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This hot topic addresses whether hydropower plants contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and how hydro plants can contribute to the fight against climate change.

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Latest Climate Change News

House passes climate bill with renewables standard including hydro


The U.S. House approved climate change legislation June 26, 2009, including a renewable electricity standard that would require utilities to increase the amount of power they obtain from renewable energy sources including some hydropower and ocean energy.

Nova Scotia examines expanding grid access to hydro


Nova Scotia has commissioned a study of expanding the province’s transmission system and integrating it with the rest of the Atlantic Region, allowing greater exchanges of electricity, including large hydropower and other renewables.

Canada Green Infrastructure makes first award to 6-MW Mayo B


Canada’s new C$1 billion (US$924 million) Green Infrastructure Fund has made its first award to the 5- to 6-MW Mayo B hydroelectric project and Phase 2 of the Carmacks-Stewart transmission line in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Wind-Hydro Integration: Pumped Storage to Support Wind

06/01/2009 Spanish utility Iberdrola is building the 852-MW La Muela 2 pumped-storage plant to help firm the variability of its more than 4,200 MW of wind capacity in the country. The utility sees pumped storage as the best option for supporting other renewables.

Finance: Combining Public and Private Funds: the PPP Approach

05/01/2009 In a public-private partnership approach to financing hydro development — often referred to as a PPP arrangement — the objective is to achieve an acceptable balance of risks and rewards between private companies and publicly owned entities.

R&D Forum

04/01/2009 Canadian utility Hydro-Québec is in the midst of an eight-year study to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its 480-MW Eastmain 1 project on the Eastmain River.

Filling the Knowledge Gap: Greenhouse Gas Research

03/01/2009 The International Hydropower Association and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization are embarking on a four-year greenhouse gas research project.

Changing Times

03/01/2009 We’re in the midst of changing times. While the headlines often portray changes in a negative light, most of us are well aware that there are two sides to every coin: Challenges beget opportunities.

Workshop to examine hydro's role to stem carbon emissions

02/27/2009 Experts from industry and government are taking part April 7-8 in a workshop to examine the advantages of hydroelectric generation in coping with efforts to avoid emissions of carbon into the atmosphere.

First unit starts operation at Brazil's 100-MW Catorze de Julho


Brazil utility CPFL Energia S.A. announced the commercial operation of the first 50-MW unit of the 100-MW Catorze de Julho hydroelectric project on the estuary of the Antas River.

Hydro operators participate in greenhouse gas Climate Registry

01/08/2009 Several private and governmental hydropower operators are participating in the Climate Registry, a non-profit organization that measures and publicly reports emissions of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Reservoirs: Studying the Issue in Brazil

12/01/2008 Although Brazilian utilities and research institutions have studied greenhouse gas emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs for more than ten years, they agree more work is needed to standardize methods for measuring and monitoring emissions and to more accurately model the presence of carbon throughout a watershed.

Industry News

11/01/2008 The licensee of the 600-MW Bear Swamp pumped-storage plant plans to add 66 MW of capacity through equipment upgrades to the plant, on the Deerfield River in Massachusetts.

Message to Our Elected Representatives: “Can You Hear Us? Hydropower is the Key”

11/01/2008 Pierre Fortin is president of the Canadian Hydropower Association based in Ottawa, Canada [].

Tech Briefs

09/01/2008 The power generation group of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is updating and organizing its Hydro Design Standards.

Task force to help Canada reduce greenhouse gas emissions

07/18/2008 The Canadian Hydropower Association hopes to participate in a clean electricity task force established by Canada's federal government to work with provinces and industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Small Hydro: 'Greening' the Tea Industry in East Africa


Eight countries in eastern Africa are pursuing the development of at least six small hydro projects.

Small Hydro



05/01/2008 Important hydro news from throughout the world.

RENEWABLE FUELS: Ammonia Made from Hydro: Renewable Fuel of the Future?

04/01/2008 Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is an energy-dense, ultra-clean-burning liquid fuel that can be made from water and air using hydroelectric power.

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