Marine Hydrokinetics (MHK)

Waterpower can be harnessed without construction of a dam. Ocean waves and tides and hydrokinetic flows in rivers are the next horizon for new hydroelectric development.

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Marine Hydrokinetics (MHK) Power News

PG&E no longer pursuing Humboldt WaveConnect ocean energy project


Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) is no longer pursuing development of the Humboldt WaveConnect pilot project off the coast of Humboldt County in northern California.

Proteus NP1000 tidal energy device ready for commercial deployment


England-based marine hydro firm Neptune Renewable Energy Ltd announced that it has successfully completed a series of rigorous in-water tests on the full-scale demonstrator of its Proteus NP1000 tidal stream power generator.

Energy from the ocean and tides starting to look promising


According to new research from IHS Emerging Energy Research, there are more than 45 wave and tidal prototypes expected to be ocean tested in 2010 and 2011 signaling that the ocean power industry may be set to take off over the next year.

UK's Wave Hub marine energy project plugged into national grid


The Wave Hub marine energy project off the Cornish coast has been plugged into the national grid for the first time as part of tests to convert wave power into electricity.

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Orkney-based EMEC (the European Marine Energy Centre), a testing complex for commercial-scale wave and tidal energy devices, has completed an expansion project. This expansion increased its suite of test sites from nine to 12.

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Toshiba Corp’s 80:20 joint venture with Chinese group Sinohydro Corp, Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. (THPC), says it has completed an expansion of its assembly and machining shop and the construction of an advanced hydraulic research laboratory.

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11/01/2010 Work to identify how energy devices affect aquatic life

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11/01/2010 Ocean Policy Task Force releases recommendations

UK drops Severn tidal hydro project


A study found "no strategic case" for the Severn barrage project, said energy secretary Chris Huhne, who gave the green light for building eight nuclear plants in the same announcement.

DOE, other agencies offer funding for ocean energy research projects, including marine hydropower projects


The Department of Energy, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, and the Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced eight joint research awards totaling nearly $5 million to support ocean energy, including marine hydropower.

Feasibility studies planned for tidal hydropower project in Argentina


The governor of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz has signed an agreement with representatives of Enarsa Energia and Gentersa to study the feasibility of installing a tidal power plant, according to a report in El Cronista Comercial.

Coalition plans webinar on paper about marine, hydrokinetic power and recreation


The Hydropower Reform Coalition, along with the National Park Service and Department of Energy, seeks feedback on a whitepaper that covers recreational issues related to marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies. The group will present the whitepaper in a webinar Oct. 27, 2010.

Hydrovolts, students partner for hydrokinetic energy development


A team from Seattle-based hydropower company Hydrovolts and students from the Harvard College Engineering Society (HCES) will collaborate to produce a variety of small, floating turbines that make renewable energy from water currents in canals and the ocean, Hydrovolts announced.

Marine technology firm Sea For Life introduces WEGA ocean energy device


Portugal-based marine research and development firm Sea for Life has introduced its WEGA (Wave Energy Gravitational Absorber) technology, which uses the movement of the waves to create power.

Metso to automate ocean-surge-based demo power plant in Portugal


Metso will develop and supply an automation system to AW-Energy Ltd.'s demo power plant, the first one in the world to generate electricity from the surge, a form of ocean energy, Metso announced.

Ocean Power Technologies gets US2.75 million in funding from Navy


Marine hydro firm Ocean Power Technologies Inc. announced that the U.S. Navy has awarded $2.75 million in additional funding to OPT for a second stage under its existing contract to provide an autonomous PowerBuoy wave energy conversion system for the Navy's near-coast anti-terrorism and maritime surveillance program.

Study: Hydropower Potential Could Create 1.4 million Jobs

10/01/2010 A comprehensive study by Navigant Consulting Inc. has identified significant untapped hydropower potential in the United States.

Marine hydro firm OPT announces wave energy grid connection completion


Ocean Power Technologies Inc. announced that it has completed the first-ever grid connection of a wave energy device in the United States at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, in conjunction with the U.S. Navy.

U.S. awards grant for marine hydro manufacturing center in Maine


The U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) announced that Washington County, Maine, will receive $1.4 million for the construction and rehabilitation of the Eastport Business Center and the establishment of the Maine Marine Energy Center, which will house companies that manufacture and assemble components used in marine hydropower.

SSE Renewables wins approval for Kildermorie small hydropower project


SSE Renewables, the renewable energy division of Scottish and Southern Energy, has won approval from Scottish ministers to develop a 7.5-MW hydroelectric power station at Kildermorie in Ross-shire, Scotland, SSE reported.

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