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    Price Change %2-weeks3-monthsIndsil Hydro Power & Manganese-2%16.67%Iron & steel/intermediate products-5.83%-22.23%Sensex-1.73%1.82%

    Montenegro says number of awarded SHPP concessions to date totals 41


    PODGORICA (Montenegro), October 17 (SeeNews) - The Montenegrin government said it has so far awarded concession deals for the construction of 41 small hydro power plants (SHPPs) with investment commitments totaling 109 million euro ($139 million).

    The combined capacity of the agreed SHPPs concessions is 73 megawatts with planned total annual production of 147 gigawatt-hours of electricity, the government said in a statement on Thursday.

    ($ = 0.7844 euro)

    Romania : ESPE ENERGIA to make investment in small hydropower plants in ROMANIA


    Lucian Ghidarcia, CFO of ESPE Energia, part of Italian group ESPE, has announced that the firm is planning to spend EUR 40 million in putting up small hydropower plants in Romania.
    He said that constructing a small hydropower plant takes, on average, nearly two to three years.
    Already, ESPE is the owner of five such power plants in Maramures county, Northern Romania. The units have installed powers between 2.5 and 4.1 MW.

    Mutually un-exclusive


    Nepal, Oct. 17 -- There has been a lot of debate lately on whether Nepal should export electricity. Many believe that exporting electricity will engender higher government revenues, improvement in the balance of trade with neighbouring countries, as well as employment and local benefits. Furthermore, these people believe that Nepal will have enough electricity in the coming years so there will be no alternative to exporting additional electricity. However, others believe that exporting electricity is not feasible as the people of Nepal are facing significant power cuts every day. While this is a different debate altogether, the need of the hour is to balance domestic consumption with export, creating a win-win for all.We need to realise that domestic consumption and exports are not mutually exclusive. Laos and Bhutan are relevant examples that these two can be achieved hand-in-hand. Hydropower export has helped both Bhutan and Laos in three ways: cheap electricity for domestic users, high electrification rates, and foreign exchange earnings. It is pretty obvious that Nepal is in dire need of all of these three things.

    Laos and Bhutan

    Two of the accredited assessors in the world work for Ã...F


    October 16, 2014

    The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol ("the Protocol") is a framework to assess the performance of hydropower projects according to a defined set of sustainability criteria, encompassing environmental, social, technical, and financial aspects.

    Isimba Hydropower Dam


    Isimba Power Station is a 183.2 MW hydroelectric power project under construction in Uganda. The Power Station is located at the village of Isimba, on the Victoria Nile, in Kamuli District. This location lies approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi), downstream of Bujagali Power Station.

    Electricity generated by Upper Nayn Cascade hydropower plants expected to be exported in 3 directions


    Electricity generated by the Upper Naryn Cascade hydropower plants is expected to be exported in 3 directions, Upper Naryn Cascade HPP CJS Board Chairman Igor Gorbenko said on October 16, reports Turmush.

    Weekly: Indsil Hydro Power & Manganese falls for a second consecutive week, a two-week fall of 2.0%



    Indsil Hydro Power & Manganese Ltd. (BSE:522165) fell Rs0.80 (or 1.9%) to close at Rs41.65. The volume was 1.1 times average trading per week of 43,560 shares. The stock fell for a second consecutive week on Friday bringing its two-week fall to Rs0.85 or 2.0%. Compared with the BSE Sensex Index which fell 459.5 points (or 1.7%) in the two weeks, this represented a relative price change of -0.3%. In the past two weeks the market cap has declined Rs13.5 million.

    Georgia,Turkey : TURKEY based firms to invests in GEORGIA's energy sector


    Turkish Calik Holding and Ahlatci Group have decided to carry out investment towards construction of a cascade hydro power plants in Georgia.

    AltaGas Begins Commercial Operations Final Testing at Forrest Kerr Facility


    AltaGas (ALA.TO), an energy infrastructure business, has begun a 72-hour testing of its 195 megawatt Forrest Kerr run-of-river hydroelectric facility, the final phase in achieving contractual Commercial Operations Date.

    The $725 million Forrest Kerr facility is supported by a 60-year, fully indexed electricity purchase agreement with BC Hydro. Testing of the facility is done to meet specific parameters set forth by BC Hydro.

    ALA last matched $43.16 on Wednesday, within a 52-week range of $35.11 - $53.06.

    Price: 43.16 , Change: 0, Percent Change: 0

    Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Power Plant increases 0.9% - outperforming 99% of stocks 17 October, 2014 18:00 SAMT



    Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Power Plant (MICEX:KRSG), Russia's 6th largest electric company by market cap, increased 80.0 Kopeck (or 0.9%) to close at RUB90.0. In the Russian market of 157 stocks traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative price strength of 99 which means it is outperforming 99% of the market. A price rise combined with a high relative strength is a bullish signal. The stock rose for a second day on Friday bringing its two-day rise to RUB1.10 or 1.2%. Compared with the MICEX Index which rose 24.4 points (or 1.8%) in the day, this represented a relative price change of -0.9%.

    BC Hydro completes 500-kV switchgear upgrade at Mica generating station


    BC Hydro and Power Authority completed replacement of switchgear at its Mica generating station on the Columbia River, part of a project to boost the plant's output to about 2,805 MW.

    Deerfield River Watershed Association celebrates 25th anniversary


    Before the federal government got rolling on relicensing seven hydroelectric dams along the Deerfield River a quarter century ago, a group of state, regional and local groups got their oars into the water, collaborating on a process that resulted not only in addressing environmental, recreational and other issues along the waterway, but also in formation of the Deerfield River Watershed Association.

    India approves projects in dash for growth, alarming green groups


    India, Oct. 10 -- In late August, India's environment ministry rejected a proposal to build what would be the country's largest hydropower plant in a remote and pristine part of the country's northeast because of the potential damage to an area rich in biodiversity. Less than a month later and, according to two environment ministry officials, after pressure from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office, permission was granted for the 3,000 megawatt Dibang plant, the construction of which will mean clearing some 4,000 hectares of forest. The plant is one of hundreds of projects, many of which were repeatedly rejected in the past, that have been approved since Modi came to power in May. That trend has alarmed environmentalists, who say the country's natural habitat is under assault in the name of industrial development.

    Federal Hydro-Generating Company lifts 2.9% on weak volume 17 October, 2014 18:00 SAMT



    Federal Hydro-Generating Company (MICEX:HYDR), Russia's largest electric company by market cap, lifted 1.99 Kopeck (or 2.9%) to close at 69.99 Kopeck, ending a two-day streak of losses. Compared with the MICEX Index which rose 24.4 points (or 1.8%) in the day, this represented a relative price increase of 1.1%. The volume was 0.5 times the average trading of 625.3 million shares.

    Premier Bob McLeod – Sessional Statement


    Office of The Executive has issued the following news release:

    Premier Bob McLeodMr. Speaker. I would like to welcome all Members back for the resumption of the Fifth Session of the 17th Legislative Assembly.

    Last month, Mr. Speaker, the Government of the Northwest Territories announced that it would cover the expected $20 million dollars in increased operating costs that the Northwest Territories Power Corporation faces due to extremely low water levels in the Snare Hydro System.

    Our government took this extraordinary step because we are serious about addressing the high cost of living people in the Northwest Territories face. Without this decision, the added cost of using diesel to supplement hydro generation on the Snare system would have been paid by electricity users in every community of the Northwest Territories.

    As an Assembly, we share a vision of a strong, environmentally sustainable and prosperous Northwest Territories that provides opportunities for all its residents. Making the Northwest Territories an attractive place to live, work and do business is an essential part of achieving that vision. We cannot achieve that unless we address the high cost of living, and doing business, in our communities. Energy is one of the biggest components of that cost and we have to do what we can to make it more affordable.

    195-MW B.C. hydroelectric facility undergoing final testing


    AltaGas Ltd. said the final testing phase is underway on its $750-million Forrest Kerr hydroelectric facility in British Columbia before the project can go online under a power purchase agreement with the province's utility.

    Chile seeks new hydro projects after HidroAysen cancellation


    The news story of the year in Chile's energy plans was undoubtedly the cancellation of the HidroAysen megaproject, which aimed to build five huge hydropower stations able to produce over 2700 MW.
    Protests from environmental groups and doubts about the project's viability led President Michelle Bachelet, who took office in March 2014 after serving as head of state between 2006 and 2010, to cancel it. The plans for HidroAysen had been approved by Sebastian Piñera's 2010-2014 administration.



    The Government of Manitoba has issued the following news release:

    The jobs and opportunities related to Manitoba’s next generation of building projects are the focus of the ‘Aligning our Resources for Growth’ networking workshop being held today, Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers, minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro, announced today.

    Construction starts at Upper Naryn hydro plant cascade in Kyrgyzstan


    Kyrgyzstan's Deputy Prime Minister Valery Dil and RusHydro Chairman and General Director Yevgeny Dod yesterday participated in the ceremony to launch the construction of the main facilities of the Upper Naryn cascade of hydro power plants on the Naryn River in Kyrgyzstan.

    First Nations protesters occupy grounds of Manitoba Hydro dam, refuse to leave; First Nations protesters set up at Manitoba dam


    CROSS LAKE, Man. - Protesters from a northern Manitoba First Nation are occupying the grounds around a generating station and have issued an eviction notice to Manitoba Hydro for what they say is a violation of their treaty rights.

    More than 100 protesters from the Cross Lake First Nation north of Lake Winnipeg marched to the hydro dam Wednesday and some have refused to leave the grounds. In a letter to Hydro president Scott Thomson, Chief Catherine Merrick said the First Nation is taking control of its traditional territory and evicting the Crown corporation.

    "You do not respect our rights," she wrote in the letter dated Oct. 6. "You do not even respect or acknowledge who we are as people. Money and profit - that which you make off our traditional territory and people - is apparently all you care about."

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