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    Development of new hydropower facilities, a strong and continuing trend, results in the addition of substantial new electric generating capacity around the world every year.

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    Discussion offers opportunity to learn more about hydro project development at federal facilities


    With multiple pieces of hydropower-friendly legislation currently awaiting action in the U.S. Senate and a president committed to using renewables to lower America's carbon emissions, the addition of hydroelectric-generating components on existing federal facilities seems like a win-win for everyone.

    Bank seeks small hydro projects design review on Bosnia's Neretva River


    The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to review preliminary design of small hydro projects proposed for the Upper Neretva River in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Canadian News


    Canadian hydropower provider celebrates 100th year

    Industry News


    FERC draft EIS recommends relicensing 82.3-MW Toledo Bend

    Hydro Organizations: Uniting, Promoting, and Advancing the Hydroelectric Power Industry


    Hydropower organizations and associations provide benefits and support to their members as legislative advocates, industry representatives, educational resources and forums for collaboration. Following is information about organizations in the U.S. and Canada that promote the value and benefits of the hydropower industry to the public while helping members excel in their professional lives.

    "Agricultural Hydropower" on the Horizon in Colorado


    Pending federal legislation will make small agricultural hydropower development more economically feasible. Colorado is seizing the opportunity to increase agricultural income by decreasing energy costs through small hydro development.

    Alstom commission's last unit at China's 6,400-MW Xiangjiaba hydropower plant


    All four Alstom-producer units at China's 6,400-MW Xiangjiaba hydropower plant are now in commercial operation, the manufacturer has reported.

    Pakistani prime minister inaugurates country's first independent hydropower project


    Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammed Nawaz Sharif helped officially inaugurate the country's first the country's first privately-owned hydropower project earlier today, Asian news sources report.

    100 Little Moments: How HydroVision International Brings the Hydro Community Together


    Although the conference program and exhibition opportunities at HydroVision International are top-notch, there is an additional factor that draws the hydro industry together every year in July: the community factor.

    Perspectives: Selected Highlights, Salutes, and Shout-Outs


    This HydroVision International edition of Hydro Review is our biggest of the year.

    Angola names consultants for 2,070-MW Lauca hydropower plant


    The Government of Angola has awarded a contract to environmental and engineering consultancy COBA to provide services and equipment for the 2,070-MW Lauca hydropower plant.

    Group makes loan for Vietnam's 1,200-MW Lai Chau hydropower plant


    A group of banks has agreed to provide US$689.29 million in financing to the Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN) for the 1,200-MW Lai Chau hydropower plant.

    World Bank announces funding for Angola's Cambambe 2 hydropower project expansion


    The World Bank has committed US$512 million to Angola to finance an expansion of the Cambambe hydropower project.

    Cameroon seeks local development plan for area of 30-MW Lom Pangar hydro project


    Cameroon utility Electricity Development Corp. (EDC) invites expressions of interest from consultants to design and implement a local development plan for communities affected by construction of the 30-MW Lom Pangar hydroelectric project on Cameroon's Sanaga River.

    Work begins this week on delayed Sri Lankan hydropower project


    Work on Sri Lanka's long-delayed 35-MW Broadlands hydropower project will begin later this week, according to Asian news sources.

    Corps extends call for architect-engineers to plan, design water projects


    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has extended the deadline for expressions of interest from small businesses for architect-engineer services to plan and design Corps water resource projects.

    Paraguay extends electro-mechanical bidding for 206-MW Yguazu hydroelectric project


    Paraguay utility Administracion Nacional de Electricidad (ANDE) has extended the deadline for bids to supply electro-mechanical equipment for the 206-MW Yguazu hydroelectric project in Paraguay.

    International experts meeting in Denver to discuss hydropower project development


    With hydroelectric power being regarded as an attractive primary option for renewable energy developers around the world, a group of international experts from around the world are meeting in Denver, Colo., for an important discussion on project development.

    OWA, COO teaming up for hydroelectric power development workshop


    The Ontario Waterpower Association and Chiefs of Ontario are conducting a workshop for members of the hydroelectric power industry with a focus on mutual capacity building.

    Hydro construction firms sought for Uganda's 16-MW Kikagati, 39-MW Nsongezi


    TronderEnergi AS, on behalf of Kikagati Power Co. Ltd., invites expressions of interest from hydro construction firms to develop the 16-MW Kikagati hydroelectric project and possibly the 39-MW Nsongezi hydro project in Uganda.

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