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Hydro generators and associated electrical equipment are vital elements of hydroelectric powerhouses. Many facilities are undergoing generator rewinds and refurbishment.

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12/01/2008 South African utility Eskom named Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation to equip the 1,368-mw Ingula pumped-storage project on the border of Free State and KwaZulu-Natal.

The Overstressed Generator Bracket

10/01/2008 Karl carried a roll of drawings and a sheaf of paper into George’s office.

Using a Predictive Asset Management System to Monitor Equipment Condition

09/01/2008 Meridian Energy uses a predictive asset management system to assess the health of generating equipment in its hydro plants.

Using an Off-the-Shelf Air Compressor To Stop Unit Trips

07/01/2008 A failing generator circuit breaker compressor caused a turbine-generating unit to trip at Oglethorpe Power Corporation’s 846-MW Rocky Mountain pumped-storage project.

New York restarts second unit at 1,160-MW Blenheim-Gilboa


New York Power Authority announced June 3 it refurbished and returned to service a second unit at the 1,160-MW Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped-Storage project.

Ukraine awards circuit breaker contracts for four hydro plants

04/09/2008 Ukraine utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo has awarded a contract to Areva T&D SA of France to supply circuit breakers for four hydroelectric projects.


03/01/2008 Easy-to-access, comprehensive worldwide hydro business news.

Ukraine awards circuit breaker contracts for three hydro plants

02/06/2008 Ukraine utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo has awarded a contract to ABB Switzerland Ltd. to supply circuit breakers for three hydroelectric projects.

Making Better Equipment Choices for Small Hydro

11/01/2007 When selecting turbines and generators for small hydro sites, developers seek optimal performance and low costs.

A Retrospective on Generator Failures

09/01/2007 The 320-mw Roxburgh project experienced significant problems related to generator failures since its commissioning in 1956.

Ukraine seeks circuit breakers for five hydro plants

07/19/2007 Ukraine utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo seeks bids in two solicitations to supply circuit breakers for five hydroelectric projects.

New York hydro generator plans $3 billion system investments

06/20/2007 U.S. utility Energy East Corp. says it plans to invest more than $3 billion in the next three years in reliability and infrastructure, while being environmentally responsive.

ON-LINE REPORT: Operation begins at Brazil’s 880-mw Campos Novos

05/01/2007 CPFL Energia announced the first unit began operation in February at the 880-mw Campos Novos project on the Canoas River in Brazil’s Santa Catarina State.

Austria utility buys stake in Turkish hydro generator

03/16/2007 Verbund, Austria's biggest utility, will enter the fast-growing Turkish electricity market by investing US$326.6 million in a power production joint venture with Sabanci Group.

U.S. seeks bids to install circuit breakers at Gavins Point

03/06/2007 The Corps of Engineers is calling for proposals to install circuit breakers at 132.3-MW Gavins Point Dam in Nebraska and South Dakota.

U.S. to replace circuit breakers at 132.3-MW Gavins Point

08/15/2006 The Corps of Engineers seeks proposals to replace circuit breakers at 132.3-MW Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River in South Dakota and Nebraska.

California agency seeks hydro generator consultant

08/14/2006 The California Department of Water Resources requests qualifications from hydro generator test engineering consultants.

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