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U.S. seeks fishway temperature improvements at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids for construction of structures to provide fishway temperature improvements at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River in Washington. 

Bastrop dam fails in Texas

Dam failure in Texas result of significant flooding in south central U.S.


A small dam in Bastrop State Park in Texas failed May 25 as a result of floodwaters in the area.

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Global hydroelectric power could double by 2050, WEC report says


Global hydroelectric power capacity could double to 2,000 GW by 2050 or sooner, according to a report released this week by the World Energy Council.

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U.S. seeks firms for bio-statistical services to fish passage program


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks information on firms able to provide bio-statistical services to its Anadromous Fish Evaluation Program in the Pacific Northwest.

Balancing Unit Efficiency and Fish Passage


In a win-win for fish protection and power generation, Grant County Public Utility District recently completed work to install 10 new turbines at its 1,092-MW Wanapum Dam hydroelectric facility.

The Kokish Facility: A Unique Partnership


The Kokish hydroelectric facility is located on northeastern Vancouver Island, approximately 15 km east of Port McNeill, British Columbia.

Tim DeWeese: Graduating Researcher of the Hydro Research Foundation


This is the latest in a series of profiles provided by the Hydro Research Foundation that highlight potential future members of the hydroelectric power industry and their accomplishments.

FERC proposes new reliability standard to deal with geomagnetic disturbances


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has proposed a new reliability standard to address the vulnerability of the nation's electric grid to geomagnetic disturbances.

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I'm not too big on so-called "hashtag activism" -- that is, the relatively recent phenomena by which awareness for any number of grievances, causes, concerns, et al. is spread through social media -- just because generally speaking, the concern seems entirely disingenuous.

French utility seeks construction of 2.2-MW Fontenau hydro project


French local utility Energies Services Lavaur (ESL) seeks bids to equip and construct the 2.2-MW Fontenau hydroelectric project adjacent to a weir on the Agout River at Lavaur.

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