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With its strength as a balancing asset for intermittent renewable facilities, pumped storage technology is enjoying a renaissance of interest. Learn about new development and rehabilitation.

Pumped Storage Hydro
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Smith Mountain pumped storage

Appalachian Power promotes Jones to manage hydroelectric facilities


Bradley R. Jones is now manager of hydro operations for Appalachian Power, replacing Frank M. Simms, who retired July 31.

Genex Power exploring feasibility of 330-MW Kidston pumped-storage plant


Genex Power has appointed consulting firm Entura to provide a feasibility study for the 330-MW Kidston pumped-storage hydropower plant, proposed for construction in North Queensland, Australia.

Letter to the Editor


Regarding your November 2014 article, "A (Potentially) Bright Future for Pumped Storage in the U.S.," the "heyday" of U.S. pumped-storage construction and capacity-building coincides, or correlates strongly, with the "heyday" of U.S. nuclear power plant construction/capacity build-out.

Nepal awards contract for first large-scale pumped-storage hydropower project


Engineering firm Lahmeyer International GmbH and sub-consultant Manitoba Hydro International have been awarded a contract by Tanahu Hydropower Ltd. to provide a number of services associated with the development of the 140-MW Tanahu pumped-storage project in Nepal.

Uprating of the Czech Republic's 325 MW Pump Turbine Power station Dlouhé Stráneˇ


With a rated output of 325 MW, Europe's largest pump turbines were installed at Dlouhé Stráně in the Czech Republic in 1996.

Viewpoint: Hydropower Storage: The Key to Pumping up the Global Renewable Energy Rollout


More than half of all the new global hydropower capacity added in 2014 was in China. According to a new International Hydropower Association (IHA) briefing, some 21.25 GW of new hydropower was installed in China that year.

Lesotho seeks design, supervision of Polihali Dam, studies of 1,200-MW Kobong Pumped-Storage, conventional hydro


The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) seeks design and supervision of Polihali Dam, economic studies and development arrangements for the 1,200-MW Kobong Pumped-Storage project, and feasibility studies for conventional hydropower projects in the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP).

Developing the JD Pool pumped storage project

Update: Status of the JD Pool Pumped Storage Project


Public Utility District No. 1 of Klickitat County, Washington, is advancing development on its 1,200-MW JD Pool Pumped Storage Project on the Columbia River.

Eagle Crest buys site for 1,300-MW pumped-storage hydro project


Eagle Mountain LLC has agreed to buy the Kaiser Eagle Mountain mine near Desert Center, Calif., from CIL&D (formerly known as Kaiser Ventures), with the site intended for a pumped storage hydroelectric project.

Hydroelectric power included in U.S. bill pushing mandatory energy storage


Legislation introduced to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources earlier this month could require some utilities to increase their energy storage portfolios with sources that include pumped-storage hydroelectric power.

San Diego authorities approve further study of proposed San Vicente pumped-storage plant


San Diego's City Council voted unanimously to pursue a two-year, $900,000 study of the proposed San Vicente pumped-storage hydropower project last week.

Voith ships massive component for Portugal's Frades 2 pumped-storage plant


A spherical valve manufactured by Voith Hydro's manufacturing plant in China has completed a cross-border journey to Portugal, where it will be installed at the 383-MW Frades 2 pumped-storage hydro plant.

Hydro foundation announces researchers

Hydro Research Foundation announces 2015 class of researchers


The Hydro Research Foundation has released its list of researchers for 2015.

FERC reports Ludington Pumped-Storage ups capacity 127.5 MW


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reports the Ludington Pumped-Storage project completed unit upgrades in March, increasing project capacity by 127.5 MW to a total of 1,785 MW.

Glyn Rhonwy pumped storage

Next step reached for development of Wales’ Glyn Rhonwy pumped-storage hydro


The Crown Estate has agreed to lease 13 hectares of land in North Wales to Snowdonia Pumped Hydro for its 99.9-MW Glyn Rhonwy pumped-storage facility.

Civil engineering contract awarded for Austria's 940-MW Koralm pumped-storage plant


Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Koralm GmbH has selected ILF Consulting Engineers and AF-Consult to provide engineering services for the 940-MW Koralm pumped-storage hydropower project in Austria.

Including Pumped Storage Hydro in Long-Term Generation Planning


A simplified method is available for evaluating the role of pumped-storage hydro plants in a utility's long-term planning. The method, previously used for ranking conventional power plants, can be adapted for quick analysis of the competitiveness of pumped-storage projects.

FERC receives license application for 260-MW Mineville underground pumped-storage project


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission received a final license application in February from Moriah Hydro Corp. to develop the 260-MW Mineville pumped-storage project, to be located completely underground in an abandoned mine complex in New York.

Vianden Pumped-Storage Hydropower Project

Voith awarded contract for 1,045-MW Vianden pumped-storage plant upgrades


Equipment manufacturer Voith has been awarded a contract by owner Societe Electrique de l'Our S.A. to modernize four motor-generators at the 1,045-MW Vianden pumped-storage hydropower plant in Luxemburg.

Muddy Run Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant

Final FERC EIS endorses relicensing three Susquehanna River hydro projects


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff has issued a final environmental impact statement recommending the relicensing of three hydroelectric projects totaling 1,394.41 MW on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and Maryland

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