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Volume 33, Issue 5
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    • Forrest Kerr: A Profile of Canadian Hydropower Development

      As one of three newly constructed AltaGas projects in the Pacific Northwest, the 195-MW Forrest Kerr hydropower project is set to be commissioned this summer. It is one of the largest single intake run-of-river projects in North America.

    • Hot Products Preview

      A surprising number of new products are available for the hydroelectric power market. This article contains information on the unique features of just a few of those.

    • How North America can Benefit from UK Know-How in Ocean Energy

      The United Kingdom is known for its pioneering work in wave, tidal and ocean current energy. The U.S. and Canada have vast marine resources and would benefit from partnerships with UK companies in a number of ways, including building expertise, sharing lessons learned and fostering industry growth.

    • Viewpoints from the Board Room: Black & Veatch

      Steve Edwards - the new chairman, president and chief executive officer of Black & Veatch - discusses what he sees coming in the future of the hydropower industry in North America and abroad, and the role he sees Black & Veatch playing in that future.

    • Generating Hydropower's Future: HRF Working to Attract New Employees

      The Hydro Research Foundation is working to combat the impact of the aging workforce in the hydroelectric industry by bringing along a new generation of hydro professionals through educational opportunities, funding and mentorship.

    • Studying Net Evaporation from the Eastmain-1 Reservoir

      A first-of-its-kind study of net evaporation at a hydroelectric facility reveals that the project has very little effect on the loss of water to the atmosphere as compared with pre-impoundment conditions.

  • Departments

    • Perspectives: Making a Personal Connection

      I recently attended PennWell's POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe events in Cologne, Germany. This event attracted more than 11,000 registrants ... in a time when the electric power market sector in Europe is, in a word, struggling.

    • Hydro Currents

      The top hydroelectric power news for June 2014

    • Mechanical Couplings Replace Welding at Canoe Creek

      With its lush greenery and old-growth trees, the Pacific Rim Rainforest is a beautiful place to visit. But it can be a difficult place to work: annual precipitation is among the highest in the world, and the terrain can be steep and uneven.

    • Tech Briefs

      Collection of articles related to hydropower technology from June 2014

    • Canadian Spotlight

      The latest hydropower industry news from Canada for June 2014

    • Marine Hydrokinetics

      News related to the marine hydrokinetics industry in North America for June 2014

    • R&D Forum

      Research reports and study findings related to hydropower for June 2014

    • Niagara Hydroelectric Power Plant Hosts Annual Wildlife Festival

      Aspiring entrepreneurs have tried to capture the raw power of Niagara Falls since the late 1800s and, in the process, helped develop the science behind low-cost, reliable hydroelectricity.

    • Dam Safety & Security

      Collection of articles covering safety and security of dams and civil structures for June 2014

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