Latest Africa Tender Opportunities

Gambia River agency courts partners for 128-MW Sambangalou, 240-MW Kaleta


The Gambia River development agency invites expressions of interest from potential private sector partners in development of the 128-MW Sambangalou and 240-MW Kaleta hydroelectric projects and 1,677 kilometers of transmission lines in Africa’s Gambia River Basin.

Equipment bidding renewed for 550-kW Befanaova in Madagascar


Italian builder Zecca Prefabbricati S.p.A. has extended the deadline for bids to supply generating equipment for the 550-kW Befanaova hydroelectric project on the Sahambano River in Madagascar.

Eastern Nile countries seek planning model consultant


The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) invites expressions of interest from international consultants to help implement the Eastern Nile Planning Model Project.

Nile Basin seeks transboundary analysis


The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) invites expressions of interest from consultants to provide a Nile transboundary diagnostic analysis for nine beneficiary countries.

DR Congo seeks power market consultants for giant Inga project


The Democratic Republic of Congo invites expressions of interest from consultants to help study development of a regional market for power to be generated by the giant Inga hydroelectric complex.

Nigeria seeks dam safety services for 760-MW Kainji, 540-MW Jebba


Power Holding Co. of Nigeria invites expressions of interest to provide dam safety services for the 760-MW Kainji and 540-MW Jebba hydroelectric projects.

Nile Basin Initiative seeks training for power system


The 10-nation Nile Basin Initiative requests expressions of interest from consultants to provide training services in power system planning and market design for the hydropower-based region.

Ghana seeks crane, penstock rehab for 1,062-MW Akosombo


Ghana's Volta River Authority seeks bids for rehabilitation work on cranes and penstocks of the 1,062-MW Akosombo hydroelectric project on the Volta River.

Kenya seeks bids for feasibility study of Karura hydro


Kenya Electricity Generating Co. Ltd. seeks bids for a feasibility study of the Karura hydroelectric project on Kenya’s Tana River.

Burundi seeks rehab of five small hydros, transmission


Burundi’s water and electric utility seeks bids for rehabilitation of five small hydroelectric projects totaling 19.6 MW and two electricity distribution networks.

Senegal agency seeks instrumentation for 250-MW Manantali, river


The multi-nation Senegal River management agency seeks bids to supply piezometers for the 250-MW Manantali Dam project in Mali as well as for the Senegal River delta in Mauritania and Senegal.

Rwanda tea company seeks builder for 5-MW Giciye


A consultant for Rwanda Mountain Tea s.a.r.l. invites applications for pre-qualification to construct the 5-MW Rwanda Mountain Tea Giciye hydropower project on Rwanda’s Giciye River.

U.S. seeks consultant to study East Africa power, including hydro


The United States Trade and Development Agency seeks consultants to study funding opportunities for energy projects, including hydropower, in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Ghana seeks weather forecast aid for agriculture, aviation, hydro


The Ghana Meteorological Agency seeks proposals from consultants to assess weather forecasting needs to serve Ghana’s agriculture, aviation, hydropower, and water resources sectors.

U.S. seeks power study of Central Africa, 80-MW Nzilo 2


The U.S. government seeks consultants to study power projects in hydro-rich central Africa and to reassess the proposed 80-MW Nzilo 2 hydroelectric project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cameroon seeks planning, tender preparation for 30-MW Lom Pangar


Cameroon invites expressions of interest from consultants to help prepare the 30-MW Lom Pangar hydroelectric project for tendering and construction in the Sanaga River Basin.

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