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Research and development are the backbone of continued growth of the hydroelectric industry. Get news about studies under way, research results and R&D financing.

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Switchgear replacement sought for three U.S. Trinity River projects


The Bureau of Reclamation plans to seek bids to replace station service switchgear at three hydroelectric projects totaling 484 MW in the Trinity River Division of the Central Valley Project.

National Hydropower Association applauds Senate markup of Hydropower Improvement Act


The Hydropower Improvement Act was introduced in March by Senator Lisa Murkowski., R-Alaska, along with nine original cosponsors from both sides of the aisle. In a continued show of strong bipartisanship, the bill passed out of committee April 12 by voice vote, the National Hydropower Association reported.

R&D Forum

03/01/2011 Studying sturgeon enhancement in Manitoba

Funds available for hydro, other renewable energy projects in New York


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the Public Service Commission announced that about $250 million is available to fund a broad range of renewable energy generation projects, including hydropower projects.

China Valves Technology secures valve order from Dongfang Electric


China-based metal valve manufacturer China Valves Technology has secured a $15 million order for pumped storage ball valves and hydraulic turbine pumped storage inlet valves from Chinese power station contractor Dongfang Electric, media reports indicate.

Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center, Hydro-Quebec partner for clean energy research


The Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) at Stony Brook University and Hydro-Quebec have agreed upon a memorandum of understanding to look at ways to coordinate resources for advancing new clean energy technologies with an eye toward enhancing their respective electric power systems.


11/01/2010 Reclamation names Murillo deputy commissioner

RusHydro Group acquires Moscow-based Hydroproject research center


RusHydro Group has purchased 100 percent of the shares of JSC Designing, Surveying and Research Institute 'Hydroproject' from the ESN Group. Hydroproject is the Russian leader in designing hydropower and general purpose hydro facilities.

R & D Forum

09/01/2010 Corps uses simulations to design salmon passage improvements

U.S. issues request for information on new hydropower technology


The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation have issued a request for information (RFI) on new, advanced hydropower technologies that are either worthy of research and development investment or are ready for demonstration and testing, the agencies reported.

Tech Notes


R&D Forum

07/01/2010 EPRI announces availability of its Hydropower Technology Roundup Report: Technology Update on Aerating Turbines.

People: Peggy Brookshier: Decades of Service to Hydro

07/01/2010 Over more than three decades, Peggy Brookshier made significant contributions to the hydro industry through her positions with the U.S. Department of Energy.

R&D Forum

06/01/2010 The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is seeking an additional demonstration site at an existing or new hydropower development to install and evaluate the fish-friendly Alden Turbine.

Wide range of hydro events included in HydroVision pre-conference activities


Workshops, seminars and other events focusing on many aspects of hydropower kick off in advance of the upcoming HydroVision International Conference and Exhibition in North Carolina.

Millions awarded for hydropower, other renewable energy projects in New York


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority in conjunction with the Public Service Commission has awarded $204 million of funding to eight large-scale renewable energy projects, including hydro projects, in New York state.

Electric Power Research Institute seeks fish friendly hydropower turbine test site


The Electric Power Research Institute is seeking an additional demonstration site at an existing or new hydropower development to install and evaluate the fish-friendly Alden Turbine.

New Hydro


Hydro Alternative Energy acquires rights to water power technology


Hydro Alternative Energy Inc., a renewable energy company, recently acquired all U.S. and international patent and intellectual property rights to certain water power technology for use in certain commercialized water power applications.

China amends renewables law to increase clean energy use


China has amended its renewable energy law, requiring utilities to buy all the power produced by renewable energy sources such as hydropower and wind.

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