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Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing hydro plants is vital to ensure the continued reliable operation of these valuable assets, in addition to increasing global hydroelectric generating capacity.

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Hydro Hall of Fame who's who of industry history


For those who have never traveled to America's heartland or might otherwise be unfamiliar with it, there's an old honky-tonk located on the corner of Easton and Main in Tulsa called Cain's Ballroom.

Wanapum Dam

Evaluations continue at Grant PUD's Wanapum Dam


The Grant County Public Utilities District will work with contractor Kuney-Goebel JV and subcontractors to begin investigative drilling after a crack was discovered in Wanapum Dam's pier monolith No. 4 in February.

Malawi extends call for gates, civil construction, weed collector at Kamuzu Barrage


The government of Malawi has extended the deadlines for bids for gates, civil construction and a jib crane/weed collector for the upgrade of Kamuzu Barrage at Liwonde on Malawi's Shire River.

Chaudiere Falls Hydroelectric Project

Hydro Ottawa announces expansion of Chaudiere Falls hydroelectric project


Hydro Ottawa has been awarded a 40-year power purchase agreement that will allow for a 29 MW expansion of the Chaudiere Falls hydroelectric plant.

Denison Dam

U.S. to seek design, replacement of gates at 80-MW Denison Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to seek bids for design-build replacement of three flood gates at the 80-MW Denison Dam hydroelectric project in Texas.

Zvornik Hydropower Project

Voith wins contract for Zvornik hydropower project modernization


Voith has been awarded a US$90.16 million contract to provide extensive modernizations of Serbia's Zvornik hydropower project that will see the plant's output capacity increase from 96 MW to 124 MW.

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OWA seeks abstracts for 2014 Power of Water Canada conference


The Ontario Waterpower Association has issued a call for abstracts in anticipation of OWA's annual Power of Water Canada conference.

Enguri Hydropower Project

Georgia renews call to refurbish waterways of 1,250-MW Enguri, 245-Vardnili cascade


Georgia project operator Engurhesi Ltd. seeks bids for civil works construction to refurbish waterways and to construct a new discharge channel for the 1,250-MW Enguri hydroelectric project and the 245-MW Vardnili hydropower cascade on Georgia's Enguri River.

Dam Safety & Security


Collection of articles covering safety and security of dams and civil structures for March 2014

Replacing a Failed Runner at the Stockton Plant


Work is under way to replace the single turbine at the 45.2-MW Stockton Power Plant on the Sac River in Missouri. The original unit suffered from blade failure in February 2009 that was attributed to rough operation. The new unit will increase capacity of the facility to 53.5 MW and be commissioned in mid-2014.

Lower Granite Dam

U.S. seeks firms to replace valve in fish pump system at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to replace a currently inaccessible 10-inch valve in the fish pump system of 810-MW Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River in Washington.

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Pakistan seeks turbine runner, wicket gates for 243-MW Warsak hydro project


Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) seeks bids to rehabilitate a turbine runner and wicket gates of the 243-MW Warsak hydroelectric project on Pakistan's Kabul River.

Lower Monumental Dam

U.S. seeks firms for bridge crane drive control upgrade at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to upgrade bridge crane VFD drive controls at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam in Washington.

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Corps awards contract for seepage barrier construction at Bolivar Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a US$44.2 million contract to Treviicos South Inc. to construct a dam safety seepage barrier at Ohio's Bolivar Dam.

Wanapum Dam

Drawdown under way after crack discovered in Wanapum Dam spillway


A drawdown of water behind Washington's Wanapum Dam continued today as crews work on stabilizing a crack discovered on one of the dam's spillway sections, the Grant County Public Utilities District said.

Bramois Hydropower Project

Andritz wins contract for 27-MW Bramois hydropower project rehab


Andritz Hydro AG has won a US$12.4 million contract to replace turbine generators at the 27-MW Bramois hydropower project in Switzerland.

Gavins Point Dam

U.S. seeks testing of station service, control system batteries at 132.3-MW Gavins Point Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids to perform load testing of station service and power plant control system batteries at 132.3-MW Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River.

John Day hydropower plant

Corps issues contract for monolith repairs at John Day hydropower plant


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract worth US$564,000 to Emagineered Solutions Inc. for drilling and grouting services at the 2,160-MW John Day hydropower plant in Oregon.

Bratsk Voith Hydro Turbine

Voith Hydro airlifts turbine runner to 4,500-MW Bratsk hydropower plant


Voith Hydro has delivered the first of six massive runners to the 4,500-MW Bratsk hydroelectric plant, the global manufacturer announced.

Strathcona Hydropower Project

Canada utility seeks air coolers for 67.5-MW Strathcona hydro project


Canadian utility BC Hydro seeks bids to supply 16 air coolers for the 67.5-MW Strathcona hydroelectric project on the Campbell River in British Columbia.

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