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Development of new hydropower facilities, a strong and continuing trend, results in the addition of substantial new electric generating capacity around the world every year.

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Peru seeks supervision of hydropower studies in seven river basins


The government of Peru invites expressions of interest from consultants to supervise development of hydropower project portfolios for seven river basins in Peru. 

Romaine hydro project under construction

Hydro-Quebec posts net $1.8 billion in profit for first quarter 2015


Canadian provincial utility Hydro-Quebec reports its net profit was nearly $1.8 billion for the first quarter of 2015.

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Global hydroelectric power could double by 2050, WEC report says


Global hydroelectric power capacity could double to 2,000 GW by 2050 or sooner, according to a report released this week by the World Energy Council.


FERC proposes new start date for hydro license annual charges


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposes new rules that would change the start date for assessment of annual charges on private hydropower licensees to two years from the date of license issuance.

Karot Hydropower Project Map

Chinese consortium wins EPC contract for Pakistan's 720-MW Karot hydroelectric project


A consortium that includes the Yangtze Three Gorges Technology & Economic Development Co. and China Machinery Engineering Corp. has been awarded a US$1.277 billion engineering, procurement and construction contract for Pakistan's 720-MW Karot hydropower plant.

Tarbela Hydropower Project

Pakistan seeks power swing control for 3,480-MW Tarbela Dam, electrical equipment for 1,410-MW Tarbela 4


Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) seeks bids to supply compressors for controlling a power swing phenomenon of turbines at the 3,480-MW Tarbela Dam hydroelectric project on the Indus River.

Canadian Spotlight


The latest hydropower industry news from Canada

The Kokish Facility: A Unique Partnership


The Kokish hydroelectric facility is located on northeastern Vancouver Island, approximately 15 km east of Port McNeill, British Columbia.

Hedcor breaks ground on Philippines' 68.8-MW Manolo Fortich hydropower project


Construction of the 68.8-MW Manolo Fortich hydroelectric plant in the Philippines is now officially under way, following a ceremony that included indigenous peoples and developer Hedcor Inc.

Bolivia seeks supervision of construction, equipment for 120-MW Misicuni hydro project


Bolivia utility Empresa Nacional de Electricidad (ENDE) invites expressions of interest from firms to provide supervision of civil construction and equipment installation to complete the 120-MW Misicuni hydroelectric project.

Canada's hydropower future

Canadian government shows continued support for hydropower


The history of hydropower is almost as old as Canada itself, and this clean electricity source is a responsible choice, according to Kelly Block, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources.

EBRD announces financing for Georgia's 280-MW Nenskra hydropower plant


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has agreed to provide US$200 million for Georgia's 280-MW Nenskra hydropower plant.

French utility seeks construction of 2.2-MW Fontenau hydro project


French local utility Energies Services Lavaur (ESL) seeks bids to equip and construct the 2.2-MW Fontenau hydroelectric project adjacent to a weir on the Agout River at Lavaur.

Hydropower investments in the Americas

Hydropower leads investments in power generation in the Americas, report says


The major power generation sector in which major economies in the Americas will invest is hydropower, according to a report released by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center.

Report: Hydropower essential to Canadian economy


Hydroelectric power remains a key driver for the Canadian economy, according to a new report released by the Canadian Hydropower Association in conjunction with its 2015 Forum on Hydropower in Ottawa.

Saskatchewan River Weir hydroelectric initiative enters next steps after council vote


City councilors want to learn more about a potential multi-million dollar hydroelectric project at the South Saskatchewan River Weir in Saskatoon, a city in central Saskatchewan, Canada.  

Hydropower in India

Renewables, including hydropower, can spur economic growth in India


Renewable energy, including hydropower, is important in sustainably meeting growing energy needs in India, according to Adnan Z. Amin, director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy goal by 2045 includes marine hydrokinetic generation


Sweden, Estonia, and Bulgaria have already met the European Union’s renewable energy development goals each country said it would meet by 2020. Now, Hawaii is among the growing lists of states in America that is raising the renewable energy bar that will include generating hydroelectricity. 

RusHydro, China Three Gorgest hydro development

RusHydro, China Three Gorges Corp. sign agreement to operate Nizhne-Bureyskaya hydro plant


JSC RusHydro and China Three Gorges Corp. have signed an agreement on cooperation with a view to establishing a joint venture for operation of the 320-MW Nizhne-Bureyskaya hydro plant.

Nepal’s 456-MW Upper Tamakoshi hydroelectric project suffers “settlement”


Nepal’s Electricity Authority has released a list of earthquake damaged state- and independently-owned hydroelectric projects that includes the US$664 million 456-MW Upper Tamakoshi hydroelectric facility being constructed on Nepal’s Tamakoshi River. 

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