Rehabilitation & Repair

Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing hydro plants is vital to ensure the continued reliable operation of these valuable assets, in addition to increasing global hydroelectric generating capacity.

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Latest Rehabilitation & Repair News

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French waterways agency seeks refurbishment of Plancher-Bas Dam


France's navigable waterways agency, Voies Navigables de France (VNF), seeks bids for rehabilitation of Plancher-Bas Dam on the Rahin River in France's Haute-Saone Department.

Dam Safety & Security


Collection of articles covering safety and security of dams and civil structures for April 2014

Renovation Marries History, Technology and Environment


The Snoqualmie Falls project in Washington State has undergone an extensive renovation and upgrade program that includes additional power generation, an enhanced experience for visitors and better fish protection.

Common Goal: Partnership Between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and TVA


Over the past 80 years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tennessee Valley Authority have engaged in a dynamic partnership to promote and expand hydropower in the Cumberland and Tennessee river basins.

Phase Checking a Generator after Replacing Instrument Transformers


This article will explain proper procedures for ensuring a synchronous AC generating unit is in phase with the system when the generator breaker is first closed after work on protection system instrument transformers or after a unit rewind.

Canton Lake Dam

U.S. seeks spillway channel excavation at Canton Lake Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids to perform the remaining excavation that will allow flows into a new auxiliary spillway at Canton Lake Dam on the North Canadian River in Oklahoma.

Keeyask Hydropower Plant

Canada utility seeks civil engineering for dams, other facilities


Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro seeks bids for a broad range of civil engineering services to its dams, hydroelectric projects and other facilities in Manitoba.

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Italy utility seeks valves for 15.6-MW Mallero 1, 4.4-MW Mallero 2 hydro projects


Italian renewable energy operator Enel Green Power S.p.A. seeks bids to supply replacement valves for 15.6-MW Mallero 1 and 4.4-MW Mallero 2 hydroelectric projects in Sondrio Province of Italy's Lombardy Region.

Carters Dam

U.S. seeks firms to replace generator-motor stators at 600-MW Carters Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to manufacture replacement stator components at Carters Pumped-Storage facility, part of the 600-MW Carters Dam hydroelectric project in Georgia.

Snake and Columbia Rivers

U.S. seeks firms for digital governor commissioning at Northwest hydro plants


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to providing digital governor commissioning and training services at Corps hydroelectric projects in the Portland, Seattle and Walla Walla districts.

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Alstom opens Brazilian training center for hydroelectric power service


Global manufacturer Alstom has announced the creation of a new Hydro Training Center at its facility in Taubate, Brazil.

Philpott Hydropower Project

U.S. seeks operation and maintenance of 14-MW Philpott hydro project


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids from small businesses to provide operation and maintenance of the Corps' 14-MW Philpott hydroelectric project in Virginia.

Chief Joseph Dam

U.S. seeks firms for spillway gate maintenance at 2,620-MW Chief Joseph Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to perform spillway gate lifecycle maintenance at 2,620-MW Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River in Washington.

Garrison Dam

U.S. seeks concrete demolition, replacement at 517.8-MW Garrison Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids for demolition and replacement of spillway chute slab and stilling basin concrete as well as joint and subdrain repairs at 517.8-MW Garrison Dam on the Missouri River in North Dakota.

Dalles Dam

U.S. extends bidding for fall protection upgrade at 1,780-MW Dalles Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has extended the deadline for bids to upgrade the fall protection system at 1,780-MW Dalles Dam on the Columbia River.

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Bulgaria renews call for supervision to refurbish 700-kW Studena Dam


Bulgaria's Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) invites expressions of interest from consultants to supervise rehabilitation construction of 700-kW Studena Dam.

Wanapum Dam

Grant PUD narrows causes of Wanapum Dam fracture


The foundation below Wanapum Dam was not a factor in creating the fracture on the structure's pier monolith No. 4, Grant County Public Utilities District has determined.


NYPA selects contractors for work at Niagara hydropower project


The New York Power Authority has awarded a pair of contracts worth US$20 million for work on the company's Niagara hydropower project.

Denison Dam

U.S. seeks design, replacement of gates at 80-MW Denison Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids for design-build replacement of three flood gates at the 80-MW Denison Dam hydroelectric project in Texas.


Malawi seeks design for rehabilitation of Kamuzu Dam, evaluation for Kamuzu Dam 2


The government of Malawi invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform detailed design and bid preparation for rehabilitation and raising of Kamuzu Dam as well as dam evaluation for Kamuzu Dam 2.

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