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U.S. seeks firms to study salmon survival through new-design turbines at 603-MW Ice Harbor hydro project


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to characterize fish passage environment and to perform acoustic telemetry evaluation of juvenile salmon survival through new-design turbine runners at the 603-MW Ice Harbor Dam hydroelectric project.

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EPA's revised Clean Power Plan likely coming today


I would imagine that my musings on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's pending update to the controversial Clean Power Plan may be void by the time many of you read this -- assuming the plan is released later today as expected -- but I feel it's still worth discussing given the ambiguous role hydroelectric power played in a draft released by EPA last June.

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Research reports and study findings related to hydropower

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Boone Lake seepage

TVA chooses solution to rehab Boone Dam seepage


Tennessee Valley Authority has arrived at a proposed repair project to correct water seepage and erosion at Boone Dam.

Reclamation releases final reports on Shasta Dam raise


The future of a proposal to raise California's Shasta Dam by as much as 18.5 feet is once again in question, following the release of two reports by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation earlier this week.

Preventing Problems through Past Experience


Tasked with preparing its 100-year-old Nine Mile plant to operate for another hundred years, owner Avista Corp. faced the challenge of not only determining the most cost-effective way to operate and maintain it, but also dealing with sediment that had built up in the project's forebay.

Throwback to Plans for Hydro in the Pacific Northwest


The Pacific Northwest of the U.S. is unique in that it contains a high concentration of hydroelectric power projects, more than many other regions of the country. This article features a compilation of some of the information previously published on this region, which can provide valuable insight for owners of hydro projects throughout North America.

Call to Action


I have learned a great many things over 30 years of working in the hydroelectric power industry: listen to plant operators, never second-guess engineers and look for allies in unlikely places. And most of all, I have learned that we cannot predict the future.

Perspectives: Getting a Reality Check


In North America, we could be described as "electricity snobs." We expect … often demand … instant access to electricity, all times of the day and night. And, we rarely, if ever, stop to consider where this electricity comes from and what's required to create it.

Dams and Civil Structures


UK-based construction firm Dawnus International Ltd. has signed a US$62 million contract to construct main civil works associated with the reconstruction of Liberia's 64-MW Mount Coffee hydropower plant.

Upper Lillooet hydro

Firefighters set up at temporarily out-of-service Upper Lillooet Hydro Project


BC Wildfire Service personnel have been using the project construction camp for the Upper Lillooet hydro project as a base to fight the so-called Boulder Creek Fire.

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