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Canada’s US$2.2 billion Lower Mattagami hydroelectric project provides power and empowerment


Total capacity has increased from 486 MW to 924 MW at four fully operational redeveloped hydroelectric projects on the Mattagami River, according to Ontario Power Generation (OPG), thanks to the newly commissioned US$2.2 billion Lower Mattagami hydroelectric project in the Moose River Basin of northeastern Ontario, Canada.  

TransAlta pulls proposal for 100-MW Dunvegan hydropower plant


Canada's TransAlta has rescinded its application to build the 100-MW Dunvegan hydropower plant on the Peace River, according to a letter filed this week with the Alberta Utilities Commission.

FERC receives permit application for seawater-powered Hawaii pumped-storage


United Power Corp. has filed an application for a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission preliminary permit to study development of the 30-MW South Maui Pumped-Storage project, which would use seawater from the Pacific Ocean to power the project on the south coast of Maui Island, Hawaii.

Awards for graduate-level hydro research

Hydro Research Foundation accepting applications to Hydro Research Awards Program


The Hydro Research Foundation is again accepting applications for its Hydro Research Awards Program, designed to stimulate new student research and academic interest in conventional or pumped-storage hydropower.

Laos hydropower program seeks power sector reform options


The government of Laos invites expressions of interest from consultants to review its power markets and regulation and to recommend options for reform of its power sector.

DOE funds US$8 million for MHK “Holy Grail,” project conception ending in commercial viability


About US$8 million is available in funding to spur innovation in next-generation marine hydrokinetic (MHK) control and component technologies, according to a January announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy. 

U.S. seeks firms to replace switchgear at 2,078-MW Hoover Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks information on firms able to replace 480-volt switchgear at 2,078-MW Hoover Dam in Arizona and Nevada.

Obama: America free to write energy future


Though President Barack Obama did not discuss his energy policies as much last night as he has in some of his other State of the Union addresses, he still praised American power generators for their commitment in meeting his environmental goals.

World Bank seeks strategic planning for India's Ganga River Basin


The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to help the government of India in strategic basin planning for the Ganga River Basin.

Sogamoso hydro online in Colombia

820-MW Sogamoso hydro project begins operating in Colombia


The 820-MW Sogamoso project in Colombia is now complete, following six years of construction, with the official opening celebrated Jan. 15.

U.S. seeks penstock flowmeter replacement at eight hydro projects


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids to replace penstock flowmeters at eight hydroelectric projects in its northern and central California areas.

Den of Airlie

Scotland moves forward on a 1.4-MW small hydroelectric project in Den of Arlie


Development in Den of Airlie will move forward now that the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SPEA) is satisfied with the results of a four-year-long environmental impact study submitted by Airlie Castle property owners. Formerly a nature reserve, but now an area of special scientific interest, the area’s study indicates a small hydroelectric project would have needed economic benefits to the community and have no major adverse negative impacts to the environment. 

French agency seeks bottom outlet refurbishment at 5.9-MW Panneciere hydro project


France's Seine River Basin agency seeks bids to rehabilitate the bottom outlet valve of the 5.9-MW Panneciere hydroelectric project on the Yonne River in France's Nievre Department.

Small hydro development in Colorado

Colorado receives $1.8 million to advance agricultural hydropower project development


A $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture should help the Colorado Department of Agriculture support development of agricultural hydropower projects in the state, according to a press release from the Colorado Small Hydro Association.

Voith ships massive turbine runner to Brazil's 11,200-MW Belo Monte hydropower plant


Voith Hydro has shipped the largest runner ever produced at its manufacturing plant in Manaus, Brazil, as work continues on the 11,200-MW Belo Monte hydroelectric plant.

U.S. seeks firms for salmon study in area of 2.79-MW Warm Springs, Coyote Valley dams


A U.S. fisheries agency seeks information on firms able to monitor salmon in California's Russian River in the areas of the 2.79-MW Warm Springs and Coyote Valley dams.

Dam safety and rehabilitation at 1,050-MW Kariba hydroelectric project require about US$300 million


After being constructed on the Zambezi River between 1956 and 1959 by the then-Federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi), the dam impounding water for the 1,050-MW Kariba project requires an estimated US$300 million for rehabilitation to continue safe operation, according to the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA). 

French engineer seeks trashrack, fish passage for 8-MW Pebernat hydro project


Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium seeks bids to supply and install a trashrack and downstream fish passage at the 8-MW Pebernat hydroelectric project on the Ariege River in France's Ariege Department.

HydroVision Russia 2015 keynote address must-see for all hydro industry professionals


The organizers of HydroVision Russia and POWER-GEN Russia are pleased to announce the support of the Russian Federation's Ministry of Energy and other industry leaders, making the upcoming conference and exhibition an important event for all those working Russia's energy market.

FERC assessments back licensing 6-MW Calligan Creek, 2.2-MW Pepperell hydro projects


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued environmental assessments endorsing the licensing of the 6-MW Calligan Creek hydroelectric project in Washington and the 2.207-MW Pepperell hydro project in Massachusetts.

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