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Hydroelectric Plant control, protection and automation equipment allow proper, often unmanned, operation of plants. Learn about contract awards and upgrade work planned.

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The Twitchy Turbine

11/01/2007 George was conducting an annual safety inspection at a dam, looking at the condition of the rip-rap.

Training Itaipu's Operators to Work with Digital Systems


Changing from a conventional operating system to a digital one can be daunting for plant operators.

Enhancing Powerhouse Security

10/01/2007 Hydro plant owners can enhance powerhouse security by installing lock-out relays, multifunction generator protective relays, wireless ethernet radio technology, and surveillance cameras.

Products, Services, and Information You Can Use

10/01/2007 ENECON Corp. offers a water-based liquid coating system for protecting metal, concrete, and masonry surfaces.

Wave prototype to be tested in United Kingdom

07/01/2007 Renewable Energy Holdings PLC plans to begin testing a prototype of its Cylindrical Energy Transfer Oscillating (CETO) wave power generator in the United Kingdom in 2007.

Heating System Solves Problem with Cold-Weather Gate Operation

04/01/2007 In the winter months, subzero temperatures, snowfall, and ice are common at the site of the 44-MW Station 5 hydroelectric plant on the Genesee River in Rochester, N.Y.

Austria seeks automation for 16-MW Werfen/Pfarrwerfen

03/15/2007 Verbund Austrian Hydro Power AG seeks bids to supply automation equipment for the 16-MW Werfen/Pfarrwerfen hydroelectric project being built on Austria's Salzach River.

Small Hydro

03/01/2007 Conduit Capital Partners LLC, a New York-based equity investment firm, commits to invest US$9 million in the 12-mw Benito Juarez hydroelectric project being developed in Mexico.

Automating the Nisqually Project: Tacoma Power's Upgrade Experience


During a recent rehabilitation effort, Tacoma Power replaced the automation systems at its two-powerhouse 114-MW Nisqually project.

Integrating and Interpreting Multiple Measurements to Understand Generator Alignment Problems

03/01/2007 To determine the condition of the generators at the 212-MW Powerhouse One at its Rock Island project, Chelan County Public Utility District installed an air gap monitoring system.

Austria utility awards automation contract at 4-MW Gurkwerk

01/30/2007 Energie Klagenfurt GmbH has awarded a contract to automate and refurbish equipment at the 4-MW Gurkwerk hydroelectric project on Austria's Gurk River.

India state seeks switchyards for 600-MW Kameng

01/02/2007 North Eastern Electric Power Corp. Ltd. seeks bids to supply switchyards for the 600-MW Kameng hydroelectric project on the Bichom and Kameng rivers in India's Arunachal Pradesh State.

Austria utility seeks automation for 4-MW Gurkwerk

06/08/2006 Energie Klagenfurt GmbH seeks bids by June 13 to automate and refurbish equipment at the 4-MW Gurkwerk hydroelectric project on Austria's Gurk River.

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