Latest Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) News

FERC draft EIS rejects 10-MW Bear River Narrows hydro project


A draft environmental impact statement by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff has rejected a license to construct the 10-MW Bear River Narrows hydroelectric project on the Bear River in Idaho.

FERC exempts New Hampshire hydro project; Minnesota project seeks to expand


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission exempted a 600-kW New Hampshire hydro project from licensing and received an amendment application to boost a Minnesota project by 600 kW in August.

Montana tribes take over 194-MW Kerr hydro project under FERC license terms


With a payment of $18.2 million, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have acquired the 194-MW Kerr Dam hydroelectric project in Montana from NorthWestern Energy under 30-year-old terms of Kerr's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license.

FERC refuses to renew permits for seven Hydro Green projects totaling 140.5 MW


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has denied a request by subsidiaries of Hydro Green Energy LLC to issue successive preliminary permits for seven proposed hydroelectric projects in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama totaling 140.5 MW.

FERC environmental assessment backs licensing six Ohio hydro projects


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff has issued an environmental assessment concluding six Ohio hydroelectric projects totaling 23 MW could be licensed without significantly affecting environmental quality.

FERC OKs rename of Alaska hydro project for tribal community


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved a licensee request to change the name of the 5-MW Reynolds Creek hydropower project to the Hiilangaay project, reflecting the wishes of the local tribal community in Alaska.

FERC denies permit extension; Collinsville license transfer request pending


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has denied a request by Canton, Conn., to extend the city's second preliminary permit for two Connecticut hydro sites.

FERC approves electronic dispatch of wind, hydro generation in New England


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved a request by New England's independent electricity system operator to implement a modified electronic dispatch method for certain wind and hydropower generators that are classified as intermittent power resources under ISO New England Inc.'s market rules.

FERC licenses three hydropower projects totaling 17.25 MW


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reports it licensed three hydropower projects in Washington and Pennsylvania totaling 17.25 MW during June.

FERC license received for 5.25-MW Braddock Locks and Dam hydro project


Hydro Green Energy LLC announced it received its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license for the 5.25-MW Braddock Locks and Dam hydroelectric project in Allegheny County, Pa.

Alaska spending thaw to resume FERC licensing studies for 600-MW Susitna-Watana hydro project


Within days of a state filing advising the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that the cash-strapped Alaska government was continuing a spending freeze on the 600-MW Susitna-Watana hydroelectric project, there was a thaw that is to allow the project's FERC pre-licensing studies to resume.

FERC grants appeal, reduces annual charges bills $1.3 million


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted most of the appeal of a group of seven hydropower licensees and agreed to reduce 2013 annual charges bills by $1.3 million.

City asks FERC to reinstate, transfer licenses for Connecticut hydro projects


Under terms of an act of Congress, the town of Canton, Conn., has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reinstate the licenses of two Connecticut hydroelectric projects and to transfer the licenses to the city.

Staff updates FERC on work to implement Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act


In a report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC staff has outlined actions to advance hydropower development under provisions of the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act.

FERC: Small conduit hydro project may utilize head from unrelated dam


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has declared a qualifying small conduit hydropower project may be excluded from FERC jurisdiction if it utilizes the hydropower potential of a dam as long as the dam is not integral to the small conduit project.

Ocean Renewable asks extension of FERC pilot license for 300-kW Cobscook Bay Tidal project


Ocean Renewable Power Co. has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a two-year extension of its hydrokinetic pilot project license for the 300-kW Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy project in Maine.

N.C. judge rejects state bid to thwart FERC relicensing of 210-MW Yadkin hydro project


A North Carolina administrative law judge has overturned North Carolina's denial of water quality certification intended to prevent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing of Alcoa Power Generating Inc.'s 210-MW Yadkin hydroelectric project.

FERC receives license application for 5-MW Kentucky River L&D 11 hydro project


A unit of hydro developer Free Flow Power filed a hydropower license application in April with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the 5-MW Kentucky River Lock and Dam No. 11 hydroelectric project in Kentucky.

FERC proposes new start date for hydro license annual charges


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposes new rules that would change the start date for assessment of annual charges on private hydropower licensees to two years from the date of license issuance.

FERC proposes new reliability standard to deal with geomagnetic disturbances


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has proposed a new reliability standard to address the vulnerability of the nation's electric grid to geomagnetic disturbances.