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IHA Logo

International Hydropower Association announces IHA World Congress


Members of the hydroelectric power community will convene in May for the International Hydropower Association's World Congress for discussions concerning hydropower development around the world.

Promoting Growth: Six Steps to Advancing Hydropower Development


Coordination between the agencies involved in hydroelectric project licensing can add considerable cost and difficulty to the process and sometimes can discourage new development. The author - a former director of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Office of Energy Projects - proposes six steps that could simplify the process and turn attention back to hydro.

Department of Energy Logo

Department of Energy seeks partners for marine power impact research


A competitive funding opportunity announced by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Water Resource Program is designed to help reduce market barriers commonly faced by the marine and hydrokinetic technology industry.


ASCE gives America's dams "D" grade


A report released by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives America's dams an overall grade of D.

Transmission Lines

EPRI report confirms hydroelectric power's value to U.S. transmission grids


A paper published by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) seeks to quantify the value of hydroelectric power ancillary services for electric grids.

Belo Monte Hydropower Project

Brazil sends troops to ensure safety at 11.2-GW Belo Monte hydropower project


A request by Brazilian Minister of Mining and Energy Edison Lobao has led to the deployment of troops at the 11.2-GW Belo Monte hydroelectric plant.


NYPA hydroelectric power allocation leads to New York jobs creation


Hydroelectric power allotments announced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) will lead to more than 200 new jobs and US$190 million in capital investments.

United Kingdom Map

New FiT band benefits small hydro development in U.K.


Small hydropower project developers are hopeful that the 100-500 kW hydro band introduced earlier this month to the United Kingdom's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme will help stimulate renewable production growth.

World Water Day 2013

IHA, hydroelectric power sector observe U.N.'s World Water Day


The International Hydropower Association (IHA) is calling upon the hydroelectric power sector to use World Water Day as an opportunity to extol the virtues of hydropower as a means of managing water resources throughout the world.

Sally Jewell

Senate committee approves Obama's nominee for Secretary of the Interior


President Barack Obama's nominee to take over the U.S. Department of the Interior passed the first hurdle on the way to confirmation yesterday with a 19-3 bipartisan vote in her favor.

Albania Map

Albania approves concessions for 127.6 MW Shala River hydropower project


Power developer Shala Energy sh.p.k. has signed a concession agreement with the Republic of Albania's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energyto develop a 127.6 MW hydroelectric project on the Shala River.

House Natural Resources Committee

Revised energy policy passes House Natural Resources Committee


The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee has passed the Bureau of Reclamation Small Conduit Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act with a bipartisan 17-12 vote earlier today.

HydroVision International Logo

World's largest hydroelectric power event announces support of six industry-leading associations


HydroVision International 2013 -- the largest hydroelectric power conference and exhibition in the world -- has gained the support of six industry-leading associations for its 2013 event in Denver, Colo., USA.

Denali National Park

Senate committee approves plan for 50 kW micro hydro plant in Alaska's Denali National Park


A bill allowing for the construction of a 50 kW micro hydropower project in Alaska's Denali National Park was unanimously approved by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee earlier this week, has learned.

Philippines Flag

Hedcor wants to expand Filipino micro hydro portfolio


Hedcor Inc. is looking to increase its micro hydro portfolio within the Philippines pending cooperation from the country's Department of Energy, company president Rene Ronquillo said at a hydropower development summit earlier this week.

Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski reintroduces FERC hydropower licensing act


Bipartisan legislation introduced today by Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski continues the recent trend of proposals designed to increase domestic hydro development.

Nepal/Japan Flags

Japan announces additional financing for Nepal's Tanahun hydroelectric plant


The Government of Japan has agreed to provide more than US$157 million for Nepal's 140-MW Tanahun hydroelectric plant, as per an agreement signed earlier this week.

Montana Flag

Montana latest to propose revisions to state renewable energy policy


An energy policy that would include hydroelectric projects amongst Montana's list of renewable resources eligible for energy credits has been introduced to the state's legislature, has learned.

Alan Krause

MWH Global Chairman and CEO to share insight at upcoming hydroelectric power event


MWH Global President and CEO Alan J. Krause will serve as a keynote speaker for HydroVision International, the world's largest hydroelectric power conference and exhibition, sharing his insight gained from decades of experience working in the global hydropower industry.

Chile Flag

Chilean court stops 740-MW Punta Alcalde hydroelectric plant


Progress on the 740-MW Punta Alcalde hydropower project has been halted after a Chilean appeals court ruled in favor of a fishing group's motion to stop it.

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