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Hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 20 MW or less are a valuable niche of the hydro industry, providing local power in underdeveloped countries and sources of new capacity in established markets.

Small Hydro
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Philippine Department of Energy to auction 40 mini-hydropower projects


The Department of Energy of the Philippines has announced plans to auction at least 40 prospective mini-hydro sites for exploration and development in the fourth quarter, has learned.

Enduring Hydro acquires 6-MW Mahoning Creek hydroelectric project


Advanced Hydro Solutions LLC has sold its 6-MW Mahoning Creek hydroelectric project to Enduring Hydro LLC for an undisclosed amount, has learned.

President James Tie Li resigns from China Hydroelectric Corporation


Small hydropower owner, developer and operator China Hydroelectric Corporation has announced that James Tie Li has resigned as president of the company.

Four small hydropower plants slated for India's Uttar Pradesh


The Indian state Uttar Pradesh has approved bidders for four new hydropower projects that will total about 3.4 MW of output, has learned.

Work begins on Philippines' 7-MW Tudaya 2 hydroelectric plant


Hedcor Inc. -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of AboitizPower Corporation -- has broken ground on its 7-MW Tudaya 2 hydropower project.

Albion, Dragon Hydro partnering for new 300 kW project


Capital investment group Albion Ventures LLP is entering the hydropower industry with an investment of almost US$2 million in a new Dragon Hydro Limited scheme.

Escondido looking to improve safety at 1.7-MW Lake Wohlford hydropower project


A recent decision by the Escondido city council should help improve the safety of California's Lake Wohlford Dam and its accompanying 1.7-MW hydropower plant, has learned.

Delayed Windsor Castle project on track for end-of-year completion


A plan for hydroelectric production at Windsor Castle has been delayed as a result of complications with the project's 11,000-volt transmission line.

Philippines, Japanese teaming up for small hydro development


The Filipino government is hoping an agreement between its National Irrigation Administration and the Japan International Cooperation Agency will help cultivate small hydropower development.

Nordic Investment Bank announces $163 million loan for small hydro development


An agreement between the Nordic Investment Bank and Sparebank 1 SMN worth more than US$163 million will help finance small hydropower development in Norway.

Report shows potential for global small hydro growth, development


A new report from energy market analyst GlobalData indicates that governments around the world are beginning to see advantages of small hydropower development, has learned.

Company files EIA for Chilean small hydropower project


Trans Antartic Energia has submitted an environmental impact assessment to Chile's Servicio de Evaluacion Ambiental for a 6.7-MW hydropower project in the southern part of the country.

Ecuador developer seeks bids to build 3.96-MW Chorrillos


Local developer Hidrozamora E.P. seeks bids to construct the powerhouse of the 3.96-MW Chorrillos hydroelectric project on Chorrillos Stream in Ecuador's Zamora Chinchipe Province.

The U.S. Capitol

U.S. House passes Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act


The Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2012 has passed the U.S. House of Representatives with a unanimous, bipartisan 372-0 vote.

RenoEnergie awards contract for work at Czech Republic's Plzen-Hradste hydropower plant


Hydrohrom s.r.o. has been awarded a contract worth US$527,420 by RenoEnergie a.s. for work at the Czech Republic's Plzen-Hradste small hydropower plant.

Nicaragua seeks study of small hydro potential in two river basins


Nicaragua's electric utility invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform an initial assessment of small hydropower potential in two Nicaragua river basins.

Small Hydro: Power of the Dammed: How Small Hydro Could Rescue America's Dumb Dams


Fitting the tens of thousands of non-powered dams in the U.S. with hydroelectric generating equipment could provide a valuable source of reliable, emissions-free energy. But this can only happen if developers find ways to overcome the biggest obstacle: government paperwork.

Project Spotlight: Developing 7.5-MW Youngs Creek in Washington State


Successful completion of the 7.5-MW Youngs Creek project in Washington State shows it is possible to develop new small hydro facilities that are both cost-effective and meet high environmental standards. The project has been operating since October 2011.

Dutch company to supply 25 hydropower units to Nepal


Dutch turbine manufacturer Tocardo International has closed a deal to sell 25 of its T100 generating units to Glow Tech Solutions of Nepal.

Colombia's 19.9-MW Hidromontanitas hydroelectric plant operational


Colombian power company Celsia has begun commercial operation of its 19.9-MW Hidromontanitas hydropower project, has learned.

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