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Development of new hydropower facilities, a strong and continuing trend, results in the addition of substantial new electric generating capacity around the world every year.

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HydroVision Russia 2015 keynote address must-see for all hydro industry professionals


The organizers of HydroVision Russia and POWER-GEN Russia are pleased to announce the support of the Russian Federation's Ministry of Energy and other industry leaders, making the upcoming conference and exhibition an important event for all those working Russia's energy market.

Mahoning Creek hydro project

Kimble, Studen join staff of Enduring Hydro LLC


Enduring Hydro LLC has hired Juan Kimble, P.E., as managing director of hydropower and Irwin Studen as managing director and chief financial officer. 

Every day is a new experience


One thing I really enjoy about my job is that every day is different.

Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project

Which hydroelectric project, 969-MW Neelum-Jhelum or 330-MW Kishenganga will determine priority rights?


Both Pakistan's 969-MW Neelum-Jhelum hydroelectric project and India's 330-MW Kishenganga hydropower project are being built on tributaries to the Neelum River (Kishenganga River in India). 

India's NHPC seeks switchgear extension bay for 540-MW Chamera 1 hydro project


India's NHPC Ltd. seeks bids to supply a 420-kilovolt gas-insulated switchgear extension bay for the 540-MW Chamera 1 hydroelectric project in India's Himachal Pradesh State.

Hydropower among Canada's top infrastructure

Hydroelectric power tops Canada’s biggest infrastructure projects list


In terms of value, hydroelectric power dominates infrastructure projects in Canada.

WAPDA head urges timely completion of Tarbela hydropower plant extension


The chairman of Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) ordered authorities to ensure the on-schedule completion of the 1,410-MW Tarbela 4 hydropower plant extension during a site visit this week.

Nile Lakes states seek water quality, ecological studies for 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydro project


Nile Equatorial Lakes states invite expressions of interest from consultants to perform water quality baseline studies and ecological baseline studies for the proposed 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydroelectric project on the Kagera River.

CFE awards contract to build Chicoasen 2 hydro

More than $380 million awarded to build 240-MW Chicoasen 2 hydro plant in Mexico


Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico has awarded a $386.4 million contract to a consortium to build the 240-MW Chicoasen 2 hydro plant.

FERC delays 600-MW Susitna-Watana hydro licensing due to Alaska spending freeze


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved a request to delay licensing of the 600-MW Susitna-Watana hydroelectric project due to a spending freeze on major state infrastructure projects by the governor of Alaska.

Ceremony marks completion of Cambodia's 338-MW Russei Chrum Krom hydropower plant


A ceremony attended by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen marked the completion of the country's 338-MW Russei Chrum Krom hydropower plant.

Kenya seeks consultants for dam safety panel to oversee dam construction


The government of Kenya invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve on a dam safety panel of experts to oversee construction of dam and reservoir projects in Kenya.

BC Hydro again extends site preparation call for 1,100-MW Peace River Site C hydro project


Canadian utility BC Hydro again extended the deadline for bids to perform site preparation on the north bank of the Peace River for the proposed 1,100-MW Peace River Site C hydroelectric project in British Columbia.


Investor licenses for Vietnam hydroelectric projects might be revoked


Although Vietnam generates nearly 40% of its power from about 7,000 hydropower facilities, investors developing new hydroelectric projects in the country face increasing oversight. Citing mismanagement and illegal land acquisitions, Vietnam’s Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Cao Duc Phat, said the government might assess penalties that include potentially revoking investor licenses for particular projects. 

Canada utility extends call for equipment inspection for 695-MW Keeyask hydro project


Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro has extended the deadline for bids to provide inspection of equipment manufacturing for the 695-MW Keeyask hydroelectric project in Manitoba.

Canadian Spotlight


The latest hydropower industry news from Canada

Modeling Potential Turbine Upgrades for the Brazeau Plant


One or two new runners for the units at the 355-MW Brazeau Power Station in Alberta, Canada, would allow owner TransAlta Corp. to better optimize revenue and provide valuable ancillary services. Modeling of the various upgrade options allowed the utility to arrive at the most valuable solution.

Bhutan Map

Bhutan seeks consultants, construction, equipment for 118-MW Nikachhu hydropower project


The government of Bhutan and its development units seek consultants, civil construction and hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment for the 118-MW Nikachhu hydroelectric project to be built on Bhutan's Nikachhu River.

NWHA hydropower potential scoping study

NWHA releases results of Hydropower Potential Scoping Study


Hydroelectric development potential in the Pacific Northwest from 2015 to 2035 is 3,200 MW, or 23 million MWh. Costs for this development range from an average of $3,518 per kW to $8,464 per kW.

Voith Bratsk Turbine Runner

Voith Hydro celebrates strong 2014 supplying hydroelectric generating facilities worldwide


It has been an eventful year for Voith Hydro Inc., which supplies equipment to hydroelectric generating facilities worldwide and employs more than 700 people at its hydropower manufacturing facility in York, Pa.  

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