficiency act in the house these are bipartisan. Legislation. Supported by environmental groups as well that we try to beat the regulatory process for the development that you project. You have any kind of timetable wonders when this piece of legislation might -- pastor -- -- -- we're really hopeful that we can get these bills passed by the end of the year. One of the bill hydropower improvement act has already been favorable action in the that it it's on the -- -- war. The other bill was introduced at the end of last year and we're working this spring and summer -- the path through the house and hopefully. I can't -- passage through the congress and on the president's desk by the end here. -- lasting any editor at project in -- case working on right now you like to talk about. Absolutely a couple of things -- certainly looking to the expansion of the renewable energy tax incentives that includes incentives for hydropower development. We really believe that those infected. Do a lot to. Make sure that project can be built in a timely fashion and that we would like the congress extend those this year. And we also just leave that this conference any Hydro power supply chain now I think the first ever look at I -- power supply chain across the united -- really shows. The -- that the industry and those who work in the and it's gonna be instrumental in helping legislatures than making decisions as well -- -- like it's going to show like that be known half these policies that you don't improve the environment for building more high during the night they. Both companies that are -- on that map wolf -- though I think it puts it into the nuclear contract. The state and what it needs to have those policies. And -- -- -- -- -- providers and other members industry members use debt to your pants. Well we now have it available on our website I think everyone should go out and share that information both internally within their companies and it externally with their. Congressional delegation in their state policy makers to show the impact of the economic the fighting for the industry. -- I think that's about it for me right now in HAM collective. Last thing Jeff for after -- mean and I guess will be -- -- more news later.