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Hydropower turbines are the workhorses of the facility and may need rehabilitation, replacement or cavitation repair. In addition, fish-friendly hydro turbines are being developed and installed.

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Latest Turbines & Mechanical Components News

Plant Rehabilitation: Overhauling the Third Power Plant at Grand Coulee


Work several years in the making is about to commence at the Third Power Plant of the 6,809-MW Grand Coulee project in Washington. Rehabilitation of all six units, including potential uprating of three of them, will ensure continued reliable operation of this valuable asset and a possible extra 240 MW in generating capacity.

Worthington offers full line of waterway barriers for hydropower projects and dams


Worthington Products offers a number of products designed for dam safety, debris and ice control, fish guidance and other hydropower project applications.

Firms sought to supply, refurbish mechanical components of 2,078-MW Hoover Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks information on firms able to repair, remanufacture, or replace mechanical components needed to refurbish hydroelectric equipment at 2,078-MW Hoover Dam in Arizona and Nevada.

DESA contracts Voith for small hydropower project outfitting


Voith Hydro has won a contract to supply hydro turbines and other parts for the 22-MW Agua Zarca small hydropower project.

Development Status of the Alden "Fish-Friendly" Turbine


Over four years, multiple entities within the hydropower industry have worked to advance design, construction and installation of a specific "fish-friendly" turbine design. Efforts are under way to find a hydroelectric project operator to install this unit and demonstrate its effectiveness for safely passing fish and producing electricity.

Lignum Vitae wins award for bearings at Stevens Creek hydropower plant


Lignum Vitae North America has been awarded a contract to provide water-lubricated main guide bearings for Unit 2 at the 19-MW Stevens Creek hydropower project.

Pakistan seeks firms to refurbish turbine-generators at 1,000-MW Mangla Dam


Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) invites applications for pre-qualification to refurbish and upgrade two turbine-generators at the 1,000-MW Mangla Dam hydroelectric project.

Swiss rail system seeks hydropower equipment for 200-kW Sedrun small hydro


Switzerland's AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. seeks bids to supply hydropower equipment for the 200-kW Sedrun small hydro project in the Swiss Alps.

Voith-equipped Cubujuqui micro hydroelectric project online


Costa Rican utility Coopelesca has begun commercial operation of its 22.8-MW Cubujuqui small hydroelectric project, HydroWorld.com has learned.

Repack-S announces joint sealing system with hydro mechanical applications


Hydro mechanical parts manufacturer Repack-S has announced a new on-site joint sealing system for large hydropower equipment.

Nepal's Kulekhani 1 hydropower station hindered by damaged cable


Production at Nepal's 60-MW Kulekhani 1 hydropower project has been cut in half following a short circuit in a cable, HydroWorld.com has learned.

Guyana seeks bids to build 330-kW Kato micro-hydro project


The government of Guyana seeks bids to construct the 330-kW Kato micro-hydro project and its related irrigation system on Guyana's Chiung River.

U.S. to seek bids to refurbish generators, draft tubes at 250-MW Yellowtail Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation plans to seek bids to rewind and refurbish generators as well as to clean and recoat draft tubes, scroll cases, and head covers of the 250-MW Yellowtail Dam hydroelectric project on the Big Horn River southeast of Billings.

Pakistan again extends electro-mechanical call for 1,410-MW Tarbela Dam 4th Extension


Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) again extended the deadline for pre-qualification to supply electro-mechanical equipment for the 1,410-MW Tarbela Dam 4th Extension hydroelectric project.

U.S. seeks bids to refurbish gates at California's Prosser Creek Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids to refurbish gates at Prosser Creek Dam on California's Prosser Creek.

Guinea seeks spare parts for 75-MW Garafiri hydroelectric plant


Guinea state-owned utility Electricite de Guinee (EDG) seeks bids for spare parts to the water intake, turbine-generators, substation, and transformers at the 75-MW Garafiri hydroelectric plant on Guinea's Konkoure River.

U.S. to seek draft tube, scroll case hoist systems at 603-MW Ice Harbor Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on small firms able to supply new draft tube and scroll case personnel hoist systems at the 603-MW Ice Harbor Dam hydroelectric project on the Snake River in Washington.

Alaskan utility selects NAES to install hydro turbines at Terror Lake


NAES Power Contractors, Inc. has been selected by the Kodiak Electric Association to install and commission an 11.25 MW vertical Pelton hydro turbine-generator unit at Alaska's Terror Lake hydroelectric plant, HydroWorld.com has learned.

U.S. seeks bids to refurbish bearing bracket arms at 980-MW McNary Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids to refurbish upper bearing bracket arms at 980-MW McNary Dam on the Columbia River.

Nord-Lock announces improved washer with hydropower project applications


Parts manufacturer Nord-Lock has released a new series of products with hydropower project applications that offer a "new dimension of safety to bolt security", the company has announced.

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