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News related to the marine hydrokinetics industry in North America for December 2014

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The latest hydropower industry news from Canada

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Collection of articles related to hydropower technology

Consolidating a Varied Generating Fleet


Learn how Canadian utility SaskPower integrated its hydro and non-hydro generating assets under one management system using Hatch's Vista Decision Support System.

Modeling Potential Turbine Upgrades for the Brazeau Plant


One or two new runners for the units at the 355-MW Brazeau Power Station in Alberta, Canada, would allow owner TransAlta Corp. to better optimize revenue and provide valuable ancillary services. Modeling of the various upgrade options allowed the utility to arrive at the most valuable solution.

Daniel Leonard: Graduating Fellow of the Hydro Research Foundation


The Hydro Research Foundation is actively supporting graduate students to conduct research related to conventional and pumped storage hydropower. These students are funded through the Department of Energy’s Water Power Program and industry partners through a five year $3.7 million dollar grant.


Filipino DOE awards contracts to develop 22 hydroelectric projects on Mindano Island


Construction will begin on 22 new hydroelectric projects on Mindano Island this year after the Filipino Department of Energy (DOE) announced it awarded pre-development and development contracts to nine organizations on Jan. 2.  

Modifying Generator Shafts at the Lookout Shoals Project


A problem with bearing cooling at the Lookout Shoals plant helped Duke Energy uncover several other issues that needed to be resolved. Through creative approaches and significant machining work, the units are now operating dependably.

Canada Les Cedres Celebrates a Century of Innovation


The 130-MW Les Cedres generating station in Canada is a landmark in the history of Quebec hydropower. Hydro-Quebec recently celebrated the station's 100th year of operation, as well as its induction into the Hydro Hall of Fame.

German state seeks turbine-generators for 2.7-MW Muldestausee hydro project


The reservoir and hydropower operator of Germany's Saxony-Anhalt State seeks bids to supply two turbine-generators for the proposed 2.7-MW Muldestausee hydropower project on the Mulde River in Germany.

Hydro Currents


The top hydroelectric power news for December 2014

FERC reports expanded 16.9-MW Blue Lake hydro project begins service


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reported the expanded 16.9-MW Blue Lake hydroelectric project was placed in service in Alaska in November.

Perspectives: Answering Your FAQs


I like websites that have sections called "Frequently Asked Questions" – FAQ, for short. Typically, the questions I have aren't new ones … others looking at that site have asked the same thing. It's an efficient, quick way to get answers to my questions.

U.S. seeks dam safety geotechnical, drilling work


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Huntington District invites expressions of interest to perform dam safety geotechnical and drilling work at Corps facilities throughout the United States.

China's Three Gorges sets new bar for annual hydroelectric power production


China's 22,500-MW Three Gorges project has again broken the world record for annual hydroelectric power production, besting a mark set in 2013 by Brazil's Itaipu.

Bhutan Map

Bhutan seeks consultants, construction, equipment for 118-MW Nikachhu hydropower project


The government of Bhutan and its development units seek consultants, civil construction and hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment for the 118-MW Nikachhu hydroelectric project to be built on Bhutan's Nikachhu River.

Production begins at Peru's 5.3-MW Canchayllo small hydro plant


British power developer Rurelec has begun production at the 5.3-MW Canchayllo hydropower project, which is located on the Pachacayo River in Peru's Junin province.

Japan develops tidal energy as part of US$501 million project


Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has selected IHI Corp. and Toshiba Corp. to research and develop an underwater floating-type ocean current tidal energy turbine system as part of a US$501 million effort for sustainable, renewable energy.

U.S. seeks firms able to maintain, repair McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River system, hydro projects


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to perform heavy maintenance and repairs on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, its 18 locks and dams and four government-owned hydroelectric projects.

NWHA hydropower potential scoping study

NWHA releases results of Hydropower Potential Scoping Study


Hydroelectric development potential in the Pacific Northwest from 2015 to 2035 is 3,200 MW, or 23 million MWh. Costs for this development range from an average of $3,518 per kW to $8,464 per kW.

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