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Development of new hydropower facilities, a strong and continuing trend, results in the addition of substantial new electric generating capacity around the world every year.

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NHA Past Presidents' scholarship applications due February 16


The deadline to submit an application for the National Hydropower Association's 2015 Past Presidents' Legacy Scholarship program is approaching, with all submissions due Monday, February 16.

Is an apology always the right thing to do?


I appreciate a good, heartfelt apology. I do. I feel it can go a long way toward smoothing over an injustice, even a perceived one. 

Nepal seeks design, supervision of 335-MW Upper Arun, 30-MW Ikhuwa Khola hydro projects


Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) invites expressions of interest to provide detailed engineering design and construction supervision of the 335-MW Upper Arun and 30-MW Ikhuwa Khola hydropower projects.

DR Congo seeks carbon credits consultant for 4,800-MW Inga 3 Basse Chute, medium hydro


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invites expressions of interest from consultants to evaluate options for carbon credits sales for the proposed 4,800-MW Inga Basse Chute hydroelectric project and several proposed medium-sized hydro projects in the DRC.

World Bank seeks hydropower development study for Lebanon


The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform a study of hydropower development in Lebanon.

Canada utility extends call for circuit breakers at 695-MW Keeyask hydro project


Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro has extended the deadline for bids to supply generator circuit breakers for the 695-MW Keeyask hydroelectric project being built on the Lower Nelson River in Manitoba.

Andritz wins contract for Nuble hydropower plant equipment


The Andritz Group has received a contract from Hidroelectrica Nuble to supply electro and hydro-mechanical equipment for the 136-MW Nuble hydropower project in Chile.

Pakistan seeks highway move, access road for 2,160-MW Dasu Stage 1 hydro project


Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) invites applications for pre-qualification to relocate a highway and to construct an access road for the 2,160-MW Dasu Stage 1 hydroelectric project on Pakistan's Indus River.

FERC updates hydroelectric project land use fees for 2015


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued the 2015 annual update to its fee schedule for occupation of federal lands by FERC-licensed hydroelectric projects.

World Bank commits funding to Pakistan's 108-MW Gulpur hydropower project


The World Bank's International Finance Corporation group has agreed to finance the 108-MW Gulpur hydropower plant that will be located on the Poonch River in Pakistan.

Tunnel flood kills three at Vietnam's 38-MW Thuan Hoa hydropower plant


Three Chinese workers were killed and another injured this past week when water flooded a tunnel at Vietnam's 38-MW Thuan Hoa hydroelectric plant, local sources report.

2015 NHA annual conference provides opportunities for hydroelectric power learning


In the ebb and flow of one’s career, landmarks -- both large and small -- mark points of great development and achievement, and all are contained between your professional beginning and its end. 

Proposed Keeyask Generation Station

Bomb threat received at 650-MW Keeyask hydroelectric project work site


A bomb threat called into the construction site of the 650-MW Keeyask hydroelectric project on Jan. 19 forced authorities to evacuate the Manitoba Hydro property, according to reports by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). 

IRENA reports on low renewable energy costs

Renewable costs (including hydro) competitive with fossil, report finds


The cost to generate power from renewable sources (including hydro) has reached parity with or dropped below the cost of fossil fuels for many technologies in many parts of the world, according to a recent press release from the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Kenya seeks owner's engineer for construction of Mwache Dam


The government of Kenya invites expressions of interest to serve as owner's engineer for construction supervision and quality assurance for Mwache Dam in Kenya.

Lucid Energy's in-pipe hydropower plant begins operation in Portland


A Portland Water Bureau pipeline is now generating hydroelectric power for Portland General Electric customers, following the commissioning of four Lucid Energy Inc. turbine units within one of the city's major pipelines earlier this week.

TransAlta pulls proposal for 100-MW Dunvegan hydropower plant


Canada's TransAlta has rescinded its application to build the 100-MW Dunvegan hydropower plant on the Peace River, according to a letter filed this week with the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Obama: America free to write energy future


Though President Barack Obama did not discuss his energy policies as much last night as he has in some of his other State of the Union addresses, he still praised American power generators for their commitment in meeting his environmental goals.

Sogamoso hydro online in Colombia

820-MW Sogamoso hydro project begins operating in Colombia


The 820-MW Sogamoso project in Colombia is now complete, following six years of construction, with the official opening celebrated Jan. 15.

Voith ships massive turbine runner to Brazil's 11,200-MW Belo Monte hydropower plant


Voith Hydro has shipped the largest runner ever produced at its manufacturing plant in Manaus, Brazil, as work continues on the 11,200-MW Belo Monte hydroelectric plant.

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