Dam Design & Construction

News and information on design and construction of dams, including remediation, new builds, gate installation, contract awards and site constraints.

Dam Design & Construction
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Latest Dam Design & Construction News

Dam Design: Designing Facings and Contraction Joints for Roller-Compacted-Concrete Dams

07/01/2008 Facings and contraction joints are important aspects to consider during the design of a roller-compacted-concrete dam.

New Hydro

07/01/2008 Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board (ESB) announces an investment program of 22 billion euros (US$34.72 billion), half of which it plans to spend on renewable energy sources such as ocean, wind, and biomass power.

ICOLD delegates see global revival of dam construction

06/09/2008 Delegates to an international meeting on large dams welcomed a revival in dam construction around the world in response to water supply needs and increased demand for clean renewable hydroelectricity.

Improving Training of Engineering Students For Hydro Careers

05/01/2008 To encourage interest in the hydro industry among engineering students and to better prepare them for hydro careers, the University of Edinburgh in Scotland offers an interdisciplinary engineering program.

Managing the Development Process

05/01/2008 By understanding the breadth and scope of the work to be completed in developing a new hydroelectric project, developers can manage the process concurrently instead of in series.

DAM SAFETY: Evaluating Spillway Condition

04/01/2008 Spillway condition is an important aspect of dam safety, yet spillways often are not evaluated as thoroughly as the dams themselves.

El Salvador seeks construction supervision for 67-MW El Chaparral

03/13/2008 El Salvador utility Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa seeks bids for supervision of construction of the 67-MW El Chaparral hydroelectric project.

Solving Dam Engineering Challenges

03/01/2008 The International Commission on Large Dams provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering.

RCC Dam Design: Analyzing Stress and Stability

03/01/2008 The author — who has been involved in the design and construction of more than 100 RCC dams in 35 countries — shares recommendations on how best to conduct stress and stability analyses when designing an RCC dam.

International Collaboration Key to Successful Completion of Iceland’s Karahnjukar Project


Development of the new 690-mw Kárahnjúkar project in Iceland required numerous innovations to deal with unique site conditions, project requirements, and a challenging climate.


03/01/2008 Important hydro news from throughout the world.

Russian firm plans to bid for two 500-MW Angola projects


Russian engineering and construction company Technopromexport plans to take part in tendering to build two 500-MW hydroelectric projects in Angola, a company official said.

Some Considerations in Designing an RCC Dam

11/01/2007 Builders of roller-compacted-concrete dams need to consider several design elements before beginning construction.

Pakistan seeks construction supervision of 960-MW Neelum-Jhelum

10/05/2007 Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority seeks bids for design and construction supervision of the 960-MW Neelum-Jhelum hydroelectric project, on the Neelum and Jhelum rivers.

India developer seeks civil construction of 120-MW Rangit 4

09/05/2007 Jal Power Corp. Ltd. seeks bids to construct the dam, intake, and desilting chambers of the 120-MW Rangit Stage 4 hydroelectric project on India's Rangit River.

Design and Construction Innovations

09/01/2007 While developing the new 194.2-mw Venda Nova II pumped-storage project in Portugal, Energias de Portugal, S.A. used several innovative civil engineering techniques to design and build the power tunnels, support the powerhouse cavern roof, and excavate the upper surge shaft.

ON-LINE REPORT: Turkey prime minister inaugurates 300-mw Borcka

09/01/2007 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayypi Erdogan inaugurated the 300-mw Borcka hydroelectric project in April on Turkey’s Coruh River.

Norway utility seeks hydro plant civil construction

08/28/2007 Norwegian hydro operator Otra Kraft DA seeks bids for civil construction of a hydroelectric project at Bykle, Norway.

Kazakhstan seeks construction supervision for Intumak rehab

07/11/2007 Kazakhstan's Ministry of Agriculture invites expressions of interest from consultants for construction supervision of the rehabilitation of Intumak Reservoir.

Stopping Sediment Upstream of the Powerhouse

07/01/2007 To combat buildup of sediment in the reservoir that impounds water for the 60-mw Kulekhani No. 1 and 32-mw Kulekhani No. 2 projects on the Kulekhani River, the Nepal Electricity Authority built a series of small dams – called check dams – in the reservoir.

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