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Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing hydro plants is vital to ensure the continued reliable operation of these valuable assets, in addition to increasing global hydroelectric generating capacity.

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Latest Rehabilitation & Repair News

TransAlta selects Lignum Vitae for Horseshoe hydropower plant bearings


Lignum Vitae North America has been awarded a contract to provide a water-lubricated thrust bearing for the 14-MW Horseshoe hydropower plant in Alberta.

U.S. to seek gantry crane refurbishment at 1,780-MW Dalles Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to seek bids to refurbish a 35-ton tailrace gantry crane at 1,780-MW Dalles Dam on the Columbia River.

Switzerland's SBB AG awards contract for small hydropower plant overhaul


Gebruder Meier of Switzerland has won a contract worth US$1.61 million to overhaul two generator units at the 7.6-MW Massaboden small hydropower plant.

Faulty bolts shut down Canada's Wuskwatim hydroelectric project


Faulty bolts discovered during a routine inspection of Manitoba Hydro's 200-MW Wuskwatim hydropower project have forced the operator to temporarily shut down three turbine units.

Moltz Construction wins gate refurbishment contract for Parker hydropower project


The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a US$2.2 million contract to Moltz Constructors Inc. to pain penstock gates and refurbish fixed-wheel gate assemblies at the 120-MW Parker hydroelectric plant on the Colorado River.

U.S. to seek electrical equipment, dam repair at 2,160-MW John Day hydro project


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to seek bids for electrical equipment and for dam repair at 2,160-MW John Day Dam on the Columbia River in Oregon.

Knight Construction wins contract for Prosser Creek Dam gate rehabilitations


Knight Construction & Supply Inc. has won a contract worth US$2.1 million from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to refurbish gates at Prosser Creek Dam in California.

U.S. seeks information on replacement cabling at 340-MW Bull Shoals hydro project


The Southwestern Power Administration seeks information on a proposal to change the type of cabling used in the powerhouse of 340-MW Bull Shoals Dam on the White River in Arkansas.

Indonesia bids to refurbish hollow jet valve at 187-MW Juanda Dam


Indonesia's Directorate General of Water Resources seeks bids to refurbish a hollow jet valve at 187-MW Juanda Dam on the Citarum River in West Java, Indonesia.

Baltimore Hydraulics wins contract for gate hoist rehab work at 10-MW Fontenelle hydropower plant


The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a contract to Baltimore Hydraulics Inc. to refurbish radial spillway gate hoists at the 10-MW Fontenelle Dam on the Green River in Wyoming.

Canada utility seeks turbine-generator overhaul at 88-MW Pine Falls hydro project


Provincial utility Manitoba Hydro seeks bids for turbine-generator overhaul at the 88-MW Pine Falls hydroelectric project on the Winnipeg River in Canada's Manitoba Province.

U.S. further extends bid date for dam safety cutoff wall at East Branch Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers set another bid deadline for dam safety work to construct a deep cutoff wall at East Branch Dam on the East Branch Clarion River in Pennsylvania.

U.S. extends bidding to replace switchgear, electrical equipment at 428-MW Hungry Horse Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation has extended the deadline for bids to replace switchgear and related electrical equipment at the 428-MW Hungry Horse hydroelectric project in Montana.

Corps awards contract for fish protection work at Dalles hydropower plant


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a US$369,182 contract to McMillen LLC for fishway modifications at the 1,780 Dalles hydropower project on the Columbia River.

Corps awards contract for transformer replacement at Gavins Point hydropower plant


Yellowstone Electric Co. has won a US$1.8 million contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to install three generator step-up transformers and related equipment at the 132.3-MW Gavins Point hydropower plant in South Dakota's Missouri River.

Konnowac wins award for spillway weir modifications at 810-MW Lower Monumental hydropower plant


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have awarded a US$135,750 contract to Konnowac LLC for spillway weir modifications at the 810-MW Lower Monumental hydropower plant in Washington.

U.S. calls conference on turbine wicket gate seals work at 49-MW Lost Creek Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has scheduled a pre-solicitation conference to obtain contractor information about plans to replace turbine wicket gate seals at 49-MW Lost Creek Dam on Oregon's Rogue River.

Latin bank seeks studies of Bolivia hydropower expansion, thermal plants


The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform feasibility studies of expanding generation at existing hydropower projects and reservoirs and of improving efficiency of thermal power plants.

U.S. seeks turbine runner replacement at 80-MW Denison Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids to replace two turbine runners at the 80-MW Denison Dam hydroelectric project in Texas.

U.S. seeks firms to repair radial gates at 13.5-MW Nimbus Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks information on firms able to repair radial gates and perform other refurbishment at 13.5-MW Nimbus Dam on California's American River.

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