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    Hydro Talk

    Michael Harris

    At least it isn't "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"

    12/23/2014 I suppose I did not realize the absurdity of what might be one of Oklahoma's more revered holiday traditions until this weekend when, whilst standing next to...
    Harvesting wood from a hydro reservoir

    An interesting hydro harvest


    One of the fun things about my job is looking at all of the interesting stories out there related to hydroelectric power.

    David Appleyard

    Researching a path to more efficient and effective hydropower

    12/05/2014 An insight into the advanced engineering that lies behind modern hydropower was afforded by a recent visit to the Alstom R&D centre in Grenoble in the Rh...

    Happy consumption from hydro

    11/21/2014 Hydro. For me, beginning work in October as an associate editor in the Hydro Group at PennWell Corp. was truly an immersion into Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro R...

    The more things change …

    10/30/2014 Here at PennWell’s Hydro Group, we’re a small team. So, as you can imagine, when the team is incomplete, it creates chaos in terms of work flow and producti...
    David Appleyard

    Investing in European hydropower

    10/27/2014 News that a Dutch pension fund asset manager and an alternative investment manager have formed a partnership to invest a targeted €500 million in the acquisi...
    Michael Harris Thumbnail

    On the road in Canada

    10/19/2014 There are a number of reasons I'm very much excited about sitting here at the White Oaks Resort in Niagara on the eve of the Ontario Waterpower Association's...
    David Appleyard

    Oil players looking to renewables

    10/06/2014 Recent news that the heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune are to divest some of their interests in fossil fuels in favour of clean technology indicates a sig...

    Putting ourselves out there

    09/24/2014 Fears. We all have them. It is interesting to read about the most common fears (not phobias, that’s a whole other subject). There are the typical spiders, sn...

    Have you seen the new look of our newsletter?

    09/15/2014 If you're a frequent visitor to HydroWorld.com, you've probably noticed that we recently unveiled a fresh design that we think improves the site's readabilit...

    What makes you special?


    I took a genetics class in college, and I find that subject fascinating.

    David Appleyard

    The growth of MHK hydropower

    08/25/2014 According to new analysis, the evolution of marine hydro kinetic technologies for generating electricity from waves and tides into a commercial reality is ta...
    Michael Harris Thumbnail

    The blog in which I make a lengthy metaphor about the current state of the Hydro Group

    08/17/2014 I found myself feeling more than a bit sentimental earlier this week when, upon sending an email to a coworker, I received an out-of-office reply saying, &qu...

    Let's give hydropower a boost

    08/06/2014 It was with mixed feelings that I read the recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicating that, in April, annual non-hydro renewabl...

    We did it!


    I’m not sure about you, but the moment I complete something huge, I can’t help but heave a huge, relieved sigh.