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With its strength as a balancing asset for intermittent renewable facilities, pumped storage technology is enjoying a renaissance of interest. Learn about new development and rehabilitation.

Pumped Storage Hydro
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Tech Notes

03/01/2008 Important hydro and dam safety technical news and study findings.

India developer extends tendering for 1,000-MW Tehri pumped-storage

02/28/2008 Tehri Hydro Development Corp. Ltd. has extended tendering for engineering-procurement-construction of the 1,000-MW Tehri pumped-storage project on the Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand State.

New Brookfield Power unit pursues 36 new U.S. hydro projects


Hydropower operator Brookfield Power is expanding into the development of new hydro projects in 15 states with the creation of a new affiliate, BPUS Generation Development LLC.

Ideas in Action: Protection Module Prevents Emptying of Surge Tank at Pumped-Storage Plant

12/01/2007 The 220-mw Luenersee pumped-storage plant was built in Austria in the early 1950s, to produce electricity during the day when demand was high and to pump water back into the reservoir at night when rates were low.

German utility orders runners for 80-MW Wendefurth pumped-storage

11/13/2007 Vattenfall Europe Generation AG has awarded a contract for supply of two spare turbine runners for the 80-MW Wendefurth pumped-storage project in Germany's Saxony-Anhalt State.

Improving Cooling Water Systems with Innovative Materials

11/01/2007 Within five years after commissioning of the 500-mw Wivenhoe pumped-storage plant, staff began experiencing problems related to corrosion in the cooling water pipes.

FERC certifies production tax credit for 452-MW Seneca Pumped- Storage

10/22/2007 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has certified incremental generation at the 451.8-MW Seneca Pumped-Storage project to be eligible for renewable energy production tax credits.

FERC staff supports proposed 400-MW Iowa Hill pumped-storage

09/25/2007 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff says building the 400-MW Iowa Hill pumped-storage development proposed by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District would be in the public's interest and provide the California utility flexibility to help meet peak power needs.

Wind-powered pumped-storage project planned off Dutch coast

09/14/2007 A partnership of consultants, engineers, and designers proposes to build a wind-powered pumped-storage "energy island" off the coast of the Netherlands that would utilize commercially available hydropower generators.

India developer seeks EPC for 1,000-MW Tehri pumped-storage

09/03/2007 Tehri Hydro Development Corp. Ltd. seeks bids for engineering, procurement, and construction of the 1,000-MW Tehri pumped-storage project on the Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand State.

Using a Jet Pump for Emergency Drainage

09/01/2007 Emergency drainage is an important consideration for underground powerhouses. Sump pumps are commonly used for this purpose, but they cannot operate in the event of a power failure.

Design and Construction Innovations

09/01/2007 While developing the new 194.2-mw Venda Nova II pumped-storage project in Portugal, Energias de Portugal, S.A. used several innovative civil engineering techniques to design and build the power tunnels, support the powerhouse cavern roof, and excavate the upper surge shaft.

Crab Creek reservoir site could include 392-MW pumped-storage plant

07/06/2007 Officials say Washington's most promising site for a Columbia River Basin off-channel reservoir, at Crab Creek, could support a pumped-storage project of up to 392 MW.

ON-LINE REPORT: India’s NHPC commissions 390-mw Dulhasti

07/01/2007 India’s National Hydroelectric Power Corp. (NHPC) reports it fully commissioned the 390-mw Dulhasti hydroelectric project on the Chandra River in Jammu and Kashmir State.

Bank to invest in Ukraine, including 500-MW Kaniv pumped-storage

06/15/2007 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has signed an agreement with the government of Ukraine to boost EBRD's public sector investment in Ukraine, including construction of a new pumped-storage project.

U.S. developer renews plan for Mount Hope pumped-storage

05/03/2007 The former licensee for the 2,000-MW Mount Hope pumped-storage project has renewed plans to develop the project at an inactive mine in New Jersey, but scaled back the project's capacity to 1,000 MW.

Austria utility to build 350-MW Reisseck 2 pumped-storage

04/02/2007 Austria utility Verbund announced plans March 30 to build a 350-MW Reisseck 2 pumped-storage project in Austria.


04/01/2007 Deborah Linke retired in January 2007 after more than 35 years in the power industry.

South Africa's Braamhoek pumped-storage becomes 1,333-MW Ingula

03/21/2007 South Africa utility Eskom Holdings Ltd. renamed four power projects March 20, including the 1,333-MW Braamhoek pumped-storage project, indicating the plants have progressed sufficiently and received required authorizations.

Goldisthal Pumped-Storage Plant: More than Power Production

03/01/2007 The 1,060-mw Goldisthal pumped-storage plant features two variable-speed (asynchronous) motor-generators – the first-ever application of this type of equipment in a large hydroelectric project in Europe.

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