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Development of new hydropower facilities, a strong and continuing trend, results in the addition of substantial new electric generating capacity around the world every year.

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FERC licenses three hydropower projects totaling 17.25 MW


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reports it licensed three hydropower projects in Washington and Pennsylvania totaling 17.25 MW during June.

Supreme Court ruling allows work to resume on Panama's 29-MW Barro Blanco hydropower project


Panama's Supreme Court overruled a temporary suspension of hydroelectric projects in the country's Chiriqui River Basin earlier this week, allowing development of the 29-MW Barro Blanco plant to resume.

Canadian Spotlight


The latest hydropower industry news from Canada

Financing Long-term Hydropower Requires Mitigating Risks Prior to ROI


Financing Long-term Hydropower Requires Mitigating Risks Prior To ROI The long-term, relatively steady amount of money generated from producing power at hydroelectric facilities is alluring to investors, but developers must provide investors clear pathways from conception to return on investment.

Quantifying Development Potential in the Pacific Northwest


According to a recently completed scoping study, the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. holds significant hydro development potential.

RAPID Toolkit Creates Smooth Flow Toward New Projects


Resource development continues with a sustainable, living hub of information that could help streamline infrastructure-related regulatory processes being expanded to encompass hydropower projects.

Success for Sitka


Planning and foresight allowed the City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska, to take advantage of existing hydroelectric infrastructure to meet the needs of growing electrical demand.

Laos hydropower development

Laos seeks consultants to advance independent hydropower project development


The government of Laos invites expressions of interest from consultants to help develop an institutional framework to advance development of hydropower projects by independent power producers (IPPs).

Perspectives: Getting a Reality Check


In North America, we could be described as "electricity snobs." We expect … often demand … instant access to electricity, all times of the day and night. And, we rarely, if ever, stop to consider where this electricity comes from and what's required to create it.

Upper Lillooet hydro

Firefighters set up at temporarily out-of-service Upper Lillooet Hydro Project


BC Wildfire Service personnel have been using the project construction camp for the Upper Lillooet hydro project as a base to fight the so-called Boulder Creek Fire.

Fast Track Approach to Design and Construction at Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and hydroelectric project is located 700 km northeast of the capital city Addis Abeba, in the Benishangul--Gumaz region of Ethiopia, along the Blue Nile River. When it is completed, with its concrete volume of 10.2 million m3, GERD will feature the largest dam in Africa.

World News


News on the global hydroelectric industry from July-August 2015

Come on get happy


I recently took my daughters to see the Pixar movie Inside Out, so I’ve been thinking about feelings more than normal.

ASDSO awards dam safety scholarship to South Carolina student


The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) has awarded its 2015-16 Senior Undergraduate Scholarship to Timothy Sabins, a senior at the University of South Carolina Honors College majoring in civil and environmental engineering.  

Cannonsville Dam leaking

Cannonsville Dam: Work being performed to repair leak at future hydro site


The New York City Department of Environmental Protection announced work is under way to repair Cannonsville Dam, which has been leaking muddy water.

Hydroelectric power represented well in new bipartisan Senate bill


Bipartisan energy legislation submitted to the U.S. Senate yesterday includes an extensive section that explicitly defines hydroelectric power as a renewable, while also improving on existing hydropower regulation.

Niger seeks management structure for 125-MW Kandadji Dam hydro project


The government of Niger invites expressions of interest to determine a management structure for the 125-MW Kandadji Dam hydroelectric project on the Niger River.

NHPC transferred hydro projects

Four Indian hydro projects transferred to National Hydroelectric Power Corporation


The government of West Bengal in India has transferred ownership of four hydro projects with a combined capacity of 293 MW to National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, news agencies are reporting.

Cost estimates for 1,200-MW Punatsangchhu-1 hydroelectric project reach US$1.74 billion


India's Union Cabinet has approved cost revisions for its intergovernmental agreement with the Royal Government of Bhutan to implement the 1,200-MW Punatsangchhu-1 hydroelectric project on Bhutan's Punatsangchhu River.

Hydro plants in Argentina

MWH receives two contracts for work at hydro plants in Argentina


MWH Global has received contracts to work on modernization of the 1,890-MW Salto Grande hydro plant and to serve as detail designers for the Nestor Kirchner and Jorge Cepernic facilities in Argentina.

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