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    Foundation Treatment Measures for Dams Located on Karst Foundations

    This course will provide the student with an overview of foundation treatments for dams constructed on karst foundations. For this course, the Kavar Dam in Iran is the example, where an unusual combination of a surface membrane, coupled with a gypsum surcharge and other seepage control measures, were planned to seal a highly karstic foundation.

    Educational Objectives:

    1. Understand the difficulties of constructing a dam on a karstic foundation.
    2. Identify methods to treat karstic foundations for the construction of a dam.
    3. Understand grouting techniques and other seepage control measures for karstic foundations.
    4. Understand the effects of solutioning on reservoir water tightness and the structural integrity of dams.


    Hydro Automation - Aspects of Mechanical Engineering Design

    This course will provide the student with an overview of hydropower automation to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

    Educational Objectives:

    1. Reduce system operating cost by reducing the number of personnel required to operate the plants.
    2. Optimize the use of water resources by scheduling and operating the units in the most efficient manner.
    3. Improve system responsiveness to system changed by utilizing automatic real-time dispatching.
    4. Ensure system compatibility with any future enhancements.


    Removal of Non-Federal Hydropower Dams

    This course will provide the student with an overview of lessons learned about the removal of non-federal hydropower dams in the United States.

    Educational Objectives:

    1. Some of the motives behind requiring dams to be removed in the United States.
    2. The anticipated magnitude of costs incurred when a dam is removed and the required environmental restoration of the area.
    3. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's jurisdictional authority relative to dam removal.
    4. Potential environmental benefits associated with dam removal and the potential losses associated with energy generation.


    Stalking the Elusive kW: Searching for Design Output from an Existing Turbine Generator

    This course provides the an overview of areas to investigate in an existing hydropower project to determine if there is additional energy or capacity within the project.

    Educational Objectives:

    1. Understand what is essential in maintaining appropriate pond level control.
    2. Learn what can lead to ineffective trashraking.
    3. Learn how to generate the most power possible from the total available water.
    4. Understand how to determine if a project has additional capacity.


    Turbine Aerating Runner Technology

    This course will provide the student with an overview of one method currently being used for the enhancement of dissolved oxygen levels in reservoir water releases.

    Educational Objectives:

    1. Be provided an overview of one method being used for the enhancement of dissolved oxygen levels in reservoir water releases.
    2. Learn about a variety of designs for aeration.
    3. Learn a number of different options for introducing air into the turbine discharge.
    4. Understand the benefits of the runner discharge methodology and the aeration methodology.



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