Pumped Storage Hydro

With its strength as a balancing asset for intermittent renewable facilities, pumped storage technology is enjoying a renaissance of interest. Learn about new development and rehabilitation.

Pumped Storage Hydro
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Latest Pumped Storage Hydro News

Perspectives: Bravo, Steven Chu!

04/01/2009 At a “clean energy summit” held in Washington, D.C., in February, Dr. Chu was a panelist, along with a Who’s Who of notables that included Bill Clinton, Al Gore, T. Boone Pickens, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the chief executive officers of Wal-Mart and the Sierra Club ... and 19 others.

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Innovations in Placing Reservoir Lining Save Time and Money


The 600-MW Kyogoku pumped-storage project is under construction on the Bihinai and Pepenai rivers in Japan.

Improving the Flow of Work At Rocky Mountain

03/01/2009 Oglethorpe Power Corporation uses the workflow application in its Maximo asset management system to manage all operations and maintenance work performed at the 846-MW Rocky Mountain pumped-storage project in Georgia.

Products, Services, and Information You Can Use

03/01/2009 Superbolt Inc. offers solutions to bolting problems that can occur when bolts are removed from, and installed in, hydro plant equipment.

Energy secretary urges pumped storage investment to support grid

02/25/2009 Energy Secretary Steven Chu is calling for increased investment in pumped-storage hydropower to support an expanded electricity transmission grid that will carry a greater share of intermittent generation from wind and solar sources.

UPDATE - Lesotho power program includes 1,000-MW pumped-storage

02/09/2009 The government of Lesotho plans to recruit suppliers and consultants for an electricity supply program focusing on renewable energy including mini-hydropower projects, as well as study of a 1,000-MW pumped-storage project.

Developer pursues five 1,000-MW U.S. pumped-storage projects

02/05/2009 Canada-based developer Riverbank Power Corp. has applied for U.S. preliminary permits to study development of five 1,000-MW pumped-storage projects in New Jersey, Maine, and New York.

FERC grants study permit for 100-MW North Eden pumped-storage

01/07/2009 North Eden Hydro LLC is studying the feasibility of developing the 100-MW North Eden pumped-storage project in Rich County, Utah, near Bear Lake County, Idaho.

Viewpoint: Pumped Storage: An Idea Whose Time Has Come ... Again


Pumped-storage facilities are a special class of hydroelectric facilities, the value of which increasingly is being recognized.

Snapshots of Pumped-Storage Projects

12/01/2008 Pumped-storage projects are being developed at a rapid pace. To illustrate this activity, HRW presents information about 13 pumped-storage projects under development.

India utility seeks study of 600-MW Malshej Ghat pumped-storage

10/14/2008 Nuclear Power Corp. of India Ltd. seeks bids for preparation of a detailed project report on the 600-MW Malshej Ghat pumped-storage project planned for India's Maharashtra State.


09/01/2008 Important hydro news from throughout the world.

PG&E considers pumped-storage projects totaling 2,280 MW

08/05/2008 Pacific Gas &Electric Co. proposes to study the feasibility of two new pumped-storage projects totaling as much as 2,280 MW.

Raising San Vicente Dam: Why and How

08/01/2008 The San Diego County Water Authority is preparing to raise the 220-foot-high San Vicente Dam by as much as 117 feet.

New York restarts second unit at 1,160-MW Blenheim-Gilboa


New York Power Authority announced June 3 it refurbished and returned to service a second unit at the 1,160-MW Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped-Storage project.

Using Correlation Plots for Dam Safety Analysis

06/01/2008 Preparing correlation plots – which involve plotting two or more variables against each other rather than against time – is a useful way to analyze data collected by dam safety monitoring devices.

Slovenia firm seeks units for 400-MW Kozjak pumped-storage

05/27/2008 Hydro operator Dravske Elektrarne Maribor d.o.o. seeks bids for supply of pump-turbines and motor-generators for the 400-MW Kozjak pumped-storage project.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Hydro Development: A New Day

04/01/2008 In today’s environment of higher energy prices and incentives for clean energy, development of more than 75 hydro projects totaling 11,000 MW is being actively pursued in the U.S.

Morocco seeks construction of 412-MW Abdelmoumen pumped-storage

03/27/2008 Morocco utility Office National de l'Electricite invites expressions of interest in turnkey construction of the 412-MW Abdelmoumen pumped-storage project on Morocco's Issen River.

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