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Hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 20 MW or less are a valuable niche of the hydro industry, providing local power in underdeveloped countries and sources of new capacity in established markets.

Small Hydro
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Hydroelectricity growing worldwide, study indicates


A recent report published by the Worldwatch Institute indicates hydropower consumption increased more than 5% between 2009 and 2010.

Ecuadorian utility names supplier for small hydro project


Ecuadorian utility Empresa Electrica Quito (EEQ) has awarded a US$6.53 million contract to Ensilectric to manufacture and install electromechanical equipment for the 10-MW Victoria hydropower plant in Napo Province, sources report.

Royal Haskoning looks to boost power access in western Uganda with small hydro


International consulting firm Royal Haskoning will soon begin work on a hydropower project that will provide electricity to 350,000 people in Uganda's rural western region.

Idaho preparing for new small hydro plant


A new 1.27-MW hydroelectric plant is being planned for Idaho's Deer Flat canal, sources report.

Scottish utility exploring benefits of small hydro network


Scottish Water will soon embark on an ambitious US$31 million plan that will see the utility's existing water treatment plants partially converted to produce hydroelectric power.

Swiss utility BKW acquires Italian hydro facilities


BKW FMB Energy Ltd. is acquiring five small run-of-river hydropower plants from Italian energy utility Sorgenia, the company announced.

Consultants named for Mara River Basin Project study


TAHAL Consulting Engineers Ltd. and Bhundia Associates have been awarded a contract to perform assessments as part of Tanzania's Mara River Basin Project.

Mavel wins contract for Czech Libechov project


Mavel has been awarded a US$6.98 million contract by developer Mercator Energy to equip the 4.59-MW Libechov hydroelectric project on the Elbe River in the Czech Republic.

Jamaican utility announces developer for new small hydro facility


The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has announced plans to develop a new hydroelectric power plant in Maggotty, Jamaica.

Serbian utility gets $59 million loan for small hydro projects


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development approved a 45 million euro (US$59 million) loan to Serbia's state-owned utility for renovating and building small hydropower plants.

Nicaragua names firms to build, equip 1.548-MW Wiwili


Nicaragua's energy and mines ministry has named two firms to build and equip the 1.548-MW Wiwili hydroelectric project in Jinotega Department.

China city names four groups to build 11 small hydro projects


Yichang's small hydropower agency has awarded contracts worth US$52.8 million to four Chinese groups to build 11 small hydroelectric projects in China's Hubei Province.

HMV Ingenieros expanding small hydropower capacity in Colombia


Colombian power and engineering company HMV Ingenieros will add up to 200 MW in small hydroelectric capacity in the coming years, news sources report.

Hydropower industry represented during annual Platts Global Energy awards


Several members from hydroelectric-related industries received honors from the 13th annual Platts Global Energy Awards held this month in New York City.

Macedonia awards geology contract for Lukovo Pole Dam, 5-MW Crn Kamen


A Macedonia utility has awarded a contract to Civil Engineering Institute Makedonia to provide geological investigation services for construction of Lukovo Pole Dam on the Kosovo border and construction of the 5-MW Crn Kamen hydro plant.

Nordic banks finance program to build, upgrade Norway small hydro


The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) and Norway's Sparebanken Vest have approved a 500 million kroner (US$88.9 million) loan for construction and upgrade of small hydropower projects in Norway.

Canada developer, native group advance 66-MW McLymont, 16-MW Volcano


Energy developer AltaGas Ltd. and the Tahltan Central Council have signed agreements to advance construction of the 66-MW McLymont Creek and 16-MW Volcano Creek hydroelectric projects in the Tahltan Nation's territory in British Columbia.

Construction, equipment contracts awarded for Norway's 5.6-MW Nye Folkedal


Norwegian consultant Norconsult AS awarded contracts to two Norwegian companies for construction and electro-mechanical equipment for the 5.6-MW Nye Folkedal hydroelectric project in Norway.

Italy utility awards turbine contract for 6.16-MW Ributino


Italian utility Azienda Specializzata Settore Multiservizi SpA (ASSM) has awarded a contract to Voith Hydro SpA to supply replacement turbine-generators for ASSM's 6.16-MW Ributino hydroelectric project.

Energy, Interior award $17 million to hydro research and development


The U.S. Departments of Energy and Interior awarded $17 million over three years to research and development efforts designed to advance hydropower technology.

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