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Slovenia utility seeks refurbishment of 200-kW Goricane hydro project


Slovenia hydropower utility Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana d.o.o. seeks bids for construction to refurbish the 200-kW Goricane hydropower project in Slovenia.

Slovenia utility seeks transformer, other equipment for 2.26-MW Melje hydro project


Hydro operator Dravske Elektrarne Maribor d.o.o. (DEM) seeks bids to supply a transformer and other equipment for rehabilitation of the 2.26-MW Melje hydroelectric project on Slovenia's Drava River.

French utility seeks construction of 2.2-MW Fontenau hydro project


French local utility Energies Services Lavaur (ESL) seeks bids to equip and construct the 2.2-MW Fontenau hydroelectric project adjacent to a weir on the Agout River at Lavaur.

Serbia seeks environmental expert, engineer for small hydro rehab, development


Serbia utility Elektroprivreda Srbije invites expressions of interest from consulting firms to serve as environmental expert and independent engineer for its small hydropower rehabilitation and development program.

French engineer seeks replacement turbines for 3.2-MW Mesce hydro project


Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium seeks bids to supply two replacement turbines for the 3.2-MW Mesce hydroelectric project at Tende in France's Alpes Maritimes Department.

Swiss seek equipment for three small hydro plants at 5-MW Fully hydro project


Swiss hydropower operator Alpiq Suisse SA seeks bids to supply electro-mechanical and other equipment for three small hydro plants at the 5-MW Fully hydroelectric project at Fully, Switzerland.

French department seeks operation, maintenance of dams, hydro plants


The Pyrenees-Orientales Department of France seeks bids for operation, monitoring and maintenance of dams and hydroelectric plants in the department.

French town offers hydropower concession to rebuild Paicherou Dam


The town of Carcassone seeks bids for a concession to reconstruct Paicherou Dam and design, finance, construct, operate and maintain a hydropower project and fish passage structure at Carcassone in France's Aude Department.

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generator for 2.7-MW Realp 2 small hydro project


Swiss utility Elektrizitatswerk Ursern seeks bids to supply a turbine-generator and other equipment for the 2.7-MW Realp 2 small hydropower project at Realp, Switzerland.

Serbia seeks electrical, mechanical equipment to refurbish seven small hydro projects


Serbia utility Elektroprivreda Srbije seeks bids to supply and install electrical and mechanical equipment for reconstruction of seven small hydroelectric projects totaling 9.98 MW.

French engineer seeks gates, turbines for two hydro projects


Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium seeks bids to supply gates to the Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny hydro project and turbines to the 1.86-MW Hautefage hydro project. 

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generators for 170-kW Seyon Aval hydro project


Swiss utility Viteos SA seeks bids to supply turbine-generators for the 170-kW Seyon Aval hydroelectric project on the Seyon River at Neuchatel.

French hydro operator seeks work to add turbine-generator to 1-MW Aya hydro project


A French hydro operator seeks bids for civil works, earthwork and mechanical work to install a second hydroelectric turbine-generator at the 1-MW Aya hydroelectric project on France's Ardalos River. 

French water utility seeks turbine-generator rehab at 1.8-MW Merwent Dam hydro project


A French municipal water supplier seeks bids to refurbish turbine-generators, controls, valves, transformers and other equipment of the 1.8-MW Merwent Dam hydroelectric project in France's Vendee Department.

Iceland utility seeks engineering to expand 270-MW Burfell hydro project


Iceland utility Landsvirkjun seeks bids to provide engineering consulting for a 100-MW expansion of the 270-MW Burfell hydroelectric project on the Thjorsa River in southern Iceland. 

German utility seeks turbine refurbishment at 148-MW Iffezheim hydro project


German utility Energie Baden-Wurttemberg AG (EnBW) seeks bids to refurbish three turbines of the 148-MW Iffezheim hydroelectric project on the Rhine River.

Albania seeks dams risk management expert for rehabilitation of 11 dams


Albania's Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve as dam portfolio risk management expert to review safety of 11 dams being rehabilitated and modernized in Albania's Drin-Buna and Semani river basins.

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generator for 570-kW Morteratsch hydro project


Swiss-based generator Repower AG seeks bids to supply a replacement turbine-generator for the 570-kW Morteratsch hydroelectric project in Switzerland. 

French hydro operator seeks replacement turbine runners for 272-MW Mareges hydro project


French hydropower operator Societe Hydro-Electrique du Midi (SHEM) seeks bids to supply four replacement turbine runners for the 272-MW Mareges hydroelectric project on France's Dordogne River. 

Firms sought to expand storage of Germany's 220-MW Erzhausen Pumped-Storage


A unit of European utility Statkraft invites applications for pre-qualification to expand the water storage capacity, and thereby generation, of the 200-MW Erzhausen Pumped-Storage project in Germany.

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