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NHA 2012: John Zhang

Fri, 4 May 2012|



Here at -- national height of -- association's annual conference of 2012. After one of the sessions -- caught up with the John's young. Actually I pronouncement -- saying at from JHP & Associates John we're glad to have you here. You were telling me that you supply turbines and generators. The best that China has to offer. And that that was curious to me and tell me about your Hydro operations thank you -- -- -- was founded in 1998. To meet increasing demand of our clients are high quality components. Made in China with great cost savings. -- every year earlier my partner who at the time was the chief engineer and executive did vice president of a leading. Chinese turbine generator manufacturer he was asking me if North America would be good market to look into. That's how we started to assembled media professional team. And. Look into the market. That's how we started our has operations. So John why would a client. -- -- equipment as supply from you. Vs. Competitor -- That's a great question -- love to answer. Primarily because of the unique team that would have. And I believe the way we do business -- the best way to ensure success say John let's break it down a little bit let's first of all talk about equipment's election in. What are some of the unique things that you provided that -- here. First of all almost all -- Clinton made in China. Is brought in by an import. Unlike any other -- importers. JH he has assembled some of the most qualified design and manufacturing experts in China -- history. Under one team independent from any factories. As you know being in the field for on going design -- -- -- and rehab for two decades. Our team has design and -- hundreds of -- of projects themselves. They are deeply rooted in China with intimate knowledge on all aspects of -- -- This will insert the selection of the most reliable equipment for long term hassle free operation and minimum maintenance. -- so -- and a couple of other things that I think owners developers really care about in terms of equipment is. The efficiency and and also the overall quality control -- QC. What kind of services can you provide nattering. -- as you know because our team is in China we have the complete access to the best runners available in China. So a combined with our experience this will -- equipment that we bring -- has the highest efficiency possible in China. Plus our team a uniquely qualified. To provide onsite. You see supervision. On top of their -- -- quality system. I believe no other team that I know -- and provide that kind of service. John and it let's explore a little bit about this an issue that you're able to -- -- -- the cost of the equipment tell me about that. Does and one of the biggest advantages for THP as well. It is our own design and we know the real -- from China. Through strategic partnership and -- competitive. So that's -- process we choose the most appropriate. Factory to just do the fabrication for us so John pretty mean by just fabrication. That because as our own design again and factory that was his take the take our design they don't need to worry about export that -- could -- damage and so on. This alone will enable GHP to have the lowest. -- manufacturing cost. Plus. You know we have the most cutting as design tools. To minimize any potential design conflicts among the major components before the fabrication starts. A combined with our experience. This will save time and tents on the -- -- waste. All of this will contribute. To the cost savings to -- client so John what else would you like the industry to know about JH -- -- While based -- our experience you know when evaluating bids from China. Other than the obvious big prize equipment lay out efficiency. That guarantees. As part of the due diligence that we -- is that clients. I think that's some other falling apart I believe is very important. One is the wind equipment proposal. Is indeed the best. Two is that why those efficiency claims on the -- are reliable. By design and and actually achievable by the right -- that one for example is how good is that design and quality control team. And parents of the best in China. And you know no one is what kind of actually is it and what is going on in -- factory. For instance even a fact -- war will not review of -- things like major layoffs and patent pending lawsuits financial challenges. And some of the departure of competent staff. All of these will significantly impact the project that's where to HP comes -- -- the most control -- technical intelligence and human intelligence. I believe only -- HP can help the clients the most to achieve the security. Certainty and peace of mind they deserve to -- Well John thank you very much for sharing your opinions and your information about your company very interesting thank you -- you know our vision and our mission is to bring the best. Design and equipment China has -- -- industry will take him and thank you.

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