Marine Hydrokinetics (MHK)

Waterpower can be harnessed without construction of a dam. Ocean waves and tides and hydrokinetic flows in rivers are the next horizon for new hydroelectric development.

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Marine Hydrokinetics (MHK) Power News

Grant program announced for Oregon wave energy hydropower projects


Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) has announced an industry matching grant program for developing wave energy hydropower projects in Oregon.

Pacific Gas and Electric dives into wave power hydro project


Drawing power from the churning sea can seem as difficult as finding Kraken the mythical sea monster. Despite tales of successful trials and imminent commercialization, the wave power industry remains largely in the research and development stages. But a utility-backed project in California could help propel this class of technology into a reliable supply of energy.

Department of Energy grants announced for hydropower, other renewables


The U.S. Department of Energy will invest more than $200 million over the next five years in renewable energy development, including marine and hydrokinetic technologies, the DOE reported.

Oregon group releases report to assist wave energy hydropower grid integration


Oregon Wave Energy Trust has released a report that includes strategies and technical tools for electric utilities to guide the integration of wave energy hydropower into the Northwest power grid.

Center for hydrokinetic power development planned for Louisiana


Plans are under way for establishing a center for development of hydrokinetic turbines that could be used to generate hydroelectric power from the Mississippi and other rivers. The center will be developed with the help of a recently-awarded $3 million federal stimulus grant.

Wave energy hydro firm Ocean Power Technologies wins grant for PowerBuoy development


Wave energy hydropower developer Ocean Power Technologies Inc. has won a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for the development of the next generation of OPT's PowerBuoy ocean energy hydropower device.

Inner Sound next in line for tidal hydropower projects


The Crown Estate this week took another step towards developing even more tidal energy project in the Pentland Firth region by inviting expressions of interest for a tidal energy hydropower project in the Inner Sound, which lies between Caithness on the Scottish mainland and the island of Stroma.

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04/01/2010 Construction has begun on a commercial wave energy farm off Oregon's coast.

UK Environment Agency seeks hydro developers for Thames River hydro projects


The UK Environment Agency is seeking developers for hydro projects on three weirs on the Thames River.

Company seeks investor for Gulf Stream ocean energy project


Gulf Stream Turbines LLC is seeking a company or group of investors to license its ocean energy technology.

Applications open for Scotland's marine energy hydropower development prize


Scotland's Saltire Prize, the Scottish Government's challenge to the world to accelerate the commercial development of marine energy hydropower, is now open for applications.

Scotland based hydropower engineering firm to test new hydrokinetic turbine at Amazon River site


Scotland-based engineering firm MTDS has selected the Amazon River in Brazil as the demonstration site for a prototype hydrokinetic turbine designed to produce hydroelectric energy from slow flowing rivers, regional media reported.

Pelamis, Marine Current Turbines among wave and tidal energy farm lease winners


Pelamis, Marine Current Turbines and other firms were named successful bidders for wave and tidal energy farm development leases in UK waters. The Crown Estate announced the names of winning bidders, which are part of the world's first commercial wave and tidal leasing round.

Aquamarine and SSE Renewables get lease agreement for UK wave farm site


Scotland-based ocean energy developer Aquamarine Power, along with partner firm SSE Renewables, announced that they have been granted the rights to develop a section of seabed off Orkney, Scotland, as part of a commercial leasing program for wave and tidal energy projects.

Firm appointed to study wave, tidal power potential off England's coast


Renewable energy consultancy PMSS has been appointed by the South West Regional Development Agency (RDA) to lead a 100,000 pounds (US$150,600) study into the potential of marine energy hydro and other renewables around the coast of South West England.

Marine energy hydropower test center expanding workforce as demand grows


A leading marine energy hydropower test center for wave and tidal energy technologies is expanding its workforce to meet the growing demands of companies developing devices that harness energy from the sea.

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Technology Overview: Wave and Tidal Power Development Status

03/01/2010 Great potential exists for wave and tidal power development.

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03/01/2010 Results from a study of Hydro Green Energy's hydrokinetic turbine technology indicate that only one of the 402 tagged fish that swam through the turbine showed evidence of direct physical harm.

Ocean Power Technologies begins wave power farm development off Oregon coast


Construction has begun off Oregon's coast on a commercial U.S. wave energy farm, which is being developed by Ocean Power Technologies and is planned to supply power to about 400 homes, according to national media reports.

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