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Proper attention to dam safety is vital to protect downstream life, property and habitat. Safety concerns include sinkholes, seepage, internal erosion and seismic issues.

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Latest Dam Safety News

China's Three Gorges hydropower facility unaffected by earthquake


An earthquake in China's Hubei Province that measured 3.2 on the Richter scale had no effect on the 22,500-MW Three Gorges hydroelectric plant, state news agency Xinhua says.

Maryland's 574.54-MW Conowingo hydropower project weathering effects of Hurricane Sandy


Hydroelectric projects in the regions affected by Hurricane Sandy appear to have weathered the storm well, which is good news but not surprising considering the sturdy nature of most dams.

Corps releases final impact study for California's Isabella Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released its final environmental impact statement for the Isabella Dam on California's Kern River.

Officials still searching for answers after dam failure in central Vietnam


Officials are still trying to determine what caused a dam to collapse at the 8-MW Dak Rong 3 hydroelectric plant earlier this month, HydroWorld.com has learned.

French town seeks monitoring and operation of Lavalette Dam


The town of Saint-Etienne seeks bids for monitoring and operation of the Lavalette Dam hydroelectric project in France.

Canadian Dam Association seeks feedback on dam safety guidelines


The Canadian Dam Association's Dam Safety Review Working Group is conducting a survey of the association's membership that will be used to improve its Dam Safety Review guidelines.

Michigan announces plan to bolster state's dam safety


Michigan's Department of Natural Resources has announced a new Dam Management Grant Program to address the state's failing dam infrastructure.

Itaipu Binacional on track for banner year in production


Itaipu Binacional has recorded its second-best August in energy production, the Brazilian utility announces.

Corps awards contract for plunge pool repairs at 185.3-MW Fort Peck


ASI Constructors Inc. has won a contract worth US$33.9 million to repair the plunge pool at Montana's 185.3-MW Fort Peck hydropower project.

Dam Safety & Security


Report shows Mississippi dams, infrastructure are not up to par

Corps awards contract for safety work at Bluestone Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract worth US$94.7 million to Heeter Construction Inc. for the installation of 278 high-capacity multi-strand rock anchors at Bluestone Dam in West Virginia.

Corps awards contract for rehab work at Ohio's Bolivar Dam


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract worth US$4.7 million to TAB Construction Co. Inc. for work at the Bolivar Dam in northeastern Ohio.

Corps awards contracts for Missouri River hydropower rehabilitation projects


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a pair of contracts for work at two hydroelectric projects located along the Missouri River.

Kyrgyzstan seeks safety study of five dams in 2,870-MW Naryn cascade


Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Energy and Industry invites expressions of interest from consultants to conduct a dam safety assessment of five hydroelectric projects in the Naryn River cascade.

Study fails to find source of Vietnam earthquakes in Quang Nam Province


A study conducted to determine the cause of recent earthquakes near Vietnam's 190-MW Song Tranh 2 hydroelectric project is inconclusive, HydroWorld.com has learned.

Reclamation awards contract for work at Utah's 4.5-MW Echo Dam hydropower plant


The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a contract worth US$9.1 million to Gerber Construction Inc. for spillway improvement work at Utah's 4.5-MW Echo Dam.

Earthquakes still causing concern for Vietnam's 190-MW Song Tranh 2


Fallout from last week's earthquakes near Vietnam's Song Tranh 2 hydroelectric plant continues as both scientists and engineers work to quell concerns caused by the 190-MW project.

Earthquakes causing concern for Vietnam's 190-MW Song Tranh 2 hydropower project


A surge in seismic activity near the 190-MW Song Tranh 2 hydroelectric plant has residents in Vietnam's Quang Nam Province fearing for their safety.

Dam Safety & Security


Act introduced to extend National Dam Safety Program

Dam Safety: How Reclamation Has Changed Its Dam Safety Review Process


The Bureau of Reclamation has undertaken a new comprehensive review process to streamline its dam safety review program. The new process provides a more efficient method for ensuring dam safety while also training the next generation of experts in this field.

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