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Business opportunities within the hydro sector that are updated each week and consolidated into easy-to-read reports within Premium Content's online gated community. Tenders include bid notices for all types of equipment supply, repair work, consulting and engineering opportunities, and much more. 

FERC Notices & FERC News
Updated weekly, FERC notices include details on decisions issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) pertaining to licensing and permitting for U.S. non-federal hydropower projects. FERC News includes breaking regulatory news, specific information regarding project licensing and permitting, news of FERC filings and a range of other information related to the commission. 


  • Save time - With Premium Content, you don't have to consult numerous sources to find business prospects.  
  • Bid on more business - Business opportunities are consolidated into easy-to-use online reports allowing you to save time and to bid on more business.
  • Stay ahead of your competition - With Premium Content, staying ahead of your competition is easy. This product includes complete contact information with each business opportunity. So, while your competitors are consulting directories for telephone numbers and personal contacts - you have already won your bid.
  • Be prepared - View project licensing and permitting information to be prepared for new business.
  • Stay informed - Be the first to read breaking regulatory news that could affect your business.
  • Save time - Premium Content is the only product that offers you the option to view FERC Notices individually OR to download a list of FERC Notices over the past 12 months.

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