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FERC approves revival of 125-MW Holtwood Expansion


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved a request by PPL Corp. to revive the 125-MW Holtwood Expansion hydroelectric project on Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River.

U.S. developer to file license application for 1,300-MW Eagle Mountain


Eagle Crest Energy Co. announced Oct. 27, 2009, it has prepared an application for a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license for the proposed 1,300-MW Eagle Mountain Pumped-Storage project in Riverside County, Calif.

PPL Montana begins upgrade of Rainbow plant


Construction of a new powerhouse is underway at the Rainbow hydroelectric plant on the Missouri River, about six miles northeast of here.

FERC rejects challenge to 401 conditions for 210-MW Yadkin


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has rejected a challenge by Alcoa Power Generating to North Carolina’s water quality certification for Alcoa's 210-MW Yadkin hydroelectric project.

FERC declares reliability jurisdiction over federal hydro operators


In a challenge to its authority by the Corps of Engineers, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission declared Oct. 15, 2009, that, in cases of transmission grid reliability, it has jurisdiction over the Corps and other federal agencies that operate hydroelectric projects.

Senate panel endorses John Norris nomination to FERC


The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has endorsed President Obama's nomination of Iowa Democrat John R. Norris to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

FERC dam safety program to use risk-informed decision making


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued a five-year strategic plan containing goals including use of risk-informed decision making in its dam safety program.

North Carolina governor continues bid to take over 210-MW Yadkin


Lawyers for North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue have filed a motion urging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject Alcoa Power Generating's relicense application for the 210-MW Yadkin hydroelectric project.

Duke appeals denial of CWA 401 certification for 724.74-MW Catawba-Wateree


Hydro operator Duke Energy has appealed the state of South Carolina’s denial of Clean Water Act certification for the relicensing of Duke’s 724.74-MW Catawba-Wateree hydroelectric project in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Kelly declines nomination to FERC


Declining President Obama’s nomination, New Mexico Democrat Suedeen Kelly has decided not to seek a new term on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

FERC approves transfer of five Maine projects to investment firm


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved transfer of five Maine hydroelectric projects from PPL Corp. affiliate PPL Maine to Black Bear Hydro Partners LLC.

New York City files notice to license four-plant hydro development


New York City has filed a notice of intent to apply for a hydropower license for the 29.75-MW West of Hudson hydroelectric project, apparently disregarding a U.S. senator’s plea to include a local electric cooperative in development of the project on four New York City water supply reservoirs.

U.S. appeals court overturns FERC relicense of 49.8-MW School Street


A federal appeals court has overturned the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's relicensing of the 49.8-MW School Street hydroelectric project and ordered the panel to reconsider whether it should have entertained a rival proposal for a 100-MW Cohoes Falls project on the Mohawk River in upstate New York.

FERC issues final EIS backing relicense of 724.74-MW Catawba-Wateree


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued a final environmental impact statement endorsing the relicensing of Duke Energy’s 724.74-MW Catawba-Wateree hydroelectric project with additional mitigation proposed by FERC staff.

Brookfield seeks low-impact recertification for New York projects


Brookfield Renewable Power has applied for recertification of five New York hydroelectric projects totaling 187.2 MW as "low-impact" hydropower.

Court: FERC can deny late intervention by environmental groups


The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission did not act arbitrarily in denying late intervention by environmental groups opposing a plan to reduce flow releases from California’s Pyramid Dam in order to protect an endangered toad.

FERC adopts policy to speed smart grid development


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has adopted a Smart Grid Policy Statement setting priorities for development of standards it says are crucial to a reliable and "smart grid."

Senator urges New York to advance four-plant hydro development


Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., is urging New York City to speed up talks with Delaware County Electric Cooperative to develop 29.75 MW of hydroelectric capacity on four of the city’s water supply reservoirs in Upstate New York.

U.S. tax credit sought for improved 140.4-MW Comerford


Hydropower operator TransCanada is asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to certify efficiency improvements at its 140.4-MW Comerford hydroelectric plant in New Hampshire as eligible for renewable energy production tax credits.

FERC conferences explore grid system challenges


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced it will convene technical conferences in September to explore emerging challenges to the nation’s transmission system and to examine transmission planning processes.

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