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India's Supreme Court halts hydropower project development in Uttarakhand


India's Supreme Court has prohibited central and state governments from granting any further environmental or forest clearances for hydroelectric projects in the country's northern Uttarakhand state until further notice.

SMC, K-Water announce joint venture for 246-MW Angat hydropower project


The Korean Water Resources Corporation (K-Water) and the Filipino conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC) have announced a joint venture for the development and operation of the 246-MW Angat hydropower project, according to documents filed with the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Hydroelectric power industry leaders, policy makers react to bill enactment


Hydroelectric power's place in America's energy mix has been cemented following the enactment of House Resolutions 267 and 678 by President Barack Obama this past week, industry advocates said.

Sithe Global pulls backing from Amaila Falls hydropower project


An American investor has withdrawn its support from the 165-MW Amaila Falls hydroelectric project, citing Guyana's inability to reach consensus on a number of key legislative arrangements needed for the plant's development.

Obama signs hydroelectric power bills; H.R. 267 and 678 now federal law


Both the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013 and the Bureau of Reclamation Small Conduit Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act were signed into law by President Barack Obama earlier today.

HydroVision International 2013 Attendee Choice Awards announced



The editors of Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines announced the HydroVision International 2013 Attendee Choice Award recipients during recent event's closing luncheon.

Brazilian trade group urges hydroelectric project development


The development Brazil's hydroelectric power sector was a key topic of discussion during FIESP's 14th International Meeting of Energy in Sao Paulo.

North Carolina again tries to thwart FERC relicensing of 210-MW Yadkin hydro project


The state of North Carolina has filed suit against Alcoa Power Generating Inc., challenging the company's ownership of riverbeds beneath its 210-MW Yadkin hydroelectric project.

Small hydro comes to England's Blenheim Palace


England's Blenheim Palace is taking a cue from Windsor Castle in embracing small hydro power.

Ontario's 25-MW New Post Creek hydropower project moves forward


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and its partner, Coral Rapids Power (CRP), are moving forward with plans to develop a 25 MW hydropower project on New Post Creek in northern Ontario, the province's Ministry of Energy has announced.

Best Technical Papers awards presented at HydroVision International 2013


At the awards and luncheon closing finale for HydroVision International 2013 in Denver last week, the winners of the Best Technical Papers awards were announced by Hydro Review Senior Editor Elizabeth Ingram.

Dates set for HydroVision International 2014


HydroVision International -- the world's largest event dedicated entirely to the hydroelectric power industry -- is heading to Nashville, Tenn., in 2014.

FERC exempts two hydro projects of 135 kW, receives application for 750-kW project


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued exemptions for two hydroelectric projects totaling 135 kW and received an application for another project of 750 kW during June.

HydroVision Russia extends call for abstracts


The advisory board of HydroVision Russia has extended the deadline to its original deadline for submitting abstracts for the 2014 conference and exhibition.

Hydroelectric project regulation and development bills await President Obama's signature


A pair of hydroelectric power bills now await President Barack Obama's signature after receiving unanimous approval from the U.S. Senate in the waning moments of the current Congressional session.

Bank seeks communications consultant for Laos hydropower, forestry


The World Bank's International Finance Corp. (IFC) invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve as stakeholder engagement/communications specialist for the hydropower and forestry sectors in Laos.

Bill introduced to aid American marine hydrokinetic industry


Legislation introduced to the U.S. Senate today could help remove regulatory obstacles and encourage research and development in the marine hydrokinetic energy sector of the hydroelectric power market.

U.S. House committee approves additional small conduit hydro development bill


The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee has passed a bill that would support a piece of small conduit hydropower that is currently making its way through the Senate.

Elected officials support the hydropower industry at HydroVision International 2013


Although those who work in the hydroelectric industry on a daily basis clearly understand the benefits of this clean, renewable generating technology, it still isn’t getting its just deserts when it comes to legislation. One example is the production tax credits currently available for the development of new renewable electricity generating facilities. Why do wind, geothermal and closed-loop biomass plants get 2.3 cents per kWh while hydro gets only 1.1 cent per kWh? The legislation was originally enacted in 1992 and has been renewed and expanded numerous times. Even so, the January 2013 legislation did not increase the amount paid to hydropower.

Obama to nominate Connor for Interior's Deputy Secretary


President Barack Obama has announced his intent to announce nominations for a number of administration positions, including Deputy Secretary for the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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