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Research and development are the backbone of continued growth of the hydroelectric industry. Get news about studies under way, research results and R&D financing.

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Latest Research & Development News

Angola seeks specs for river basin hydro-meteorological stations


Angola's Ministry of Energy and Water invites expressions of interest from consultants to prepare bills of quantities and specifications to install or refurbish hydro-meteorological stations and associated equipment in river basins in Angola.

U.S. BPA invites energy research proposals to improve Northwest system


The Bonneville Power Administration's Technology Innovation Office invites proposals for energy research to develop technologies to improve operation of the hydropower-based electric system in the Pacific Northwest.

Clark Canyon Dam

Reclamation begins dam safety evaluations at Montana's Clark Canyon Dam


The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will conduct an exploratory drilling program at Montana's Clark Canyon Dam in Montana as part of its ongoing dam safety analysis program, has learned.

Alberta Map

Alberta committee prepares report on hydro development


A report produced by the Alberta Legislature's Resource Stewardship Committee could help increase hydroelectric power in the northern part of the province, has learned.

Uppsala Tidal Stream Power Turbine

Uppsala University deploys experimental tidal stream power turbine


Scientists from Uppsala University have installed a new tidal turbine in the Dalalven River that the institute said is the first of its kind.

Total dissolved gas monitoring sought at three U.S. Northwest hydro projects


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids to perform total dissolved gas and temperature monitoring at three hydroelectric projects in the Columbia River Basin.

Russian, Canadian companies agree to hydropower technology research collaboration


Hydroelectric project operator Hydro-Quebec and Russian power company EuroSibEnergo have signed a two-year agreement to cooperate on hydropower generation and transmission research and development projects.

U.S. seeks 50,000 PIT tags for fish passage studies in Columbia hydropower system


The National Marine Fisheries Service seeks bids from small businesses to supply 50,000 passive integrated transponder tags for use in fish passage studies in the federal Columbia River Basin hydropower system.

United Kingdom Map

UK marine energy parks agree to landmark collaboration


A milestone agreement announced today will see two of the United Kingdom's marine energy parks work together to support the development of the U.K.'s wave and tidal industry, has learned.

R&D Forum


NWPCC approves study of fish tagging program

Optimizing Plant Operations: What Can We Learn from Drunken Kangaroos?


Hydroelectric facility managers often struggle to develop flow release schedules that provide low-cost electricity while also preventing long-term damage to the downstream river. Use of a simulated annealing optimization process at Glen Canyon Dam has the potential to restore the local environment while actually increasing revenue from generation by 2%.

Perspectives: Accessing Hydro Information in the Electronic Age


Recently, I found myself panicked at a crowded airport when my flight was delayed for several hours. Now, mind you, the problem was NOT the delay. I deal with flight delays as a matter of course! The problem was my lack of access to information.

Precipitation analysis of interest to hydropower project operators along Pacific Coast


Precipitation analysis conducted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) could have mixed meanings for hydroelectric power operators and providers along America's Pacific coast in coming months.

Ethiopia seeks topographic survey for Lake Tana sub-basin development project


Ethiopia's Ministry of Water and Energy has reissued a call for expressions of interest from consultants to perform a topographic survey of the Lake Tana sub-basin flood plain, part of an Ethiopia water resources development project.

Mozambique seeks strategic plan for Lurio Basin development project


Mozambique's national water directorate invites expressions of interest from consultants to draft a strategic basin plan for a development project in the Lurio River Basin, site of at least two proposed hydroelectric projects.

ocean energy

New U.S. Department of Energy database seeks to aid marine energy developers


The U.S. Department of Energy has launched a new online database that contains the "results of environmental monitoring and research efforts on wave, tidal, and current energy development worldwide", has learned.


EPRI states hydrokinetic energy in rivers could provide 3% of U.S. annual demand


The Electric Power Research Institute has determined that undeveloped hydrokinetic resources in U.S. rivers could provide 3 percent of the nation’s annual demand for electricity.

Pakistan hydro project developer seeks roller-compacted concrete equipment


Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) seeks bids to supply roller-compacted concrete equipment for its Central Material Testing Laboratory.

REW Asia Logo

Renewable integration conference accepting abstracts


The deadline for submitting abstracts for this year's Renewable Energy World Asia Conference & Exhibition is Feb.15, 2013.

Laos seeks sub-basin modeling for hydropower development planning


The government of Laos invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform sub-basin modeling for reservoir management and hydropower development planning.

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