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Proper attention to dam safety is vital to protect downstream life, property and habitat. Safety concerns include sinkholes, seepage, internal erosion and seismic issues.

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Latest Dam Safety News

Albania seeks dam safety work at 600-MW Komani hydro project


Korporata Elektroenergjetike Shqiptare (KESH) invites applications for pre-qualification to perform dam safety civil works at the 600-MW Komani hydroelectric project on Albania's Drin River.

FERC calls conference on reliability of bulk power system


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission plans a technical conference July 9 on reliability of the bulk electricity system.

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French town awards contract for hydropower project operation


The town of Saint-Etienne has awarded BRL Exploitation a contract for monitoring and operation of the Lavalette Dam hydropower project.

Hydro-Quebec seeks partners to advance universal readout device for dam monitoring


Hydro-Quebec invites expressions of interest in a partnership with the utility to develop a universal readout device for dam monitoring applications.

Marseilles Dam

Underwater inspections begin after barge sections hit Marseilles Dam


Work continues as the United States Coast Guard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continue salvage operations at Marseilles Lock and Dam, where several barges came to rest against the dam structure after breaking free from their towing vessel this past week.

Dam Safety & Security


Report card gives America's dams a "D" grade

Kenya seeks dam safety panel for six proposed dams, including hydro


Kenya's Ministry of Water and Irrigation invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve as hydrology, dam engineering, and engineering geology experts on a dam safety panel for development of at least six dams including at least one potential hydroelectric project.

Dam safety reviews sought for three Canada hydro system dams


Canadian utility BC Hydro seeks bids to perform dam safety reviews of three dams in its British Columbia hydropower system.

BC Hydro seeks engineer for 126-MW John Hart hydropower plant replacement


Canadian utility BC Hydro seeks an independent engineer to oversee the replacement of the 126-MW John Hart hydropower plant on behalf of the British Columbia government.

U.S. again seeks flow meter systems for three Utah dams


The Bureau of Reclamation has issued another solicitation to supply flow meter systems to three Reclamation irrigation and flood control dams in Utah.

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Reclamation's FY 2014 budget request includes dam safety, environmental management allocations


President Barack Obama's fiscal year 2014 budget request released this past week identifies a total of US$1.05 billion for the U.S. Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation.

U.S. seeks boring, excavation for geologic survey near Prado Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks bids for test borehole drilling and test pit excavation for a geologic survey near Prado Dam on California's Santa Ana River.

Corps awards contract for engineering services at Wolf Creek, Center Hill dams


Terracon Consultants Inc. has won a US$5 million contract for geotechnical engineering services from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, primarily at the 270-MW Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky and 135-MW Center Hill Dam in Tennessee.

Mactaquac Dam

Alkali-aggregate reactions make Mactaquac hydropower project's future unclear


Faulty concrete is forcing Canadian utility NB Power to evaluate the long-term viability of its 672-MW Mactaquac hydroelectric plant, HydroWorld.com has learned.

Emagineered Solutions seeks international partners for gravity dam repair system


Emagineered Solutions, Inc. is looking for qualified international partners to serve as licensed distributors of its CYLutions concrete gravity dam waterstop repair system.

U.S. seeks bids for dam safety civil construction at Mormon Island Dam


The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids for dam safety civil construction including an overlay of Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam, part of the 198.72-MW Folsom Dam hydroelectric project on California's American River.

Albania seeks dam safety program for three hydroelectric projects


Korporata Elektroenergjetike Shqiptare (KESH) invites expressions of interest from consultants to develop a dam safety program and emergency preparedness plans for the 500-MW Fierze, 600-MW Komani, and the 250-MW Vau i Dejes hydroelectric projects on Albania's Drin River.

Punt dal Gall

Sediment kills thousands of fish downstream from Switzerland's Punt dal Gall Dam


Sedimentation released through the Punt dal Gall dam is being blamed killing thousands of trout and other aquatic wildlife in Switzerland's Spoel River, HydroWorld.com has learned.

Dam Safety & Security


Reclamation plans work at Mormon Island, Stampede dams


ASCE gives America's dams "D" grade


A report released by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives America's dams an overall grade of D.

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