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    Research and development are the backbone of continued growth of the hydroelectric industry. Get news about studies under way, research results and R&D financing.

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    Latest Research & Development News

    Wave and tidal power growing slowly, steadily


    Proponents of wave and tidal power have compared the state of this area of the renewable energy sector with the early days of wind power. The technology has great potential but still must prove itself before it can be widely deployed.

    NHA applauds increased funding for Waterpower Program


    President Obama recently signed into law a measure that provides $50 million to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Waterpower Program, a 25 percent increase in funding.

    World Energy Research to build three hydroelectric projects in Guatemala


    World Energy Research (WER) has secured construction contracts and purchase power agreements for three new hydroelectric projects in Guatemala.

    Congress approves $50 million for water power research and development


    Federal lawmakers are being praised for allocating $50 million to the development and deployment of marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies.

    Ireland selected for wave-energy project


    Swedish power utility Vattenfall and Irish wave-energy developer Wavebob have formed a joint venture to build a commercial-scale wave-energy project off the west coast of Ireland.

    Generators & Electrical Components: Tools for Monitoring Generators

    10/01/2009 By Mladen Sasic, Steve R. Campbell, Randy Wallman, and David Wong
    On-line monitoring of generator condition can help ensure the unit operates safely and can minimize maintenance outages. This article provides examples of two available monitoring tools.

    Blue Energy Canada begins development phase of ocean energy project


    Blue Energy Canada Inc. has entered the development phase of a turbine that uses the tide of the ocean to generate clean electricity.

    HydroWorld rolls out new page for project activity


    HydroWorld.com has launched a new Hydro Project Activity page featuring breaking news and information in five specific sectors of the hydropower industry.

    Water power projects to receive $14.6 million from DOE


    The U.S. Department of Energy said it will award up to $14.6 million to 22 advanced water power projects to improve the viability and performance of hydrokinetic technology and conventional hydropower plants.

    New Hydro


    R&D Forum

    09/01/2009 A recently completed numerical model study of flow and sedimentation patterns downstream from the Smithland Locks and Dams indicates that downstream sediment accumulation should be manageable, says Phil Meier, assistant vice president of hydro development with American Municipal Power Inc. (AMP).

    Moeller: The time is now for hydropower


    Commissioner Philip Moeller, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, urged America’s hydropower industry to get front and center in the debate over comprehensive energy policy on Capitol Hill.

    Marine Current Turbines wins U.K. renewables support


    The SeaGen tidal energy system developed by Marine Current Turbines has been named the first marine energy project to qualify for the United Kingdom's support for renewable energy.

    U.S. House endorses $40 million for DOE hydro research


    The U.S. House has endorsed a $33.3 billion energy and water appropriations bill that includes spending $40 million on the Department of Energy's hydropower research and development program.

    U.K. names Wave Hub region the first Low Carbon Economic Area


    The British government has named the South West of England -- home of the Wave Hub ocean power test facility -- the United Kingdom's first Low Carbon Economic Area.

    U.S. Senate panel boosts DOE hydro research support to $60 million


    The Senate Appropriations Committee has doubled a proposal of the House Appropriations Committee, endorsing $60 million for the Department of Energy’s hydropower research and development program, with a note to expand marine and hydrokinetic R&D.

    U.S. House panel endorses $30 million for DOE hydro R&D


    The House Appropriations Committee has endorsed a $33.3 billion energy and water appropriations bill that includes spending $30 million on the Department of Energy’s hydropower research and development program.

    New Zealand firm to finance Blue Energy 200-MW tidal project


    New Zealand-based World Energy Research has signed an agreement to finance development of a 200-MW tidal power project to be developed by Blue Energy Canada.

    R&D Forum


    EPRI announces availability of a report on the results of Ketchikan Public Utilities’ assessment of performance best practices and implementation of performance improvement projects at its four hydro plants in Alaska.

    Outlook: Hydropower in Europe: Current Status, Future Opportunities

    06/01/2009 By 2020, a fifth of all energy consumption in European Union (EU) member countries must come from renewable sources — hydro, wave, solar, wind, and biomass.

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