Small Hydro

Hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 20 MW or less are a valuable niche of the hydro industry, providing local power in underdeveloped countries and sources of new capacity in established markets.

Small Hydro
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Latest Small Hydro News

French engineer seeks gates, turbines for two hydro projects


Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium seeks bids to supply gates to the Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny hydro project and turbines to the 1.86-MW Hautefage hydro project. 

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generators for 170-kW Seyon Aval hydro project


Swiss utility Viteos SA seeks bids to supply turbine-generators for the 170-kW Seyon Aval hydroelectric project on the Seyon River at Neuchatel.

French hydro operator seeks work to add turbine-generator to 1-MW Aya hydro project


A French hydro operator seeks bids for civil works, earthwork and mechanical work to install a second hydroelectric turbine-generator at the 1-MW Aya hydroelectric project on France's Ardalos River. 

Small hydro project approved for Liberia

Agreement signed to develop small hydroelectric plant in Liberia


Hummingbird Resources has signed a collaboration agreement to begin planning and developing a small hydroelectric plant in southeast Liberia.

Work begins on Ontario's 16-MW Yellow Falls hydropower plant


Construction has begun on the 16-MW Yellow Falls hydroelectric plant, majority owner Boralex Inc. said in a release.

Australian company establishes U.S. subsidiary to develop marine hydrokinetic energy farm


Stonehenge Metals Ltd. (Stonehenge), based in Perth, Australia, is moving forward to build and deploy what it thinks could be a commercially viable marine hydrokinetic energy system located off the coast of California via 1.5-kW Protean Wave Energy Converters (WEC). In March, Stonehenge established Protean Wave Energy Inc. (Protean) as its U.S. subsidiary and appointed veteran U.S. wave energy industry professional, William Toman, as its president. 

Italian utility awards civil works contract for 4.19-MW Belfiore small hydro plant


Italian municipal utility Azienda Generale Sevizi Municipali di Verona SpA (AGSM) has awarded Arcas SpA a US$5.1 million contract for civil works associated with the 4.19-MW Belfiore small hydropower plant.

Small Hydro


The latest news on global small hydroelectric facilities from March-April 2015

Kyrgyzstan fights energy crisis with run-of-river hydropower


Kyrgyzstan will construct several dozen small hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) in different regions of the country within the next several of years, which will help the government overcome current energy crisis, according to the official secretary of the energy and industry ministry Batyrkul Baetov. 

Philippines NIA announces plan to bid up to 200 micro hydropower plants


The Philippines National Irrigation Administration has said it plans to bid between 150 and 200 micro hydropower plants with a goal of increasing the country's hydro generating capacity by a cumulative 50 MW.

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Brazil's Aneel increases auction rate for small hydroelectric plants


Brazilian power regulator Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletricqa (Aneel) has announced a plan allowing power developers to seek higher rates for energy generated by small hydroelectric projects to be auctioned during an upcoming A-5 power sale in April.

After C$505,000 in repairs, 7.4-MW Snare Falls hydroelectric plant is operational


Electricity to supply communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories is again being generated as of March 18, after Northwest Territories Power Corp. (NTPC) spent an estimated C$505,000 to complete repairs of the upper and lower bearings in the Kaplan turbine at its 7.4-MW Snare Falls hydroelectric plant.  

Nine hydro plants up for sale

Nine U.S. hydropower plants to be sold by Eversource Energy


Eversource Energy is selling nine hydropower plants as part of an agreement reached with key state officials on March 12.

Swiss utility seeks turbine-generator for 570-kW Morteratsch hydro project


Swiss-based generator Repower AG seeks bids to supply a replacement turbine-generator for the 570-kW Morteratsch hydroelectric project in Switzerland. 

TLS Hydro Power Ltd.

UK company seeks US$3.7 million through bond initiative for small hydro projects


TradeLink Solutions (TLS) Energy Group, based in Hertfordshire, England, is attempting to increase its affect on the European small hydro market by seeking US$3.7 million in investments through a bond initiative backed by Triodos Bank N.V. 

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DR Congo seeks study of micro-hydropower project at Tshikapa


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invites expressions of interest from consultants to study development of a micro-hydropower project to power drinking water pumping and treatment facilities in the community of Tshikapa.

South Africa's 10-MW Neusberg small hydro plant enters official operation


South Africa's 10-MW Neusberg hydropower project has been officially launched, according to owner Kakamas Hydro Electric Power Ltd.

Update: Malawi develops 100-kW micro-hydroelectric project in “tea town” through UK company


During the first week of March, the Scottish Government announced it awarded funding to SgurrEnergy, based in Glasgow, Scotland, to develop a 100-kW micro-hydroelectric scheme on the Lichenya River in the Mulanje district of the Republic of Malawi. Located near Mozambique, the country is Africa’s second largest black tea producer and Mulanje is the second-highest tea-producing district in Malawi.  


Durban sees potential for small hydro on existing infrastructure


A grant from the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) has been used to identify opportunities to install 100 kW to 1 MW hydropower projects on existing infrastructure in Durban.

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Guide hopes to encourage small hydro growth in Pennsylvania


A new guide released earlier this month by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council aims to spur low-impact hydropower growth within the state.

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