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U.S. seeks hydrographic surveying, mapping in Northwest


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites expressions of interest from firms to perform hydrographic surveying and mapping services in the Corps' Northwestern Division.

Lesotho seeks bids to develop Polihali Dam; hydro project studied


The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority invites proposals to implement several portions of Phase 2 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP), including construction of Polihali Dam and a water transfer tunnel.

U.S. extends bidding for station service replacement at 36-MW Kortes hydro project


The Bureau of Reclamation has extended the deadline for bids to perform station service equipment replacement at the 36-MW Kortes hydroelectric plant in Wyoming.

India state seeks trash rake for 111-MW Sawra Kuddu hydro project


India's Himachal Pradesh Power Corp. Ltd. (HPPC) seeks bids to supply a trashrack cleaning machine for the 111-MW Sawra Kuddu hydroelectric project in Himachal Pradesh State.

U.S. revises, again extends switchyard upgrade tender for 320-MW Fort Randall Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has revised a solicitation package and again extended the bidding deadline for a switchyard upgrade at the 320-MW Fort Randall hydroelectric project on the Missouri River in South Dakota.

Jordan seeks pipeline, small hydro plant at Khaw Reservoir


The Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) invites applications for pre-qualification to design and build a water pipeline, pumping facilities and a small hydropower project at Khaw Reservoir in Jordan.

U.S. seeks turbine cavitation repair at 58-MW Clarence Cannon Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids for turbine cavitation repair at the 58-MW Clarence Cannon Dam hydroelectric project in northeast Missouri.

Canada utility extends call for crane, hoist services at B.C. hydropower projects


Canadian utility BC Hydro has extended the deadline for applications for pre-qualification to perform services to cranes and hoists at hydroelectric projects throughout the utility's system in British Columbia.

Basin agency seeks design of two French reservoirs, possible hydro projects


France's Adour River Basin agency seeks bids to design and manage construction of two reservoirs in the basin with possible development of hydro projects.

Canada utility seeks crane inspection, repair for Manitoba hydro projects


Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro seeks bids for crane and hoist inspection and repair services for its hydroelectric projects in Manitoba.

Kenya seeks owner's engineer for construction of Mwache Dam


The government of Kenya invites expressions of interest to serve as owner's engineer for construction supervision and quality assurance for Mwache Dam in Kenya.

U.S. DOE invites applications for hydropower incentive payments


The U.S. Department of Energy invites applications for hydropower incentive payments to developers who have added hydropower generating capacity to existing facilities.

Laos hydropower program seeks power sector reform options


The government of Laos invites expressions of interest from consultants to review its power markets and regulation and to recommend options for reform of its power sector.

U.S. seeks firms to replace switchgear at 2,078-MW Hoover Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks information on firms able to replace 480-volt switchgear at 2,078-MW Hoover Dam in Arizona and Nevada.

World Bank seeks strategic planning for India's Ganga River Basin


The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to help the government of India in strategic basin planning for the Ganga River Basin.

U.S. seeks penstock flowmeter replacement at eight hydro projects


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids to replace penstock flowmeters at eight hydroelectric projects in its northern and central California areas.

French agency seeks bottom outlet refurbishment at 5.9-MW Panneciere hydro project


France's Seine River Basin agency seeks bids to rehabilitate the bottom outlet valve of the 5.9-MW Panneciere hydroelectric project on the Yonne River in France's Nievre Department.

U.S. seeks firms for salmon study in area of 2.79-MW Warm Springs, Coyote Valley dams


A U.S. fisheries agency seeks information on firms able to monitor salmon in California's Russian River in the areas of the 2.79-MW Warm Springs and Coyote Valley dams.

French engineer seeks trashrack, fish passage for 8-MW Pebernat hydro project


Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium seeks bids to supply and install a trashrack and downstream fish passage at the 8-MW Pebernat hydroelectric project on the Ariege River in France's Ariege Department.

U.S. seeks firms to rewind generators at 140-MW Trinity hydro project


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks information on firms able to rewind generators at the 140-MW Trinity hydroelectric project on the Trinity River in California.

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