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    This hot topic addresses whether hydropower plants contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and how hydro plants can contribute to the fight against climate change.

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    Latest Climate Change News

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    RENEWABLE FUELS: Ammonia Made from Hydro: Renewable Fuel of the Future?

    04/01/2008 Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is an energy-dense, ultra-clean-burning liquid fuel that can be made from water and air using hydroelectric power.

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    03/01/2008 Easy-to-access, comprehensive worldwide hydro business news.

    Viewpoint: As Good as Gold

    03/01/2008 As a “storehouse of value,” gold has long attracted investors. Yet other commodities may be as good as gold.

    Congressman: Hydro cannot be excluded from global warming debate

    02/25/2008 A congressman from the Pacific Northwest is urging that hydropower projects be preserved and encouraged as a tool to help stem global warming.

    International hydro group offers greenhouse gas forum

    01/22/2008 The International Hydropower Association offers a forum July 15 on greenhouse gas emissions of reservoirs, in conjunction with the HydroVision 2008 conference, July 14-18 in Sacramento.

    Carbon Conundrums... And the Truth about Hydropower

    01/01/2008 The wrangling over what to do about carbon emissions from fuel burning continues.

    Tech Notes

    12/01/2007 Important hydro and dam safety technical news and study findings.

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    Taking Advantage of the Clean Development Mechanism

    12/01/2007 Brascan Energética has received about 5.3 million euros (US$7.5 million) for the sale of carbon emission reductions from ten small hydro facilities in Brazil.

    New Hydro

    12/01/2007 Innovative and emerging water-based power generation news.

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    U.K. environment minister boosts role of Scotland hydropower


    On a visit to Scotland's 152.5-MW Sloy hydroelectric project, United Kingdom Environment Minister Joan Ruddock said hydropower plays a significant role in renewable energy in Scotland and the entire United Kingdom.

    Waterpower XV sees upsurge in hydro


    The biennial Waterpower conference convened in July amid signs of growing interest in new hydro around the world.

    Mexico, Guatemala projects to sell carbon credits

    09/01/2007 Owners of the 8-mw Trojes project in Mexico and the 11.7-mw Matanzas project in Guatemala are approved to sell carbon emissions credits, under the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

    Nepal micro-hydro program wins carbon emissions deal

    07/06/2007 Nepal's Alternative Energy Promotion Center has signed an emissions reduction sale agreement to support development of 15 MW of micro-hydropower projects in rural areas of Nepal.

    Viewpoint: The Power of One


    A few people stand out: People who influence and inspire us. People who, through the examples of their lives, enable us to reflect on what we can do to make the world a better place.

    Russia’s HydroOGK eyes hydro joint ventures

    07/01/2007 Russian hydropower utility HydroOGK is talking to a dozen foreign and Russian firms about joint plans to build mid-sized hydropower stations.

    EU adopts binding renewables targets

    05/01/2007 European Union (EU) leaders agreed to a full package of binding measures to slash greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy sources including hydropower.

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